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  1. Doc Savage

    2015 Chevy 2500hd

    Nice truck, but ya drove that beast about 30k a year!!💰😵 glwts!
  2. Doc Savage

    Looking for a used truck.

    I've been on the fence for a couple months about selling my 07' Silverado 2500HD w/185,600mi. jus put a small bundle of 💰into her, the short list ( new rear brake pads, new hd rear rotors, rear diff seal, driveshaft mid support seal, power steering pump, steering box, master cylinder, brake booster, steering arms, and front upper bearings, so nothing else needs to be done to it. Replaced the old speakers with some new Kicker 6" rounds. Tires 35x12.50x20 are only a year old with 17/32 of tread. The truck has minor brush scratches, normal road chips, and is always washed and waxed. People who know me understand my illness of caring for my stuff. I'm sure I have pics of it somewhere in one thread or another on GD.com I would entertain serious offers of $27K
  3. Doc Savage

    New backyard/pool build.

    Truly a baller pad! Congrats brutha!!
  4. Doc Savage

    Do you remember when...

    There isn't much in this post that we didn't do as kids, or remember our parents having or doing. It was great growing up in the 60's, one thing I would like to add Dale was how excited we were as kids during all the tv broadcast of the space walks, and launches. It was American pride on the highest level.
  5. Awesome footage! I'd like to do right seat sometime as well as I drove I'm sure I could benefit a right seat position.😏
  6. Doc Savage

    2006 Tatum Evolution

    Look forward to seeing whats next for you and your family, for me its all on hold much to do between now and my retirement in three years. Hope to get out to Glamis just to hang out around the fire pit, and enjoy some ICE COLD BREWSKIES's.
  7. Doc Savage

    2019 SCU CBM 440 S4D

    I'm getting an itch in my wallet........
  8. Doc Savage

    2006 Tatum Evolution

    Be patient BRD mine was listed in July of 2018, and didn't sell until the first week in March this year. I originally listed the car at $30k with trailer, reduced it to $27K over a period of months and sold the car for $26K
  9. Doc Savage

    Do you guys like pics?

    As always Carl, some of the best shots I've ever seen! Thanks for sharing, and keeping that feeling alive in my blood! My first year away from the dunes......😢😭
  10. Doc Savage

    Action Shots

    Photo Credit: Shauna Savage took this shot standing only 3 feet from my previous tracks! We had so many great trips with this Tatum sandcar!
  11. Doc Savage

    SOLD-2007 Tatum Sand Demon

    Your welcome Alan, likewise, you kept me in the loop the whole way, such an easy sales process. Enjoy her the way we did for so many years! Robert "Doc" Savage
  12. Doc Savage

    SOLD-2007 Tatum Sand Demon

  13. Doc Savage

    SOLD-2007 Tatum Sand Demon

    Thanks! I hope to still get the fifth wheel out there and camp with ya all, maybe catch a ride just to keep the feel'n alive! Here's the plan: heavy detail on the 2007 Silverado, put her up for sale, take the combined amount from both sales and purchase a newer (2017) Silverado 2500HD mostly stock, cuz I'm gonna tow the heck out of my fifth wheel and start going places.
  14. Doc Savage

    SOLD-2007 Tatum Sand Demon

    TTT (Please see update!)

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