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  1. L.R.S.

    Helmets and intercom

    Love my @PCI Race Radios TRAX system I got from @RallyAlleigh. Had my full face HJC and Simpson helmets rewired for the TRAX and I have dual Parker Pumpers.
  2. L.R.S.

    CV Grease

    I feel that the type or grease you use is less important then the frequency you tear them down, clean them up and regrease. No two cars are the same so what works for one may not work for the other. Just too many variables; HP, car weight, paddle size, driving style, etc. Also, saying BelRay and Swepco "mix" is a little misleading. I don't mix the grease together. Better term would be to say BelRay/Swepco combo. I use a needle tip on my grease gun to pack the CV with Swepco then use a caulking gun to put a layer of BelRay over that. I also put BelRay in the CV cups on the trans and the micro stub. For midboard hubs I put a layer of BelRay on the outside of the CV.
  3. L.R.S.


    Hint... this is the RV for sale section...
  4. L.R.S.

    Need Some Jet Fuel

    Basics of it are Jet A is more refined the kerosene.
  5. L.R.S.

    tow chains and binders, rating?

    Good info John. I was fortunate to learn the difference between lashing chain and safety chain when I was a truck driver then drove heavy duty tow and recovery in the 90’s. I’m shocked to see the little chains on a lot of trailers I transport. I have a good supply of heavy chain and have updated all of my trailers. Glad I did cause April 2018 my hitch snapped at 55mph and I barely got it pulled over before the chains were all the way worn through.
  6. L.R.S.

    Re did the rubber roof on my new to me Monaco

    That's exactly what I did per the instructions in the the kit I bought from @socaldmax which included the screws and lap sealant.
  7. L.R.S.

    Re did the rubber roof on my new to me Monaco

    Would it be better if I called them all purpose screws?
  8. L.R.S.

    Re did the rubber roof on my new to me Monaco

    Drywall screws. Did my install a year ago and no issues.
  9. L.R.S.

    RZR seats in a sand rail?

    I have a pair you can have for a handle of Jack Daniels. Brand new and only sat on to drive the RZR at the dealership onto a trailer and off the trailer and into my shop.
  10. L.R.S.

    What the effin eff

    I'll play. WTF are you doing wearing rubber gloves for an antenna swap?
  11. L.R.S.

    my experience with mosebilt and john mosely

    Fortunately, I've never done business with Justin or Shock Therapy. I have been asked if I was interested in transporting cars for Shock Therapy but I declined the offer to submit a proposal. I've read enough testimonials about and talked to numerous people he robbed. I'm not getting involved with someone like that. That being said, I do own a dunebuggy.com Sidewinder and I effing love it. How much Justin was involved in DB.com along with Chuck (who did end up behind bars) I cannot say. But damn those guys built a helluva car.
  12. L.R.S.

    my experience with mosebilt and john mosely

    Kinda like Justin at Shock Therapy.
  13. L.R.S.

    my experience with mosebilt and john mosely

    I'm biased because I've known Thad for many years and we're neighbor's. He has been doing great ever since cutting ties with that midget piece of shit business partner he had at So Cal Fab. He started Fabwerx and has innovated a lot of SxS parts. His shop recently doubled in size and I think he has 3-4 full time guys working for him.
  14. I've had a 25' Aztek triple axle for the past 9 years. Great trailer for the money.
  15. L.R.S.

    Gear 1 934 mid boards

    Killer deal. I have the same brakes on my prerunner.
  16. L.R.S.

    my experience with mosebilt and john mosely

    I was referring to the cars he claims to be building now. Hopefully you got a decent car before things went sideways for him.
  17. L.R.S.

    my experience with mosebilt and john mosely

    People still pay @mosebilt to build cars for them? Wow.
  18. L.R.S.

    Bad Gas.......?

    I'll text you.
  19. L.R.S.

    Bad Gas.......?

    I don't have any plans to be down that way anytime soon. I'll PM you and we will figure something out.
  20. L.R.S.

    Bad Gas.......?

    Where you located? I use my smudge lot a lot but gasoline burns way different then oil so I try to mix them.
  21. L.R.S.

