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  1. Why ask? You aren't going to Glamis. That's just stirring the pot.
  2. When I left yesterday afternoon Pad 5 was almost completely empty, no cones or caution tape anywhere. Pad 3 had tons of space as well, and again, no cones of caution tape.
  3. Great pics Carl! Pretty sure I saw that yellow Baja Friday night on a trailer heading out of Glamis around 10pm when I was getting there.
  4. Can't believe you're selling your car! This car has so many upgrades and has been extremely well maintained. Post up the rear end width. We built those rear arms so it would fit in your WW. Might be a selling point for someone.
  5. L.R.S.

    Incredible customer service

    Glad you got it fixed. John is a great guy.
  6. L.R.S.


    Yes we grounded the radiator to the chassis. We also added an anode to the radiator cap. Amazon- zinc anode radiator cap Here's are a couple articles that should answer your questions. Ron Davis electrolysis tech info Electrolysis article
  7. L.R.S.

    Glamis Shiat Show

    Ocotillo is amazing and the kiosks the BLM set up out there are really great. Very educational for the kids. Need to spend more time there.
  8. L.R.S.


    Fastest car I've ever driven.
  9. L.R.S.


    Ethylene glycol, aka green coolant, will lower the boiling point about 10°. As much as I work on my car I'd rather not have green or red coolant in my system at all. Checking the coolant for conductivity is the most important thing you can do for the system. It's really simple to do with a basic meter. We had a $2000 radiator get wasted by electrolysis after sitting in the race shop for two weeks while we were on vacation. CBR said there were so many holes it couldn't be fixed. There were rubber pads but that wasn't enough. We powder coated the radiator tray to help isolate it from the chassis and added a ground strap. Solved the issue.
  10. L.R.S.

    Gear One Back Up and Running Soon

    I know that Gear One and Tatum hub bolt patterns are different. Not sure about ProAm or Grey Area. I'll have to look through my hub prep job pics one of these days.
  11. L.R.S.

    Gear One Back Up and Running Soon

    Good to hear. Lots of cars out ther with Gear One hubs, mine included.
  12. Used them once. Just once.
  13. There may be a charge for revalving if they have to be torn down out there. I've heard that Fox does their tuning days in Plaster City but I've never been to one.

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