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  1. Sweet invite bro. If it were me I'd do all the touristy type stuff I've never done, even though I've lived in CA my entire life. Ronald Reagan museum always has a cool exhibit. We saw the Abraham Lincoln one and it was really neat. Winchester house Hearst Castle Lots of stuff to see in San Francisco if you can avoid the human feces problem
  2. Not sure what @stetler gets but I've seen flatness on CL for $50-$75/day and enclosed trailers for $100-$125/day.
  3. @stetler rents flatbeds and is in Orange, CA. I have two flatbeds but I'm about 50 miles west of Rancho Cucamonga.
  4. The bearing might not need to be replaced at all. Pull the cap off, loosen the pinch bolt and tighten the spindle nut a little. Do this while spinning the tire to make sure it turns freely. Check it for the 'wobble' and see if it's gone. Or tighten the spindle nut until you cannot turn the tire and back it off a little at a time until the tire will spin and check for the wobble. Why are you replacing the hydraulic steering with electric?
  5. https://www.glamisdunes.com/invision/index.php?/forums/topic/357475-saychz316-last-call/&tab=comments#comment-5173642
  6. Cancer. Sucks, Kevin was a great guy.
  7. Any thread I open with a video uploaded/attached (not a YouTube link) seems to slow it down.
  8. A minimal amount of fluid will come out while capping/plugging the lines. The entire system all the way back to the master will not be drained. Adding another bulkhead fitting and a steel braided line is one more connection point and a possible failure. And adding that on the premise that it makes the hubs easier to remove for servicing? How often are you working on the hubs? Annually? Most of what I do on my car and the cars I service/prep is based on my years as a member and Crew Chief of a Class 1 Unlimited race team. The car was 75% stripped down after each race which included the brakes, calipers and brake lines. We re-bled the system each time, obviously, so bleeding brakes isn't really that big of a deal to me.
  9. Nice upgrade. Seems like great price to do all that work. I really need to ad a fuel station to mine. I'm ripping out the 120v four bulb fluorescent lights in my trailer and going with all LED.
  10. Good real world info. But you know the questions are coming... How much HP... How much angle... What type of grease... How much air pressure... I put a EMPI 934 on Paul Tracy's Tatum last Thanksgiving cause that's all he had for a spare and as far as I know it went the rest of the season. His car has to be arund 1500HP and he rives the shit out of it. Two EMPI CV boxes sitting on the paddle.
  11. Looks really good! When I have my car wrapped I'll have the front bypasses clear-bra'd to help it last longer. I thought about doing my Albins too but I didn't and regret it now. It was out of the car and would have been easy.
  12. Don't know how others do it but that's not how I 'race prep' a CV. I just take a Dremel to the edges of the star, body and cage to knock down the sharp edges.
  13. Thanks man. I was actually surprised with how good they came out, haven't bent stainless on a long time. Just to keep the conversation going- how often am I pulling the calipers off? Pretty rarely.
  14. Made these hardlines for my rear brakes today. Hardlines = winning. Also did a new cluch line from the master all the way to the internal slave on my Albins. Unfortunately Kartek only carries 10' sticks of 3/16" stainless so I had to splice two pieces together with a compression fitting. Not sweating it, never had a compression fitting fail on me.
  15. Listened to him on the Joe Rogan podcast a few months back. Dude has taking waaaaay too many blows to the head. Bet this didn't help.
  16. Does your car have power steering?
  17. We going to see that beast in the sand this season? I don't like building big engines unless they're getting used! Not to mention all the prep work I did on that car.
  18. Yore Who's the jagoff that started that one?
  19. They are assembled correctly in those pics. Probably not what you want to hear but take them all the way down, clean them up and check them. Put them together dry and see if you can move the star around. You should be able to move it. If it doesn't move and is binding then 'race prep' it. That means taking a Dremel with a grinding/polishing stone to all the sharp edges- the body, the star and the cage. Put it back together and see if you can articulate it. You want to turn this... ...into this.
  20. Had this adjuster on the shifter for the Albins my car since 2015.
  21. Understandable, turning brakes aren't easy to bleed because they are a high point where air gets trapped. I've had a couple cars where I unbolted the turning brake and moved it so the bleeder on top was the highest point and bled them from there. I'm redoing my car right now and going with all new hardline from the masters to the pivot points, then a stainless braided jumper and back to a hardlne.
  22. Ah, so the real benefit of braided line is to make bleeding easier. I've replaced turning brakes in 4 different cars in the past year, all with hardline and haven't had any issues bleeding them. I don't use a power bleeder, just crack, push, close, pump, repeat.

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