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  1. I misunderstood the "...you can do this with any of the HDS versions..." No video for me then. Can't believe you went ALL CAPS on me. We are bros.
  2. Good info dude! I didn't know I could add a camera to my HDS. I'll hit you up soon for that cable. I think I heard somewhere that all on my HDS units can be tethered to one another? Might need to do that too.
  3. Agreed! Best replacement for Lowrance GPS is another Lowrance GPS. Good question for @RallyAlleigh. She's the man for all my GPS questions.
  4. There's a couple of really nice ones located at the corner of Google and your keyboard.
  5. Great to finally meet you all these years Steve. Thanks for the deal on the second panel and larger MPPT controller. Now I need to find the time to mount this big ass solar panel on my RV roof and double my solar power! Makes my flatbed solar panel look really small!
  6. I use my Optimate3 charger to charge Odyssey batteries. Works great.
  7. Been a fan of Amazon Prime for a few years now and order a lot of household items. Saw a post on another forum that Amazon was selling BelRay anti seize tubes in cases of 12 for ~$27, making them $2.29 per tube. I go through a lot of BelRay and regularly pay close to $30/tube at Kartek. This was such a good deal I contemplated selling some to Kartek if I could get my hands on enough. But I missed the deal due to limited quantities. Got a text a few days later that they were advertising the same deal again so I logged in and bought 3 cases. Fuggin deal!!! This is what was shipped to me... Three fuggin tubes! Some bullshit. I loggged on to Amazon and checked the price and sure as shit it was listed again but a little different... The price went up little and now they were charging for shipping. Still, it was a great deal, but I didn't buy anymore. A couple weeks later I logged on and checked again. Looks like the error was corrected and the price went from $2.29/tube to over $70/tube. My wife filed some sort of complaint with Amazon and hasn't heard back yet. I believe a couple guys in our group got refunds and some had their orders cancelled before they were even shipped. Of course the vendor is blaming Amazon for the mistake on the original super cheap pricing.
  8. L.R.S.

    CV Grease

    I use a needle point on my grease gun to pack the CV with Swepco Moly 101 then use the caulking gun with BelRay anti seize to put a layer of grease over the Swepco. Some people take the time to mix the two together and put it into a caulking tube but I don't do that. They'll mix themselves. The BelRay is thick and will help to keep the Swepco in the CV. EDIT to add- I fill the trans and micro stub cups with BelRay. If they are mid-boards I do not fill the cap with anything. Once the axle is installed I put a layer of BelRay over the CV then install the cap.
  9. L.R.S.

    CV Grease

    Not to belittle your profession but I wouldn't classify NDT as aerospace technology seeing as it is widely used in numerous industrial applications. I worked in the energy business for 18 years, the last 6 of which were in an oil refinery, and NDT testing was so common we had Mistras NDT/NDE on site Mon-Fri and had 24 hour coverage during our 6-10 week turnarounds. One of my friends did NDT for several years all over the country in amusement parks checking roller coasters. In fact we did some NDT on a piece of shit @mosebilt spindle a few years ago- Remember this car John Mosely? Once the 'good' spindle was sand blasted we determined it was not worth repairing so we built a new set.
  10. Very nice! I had 40 days last season but a few were 2 and 3 day trips. I did a wish list on my calendar the other day for the upcoming season October through Easter weekend in April. I have 8 trips for a total of 38 days planned, nothing under 4 days. Trying to do 7 days for T-Day week and 10 days over New Years week.
  11. L.R.S.

    CV Grease

    I was gong to say the exact same thing. I've seen this first hand when tearing down CV's that only had BelRay Anti seize. I'll see if I can find some pics.
  12. Annnnnd now it's my effing turn! I've had my new 'Real ID' since April 2018 and got this letter the other day saying the 'Real' part isn't valid. Same exact letter my wife got a few weeks ago and now I find out my 16 year old son got one too. Just sign it and send it in and magically my license is now a valid "Real ID".
  13. Long shot but maybe Idaho Dunes RV would be interested in them? They put on several events during the season and have plenty of storage space up there.
  14. That sucks. They at least call and tell you or wait till you got back to see it?

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