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  1. 31" x 18" with newer 14" Spal curved blade fans, 1.5" inlet/outlet, two threaded holes under the cap, one for overflow and one for steam port return (can be plugged off). Nothing wrong with this radiator at all, was in a Buggy Works full bodied car with an LS1. The car was upgraded to a larger 36x18 with 16" fans. $400 obo, delivery possible Jeff 818-472-9179
  2. Just PMd toy @BansheeBoy914 contact number. He'll grab them for me. EDIT- Just saw you put your number up. I'll text you.
  3. I don't know shit about Jeeps or 'Overlanding' but this is a great thread, very informative and the tech with pics will be very helpful to many people for years to come. I learned a couple things- this forum needs more threads like this, and Jeep guys are all nerds.
  4. Thanks man. My buddy @Bansheeboy914 said he can gean them for me, his house is a little easier to get to. @Bansheeboy914 will hit you up and grab them for me. Thanks! Sold my last set not knowing my other skinny wheels wouldn't clear my wheel spacers. Need to go back to stock VW.
  5. Yeah that works. If he can't grab them I'll be at Danzio hopefully later this week. Or my buddy @dzrtrat1111 lives in Fallbrook and may be able to grab them for me.
  6. I'll take the stock VW wheels. My buddy Chris, aka @BansheeBoy914 lives in Murrieta and can grab them for me.
  7. The usual, CVs and axles on a clients car, but found the drivers side hub bearings are going out. Guess I'll have this car a while longer.
  8. I have a brand new never used 6x6 Lightening CNC plasma table I bought from a board member about 5 years ago. I set it up and stopped doing the fab stuff when the prep/transport business took off. It also helped that buddy was running a water jet table and could knock out stuff for me. 6x6 table, new 25'machine torch (no plasma cutter) THC, torch height controller Computer and software $4000 Jeff 818-472-9179
  9. I guess my buddy sold his a while ago. Hit up any of the trans builders, Rancho, Wright, Transaxle Engineering, etc.
  10. My buddy has one he'll probably sell. He upgraded to a 2D with his 5.3 a few years ago. I'll hit him up.
  11. Sold it years ago to my buddy @mrduner and it's on his SU. https://www.glamisdunes.com/invision/index.php?/forums/topic/366224-su-sand-pro-ii/
  12. When I bought this car it had a Pro charger on it but I wanted an NA engine for prerunning in Mexico. I stopped prerunning and slapped a Magnuson MP112 on it. Turns a out my LS2 was a stroker 409cui and the blower was too small so I went back to NA. Then I installed a LS7, and now I'm going back to a blower engine, but I built it so I know exactly what I have.
  13. Pulling out my NA LS7 and installing this in my car...

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