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  1. Hey Harvey, if you read this, please give me a call. I am wanting to purchase one of your Eletronic power steering kits from you for my sand car. THANK YOU!! Darrin (661) 718-9585
  2. DO you happen to have Harveys info? I am looking to go electric. Thank you!
  3. Whats up Glamis peeps? Would anyone happen to have the info on the guy that used to advertise electric power steering kits for sand cars on this site??? I believe he works for Joe Fab?? If anyone could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it! Darrin S. (661) 718-9585
  4. Rugged Radios has the Bell Helmets with speakers, mics and provisions for forced air on them. I picked up a set, and I believe they were about $380.00 a piece. Very nice product.

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