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  1. Thanks for the deal man! And a huge thanks to @Cookie for grabbing it today. Can't wait to settle my fat ass in it over the holidays in Glamis!
  2. That Piss-mo salt is messing up your eyes Grandpa. Shouldn't you be in the garage bolting new parts onto your SxS?
  3. Great to see you today @John@Outfront Mtrsprts ! Hopefully I'll see you in the dunes over the next few weeks too.
  4. I'll take it. My buddy @BansheeBoy914 lives in Menifee and can grab it for me.
  5. Got my 2 new @jjoseph99 whips hand delivered in Glamis Tday week. Had my white ones for three season but with the new wrap I needed a new color so I order up a pair in blue.
  6. It may have been mentioned earlier, I didn't read all the replies, but is there a chance the lift posts are bent at the top, or out of square enough to keep it from raising all the way with weight on it?
  7. Not exactly sure yet, but I have my suspicions. I went to look at the car today just to asses the damage. Obviously it needs a complete hub with bearings and a seal, rotor and possibly a caliper, and a CV. Hopefully the axle splines aren't bad. No sense in me putting the car in my shop until I have the parts to repair it, which is why I started the thread. I'll text @GRANT@FUNCO tomorrow and see if it is his hub, and if I can buy just one.
  8. Yeah, Snow Cat and $900. He was two dunes in from Osbourne Lookout. Not sure exactly where he had it towed but for that price it was well worth it.
  9. Ha! I need one hub please...
  10. I was told they may be a Funco hub but thought that was odd to be on an SU car.
  11. @DZRTRUN has been on a cruise ship for the past week or so and not checking the board. John, I'll pick it up from you this week for him.
  12. Anyone know who makes this 934 midboard hub? There are no markings on it. It's on a SU car and has Wilwood 4 piston calipers. My sales guy at Kartek couldn't ID it.

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