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  1. Kartek has the rebuild kits for Gear One calipers. Call and ask for Jeff Black. They ship overnight.
  2. You would need these from CBM CBM coil cover hardware
  3. Staycation for me and the kids. 4 days off and nowhere to go. A client/friend picked me and my son up at 630am to go hang at the local car meet in the next town. 700cui bigblockchevy by Donovan Racing. Prob the nicest car I've ever ridden in. 20200523_062540.mp4
  4. I'll vouch for this car and the seller who is a friend. As Alper said Levi races Class 1, and he doesn't use this car much. Having a racing background this car is maintained by someone who knows what he's doing. It's a great deal and if I had the coin to spare I'd buy this for my son.
  5. @fullthrottleguy Alex has helped me out more times than I can remember. Keep his number handy!
  6. I think I have the on on the right. Seems like a ploy to get people into the store to buy stuff.
  7. The best advice my LEO friend gave me was to make sure whatever safe I buy is unable to be moved by a few people, be it tipping over or off the premises.
  8. I'd hit up @RallyAlleigh to see what PCI can do for you regarding helmets.
  9. All three of my families Simpson helmets had factory installed air, not comms.
  10. L.R.S.


    Great deal right there, wish I needed them. Love Walker Wheels and have them on my Duramax and prerunner.
  11. Interesting, never heard of either. Assuming your buddy is a part of a race team, has this Docol been approved by NASCAR, NHRA, etc? I cannot attest to the rigors of what a Top Fuel dragster or Cup car go through but I have many ears of seeing the effects on 4000-7000lb Class 1 cars and Trophy Trucks and I'm impressed by how well chromoly holds up. Of course that means it was properly welded, braced, gusseted...
  12. I've had numerous helmets from my racing days but have never worn a Simpson personally. Nothing against them, just always preferred to buy what PCI carries because they were at every race, and now they are in Glamis on big weekends. My $400 HJC AR10 was super comfortable and purchased from PCI. When it expired I got a $900 Pyrotech carbon fiber helmet and regretted it after the first race. It would ride up on my face no matter how tight I got the chin strap. I sold it to a buddy. I have 3 Simpson helmets for my kids and all of them were wired by PCI for coms and then went back to PCI when I upgraded to the PCI TRAX intercom. My kids don't have any complaints about their Simpson helmets but they aren't wearing them for 8-12 hours in a race car. I have found it difficult to know if a helmet is the 'right one' for me until I wear it in my car for a few hours of dune/dirt time.

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