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  1. L.R.S.

    WTB-Quad for Teen

    I have a 2005 Honda 450 quad I'm gonna sell soon. Had it for three years and it's been ridden twice. Son is more focused on high school baseball then riding. Paddles and dirt tires, pink in my name.
  2. L.R.S.

    My new to me Sand Pro 2

    Stoked for you man! Glad you were able to get that car. See you tomorrow in Glamis?
  3. L.R.S.


    Yep, they are out in force as usual. I got lit up today and after 20 minutes no ticket issued. Complete waste of time. The beef jerky sales guy got lit up as he was pulling into our camp tonight. A little over an hour later they cut him loose with no ticket written. Another complete waste of time.
  4. L.R.S.

    Ok how is it out there...rain in glamis

    Got to Pad 3 about 10pm and it's perfect out here right now. A little chilly and a breeze blowing but now place I'd rather be. Sitting by the fire with the stars over head.
  5. L.R.S.

    Do You Know How To Tow?

    Nothing surprises me anymore. Yesterday I saw a cement truck in the number 1 lane on the 5 frwy in LA. The driver has to have a commercial license to drive that truck and doesn't know about the lane restrictions?
  6. L.R.S.

    Off-road rack*******sold

    Right on. Glad to hear or worked out well for you all these years.
  7. L.R.S.

    Off-road rack*******sold

    Wow, how long ago did I build this for you @mike dee? 2014/15?
  8. L.R.S.

    Do You Know How To Tow?

    Makes sense to me. A lot of the HOV lanes here are going away in favor of toll roads. Read a study on LA traffic years ago and the HOV lanes never did anything to alleviate traffic.
  9. L.R.S.

    Do You Know How To Tow?

    Towing a trailer should be an endorsement on a drivers license. At least then people might be made aware that they can only tow in the right two lanes, NOT the carpool lane.
  10. L.R.S.

    Boxo USA Tools

    The BOXO stuff is really nice. Checked it out at the SSSS. Also saw a BOXO box getting mounted in an enclosed trailer New Trend Custom Trailer was building.
  11. L.R.S.

    Chenowth Genesis info

    If you’re mostly sand then you’ll be just fine. I beat the shit outta my Genesis in Barstow and Lucerne prerunning and lots of trips to Ocotillo Wells. While prerunning a race in Barstow I ripped the right rear lower A arm tabs out and then upgraded them to 1/4” material. Other then that the car was great. Only took it to Glamis twice but it duned really well. Here’s my Genesis. I never liked the low sides so I did ‘gull wing’ doors to enclose the cab a little more. I also added rear bypasses and it helped a lot. These cars wern’t designed for a big heavy V6 or V8. The fuel tank was under the rear seat so I had plenty of room behind the seat for a good sized ice chest. Wasn’t the fastest car in the groups but it held the most beer so I never got left behind. This was my buddie’s Chenowth Genesis. He had Next Level Aluminum Fabrication do a really nice one-off body but it made the rear seat really difficult to get in/out of. He also had an S4 and LS2 and the welded steel rear uprights. The car was immaculate when he was finished rebuilding it. Then he fell in love with a Funco and sold his Genesis.
  12. L.R.S.

    Chenowth Genesis info

    Chenowth shut it's doors in 08ish. I had a 4 seat Chenowth Genesis full A arm car for 10 years. Loved it. Hardly any body roll and it cornered like it was on rails. V6 Chevy N/A Vortec and 091 were plenty for the car. My buddy bought one a few years ago and completely redid the body. His had a LS2 and Mendeola S4. Just saw the car in Glamis a few weeks ago. New owner really likes it. The downside to the full A arm chassis was the 16 heims needed for the rear arms. Took a while to get it aligned too. My car had the billet rear uprights but some have a welded steel upright. The interior didn't fit my 6' 300lbs very well either.
  13. L.R.S.

    Thoughts on Dunn tech cars

    We raced against Sean Dunn for a couple seasons in Class 1 in the M.O.R.E. series. @Roaddog has a Dunn Tech car. I built him a set of trailing arms for it years ago so he could fit it in his toy hauler.
  14. L.R.S.

    Fuel Cell Help

    You can weld and fabricate, and have a welding shop next door that can help? Pretty sure this just be same a DIY project. Or I see plenty of used fuel cells on RDC for $200-$300. Buy one and use it to get you through the next trip and build your own when time allows.

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