    Dunebuggy.com Sidewinder

    ... and it needs some work. I bought this from a board member a couple weeks ago. We have two DB.com Sidewinder's for our team prerunners so picking this one up was no brainer. I know these cars very well, especially their strengths and weaknesses. I have thousands and thousands of miles prerunning in these cars. We even raced one in a M.O.R.E. race in Barstow back in 2010. They really are a 4 seat Class 1 car. A quick history on this car- Ordered from DuneBuggy.com in Oct 2005 as a roller. It is chassis #265. One of our team prerunners is #17. Owner (another board member) took delivery and started gathering parts. The car was never finished, but all the parts were there. It was posted for sale on gd.com in 2012. I tried to broker a deal for Jeff Quinn of McKenzie's to buy it (his had just been stolen). Jeff missed buying it by one day. It was posted for sale on gd.com in 2013. It was a runner but wasn't getting used much. I talked to the owner but couldn't make the deal. It was posted up again in march of this year with a bigger engine, super charger added, spares, etc. The owner remembered talking to me a few years ago and called me up. We made a deal. And now I had to drive 1000 miles to Washington state to pick it up. We also made a deal for a two axle 16' deck-over flatbed trailer he didn't need anymore. I didn't need it either but figured I could sell it down here and not have to drag my flatbed all the way up there. Specs- 2006 DuneBuggy.com Sidewinder LS2 built by AC Nutter in Vancouver, WA (used to build Greg Biffle's engines) Vortech super charger with cross flow intercooler Albins AGB 5 speed syncromesh transaxle Trans pump and cooler Albins shifter (DAMN $995!) Rackpak UDX dash Full set of front and rear boxed arms Full set of front and rear tube arms Original fiberglass hood (never installed) Roof rack and light rack Fiberglass light mount for rear Windshield frame (unfinished) Five Jesse Jones beadlock wheels with brand new 35" BFG M/T's DWT rear wheels with STU 35.5" paddles Here it is- Loaded up and ready for a 1000 mile drive back to LA. Upon closer inspection I knew I had a lot of work to do. This is a fully functioning car and has around ~20 hours on it at Oregon Sand Dunes. It just wasn't put together the way I would have done it. Most of it is stuff I can change and it will only cost me time (something I have none of lately) and there are some things I would like to change that will cost a few dollars (something I also have none of now). The car came with a folder FULL of receipts. I have the original invoice from DuneBuggy.com, original invoice for the Albins from Weddle (with gear ratios), original tags from King for the shocks (shows valving) and a ton of other receipts. It was a quick 3 day trip and a lot of miles. I kept looking in the rear-view mirror thinking "Shit, that's my car." Got it unloaded and here it will sit until I wrap up a few projects on clients cars. I lie. I already started doing a few small things...
  22. L.R.S.

    2012 rzr xp 900. SOLD!!!!!!

    Good! So close to making you an offer on it.
  23. L.R.S.

    Gear One Hub Prep

    I prepped a set of Gear One rear hubs for a board member/client and found some interesting stuff, so I thought I'd share. While out in Glamis for Horse Power Wars my buddy noticed a torn CV boot on one of our clients axles. I hadn't ever prepped the axles or CV's but had done a ton of other work to this car. The car owner was under the impression that his car was prepped just before he bought it in Oct '14 and planned to do a post season prep this summer. We went back to his camp and helped him change the boot. When I pulled the axle I didn't like what I saw. There was not very much grease on the CV, and I could see a lot of shinny metal. That's never good. We pumped some fresh grease in to get him through the trip and made arrangements to prep the axles next time it was at my shop. He dropped it off a week later. This is what I found- Old dry grease. This is the inside of the hub (trans side). Shinny balls in a CV are never good. This is the outside of the hub (wheel side). Looking just a shinny. This is with the boot flange removed. Almost no grease in the CV at all. This is the bearing carrier. The bearing grease looked super thin and watery. Here's the CV completely out of the hub. I haven't touched it with a single rag to wipe the grease off. CV balls just as they came out of the CV. Again, I haven't touched them to wipe of any grease. They were almost spotless. I really expected these CV to be wasted, gouged cages, chipped stars, etc. But nope... Damn things looked brand new once I got them all cleaned up. Except for a couple of super small chips on the edge of one star there's almost nothing wrong with them at all. So now they'll be reassembled, re-greased and re-installed.
  24. L.R.S.

    Dunebuggy.com Sidewinder

    They should just come out. Sometimes they aren't easy to get off the CV body though so try some penetrating oil over night. If the hub side, aka outside, bearing won't come out of the hub use a skinny punch and go through the 6 holes that hold the outer cap on to tap it out, working your way around in a criss cross pattern. Sounds complicated but you'll see it's pretty straight forward once you have them on the bench.

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