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  1. It was a blast! http://www.nealrideoutphotography.com/atc70invasion2016 Also pics and videos here. https://www.facebook.com/events/1683403225277885/
  2. We will be between mile marker 4 & 5... Look for the trikes and banner.. 👍👍👍
  3. So far lots looking like it should be well attended! I'm glad you're gonna be there Poule!
  4. It sure is... should be fun.. quite a few people on Facebook plan on going..
  5. Yes we are still on... It's been shared all over facebook as well and there seems to be a lot of folks saying they are going so it's looking real good!
  6. I'm heading down Friday and will stay until sunday afternoon..
  7. We are an organization of outlaws riding 3 wheelers. Nothing will stop is. We will defend our right to congregate and take over, and have been known to kick any bodies ass that gets in our way :-/
  8. The atc70 gods have spoken. Saturday March 19th we will all meet at Pismo.. Bring your helmets!!
  9. I haven't one day soon I hope but for now it just tears up my lawn
  10. Thanks guys it was a long wait but really worth it!! My grass at home hates it though lol!!! I've been riding the crap out of it

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