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  1. Pfffft I don't know what all the hype is a about, they don't even come with a flip top stereo system.
  2. The wife and I got it last month, I was pretty pro active from the onset and started a Vitamin treatment the next day of first signs of being sick. This list is what I used in addition to a B1 thiamine. I use soluble C And D3 and did 10000 ui a day of each. What is important to have and keep around is the nebulizer and Hyro peroxide. On first signs of the tickle in the throat start a hourly treatment. It will greatly reduce the chance of it settled deeper into your lungs ,also try and sleep sitting up as much as possible. I had it beat in about 5-6 days but still stayed in bed for a 3 more day to just rest. My wife was good as well but did not rest and pushed herself and it came back hard on her.. To the point I had to take her in to get checked. They sent her home with meds and it took a few days to get her better.. Scared the the chit out of me though to see her not getting better. I will add to the list. If you can get a Albuterol rescue inhaler to have around. Z PAC PREDNISONE A PULSE OXIMETER to monitor your o2 levels. DRINK A LOT OF WATER! FLUIDS. AND REST. In this day and age this is stuff to have on hand, ordering after the fact will prolong any treatment during the most important time. Think of it like a bug out bag, it will be there when you need it.
  3. Queen of the South is a great series.
  4. I hope those light covers are easily replaceable. They look like they will get sand blasted in 1 season.
  5. Perry was a old school gd.comer. Not sure what the cause of death is.
  6. Happy Birthday to our fearless Sxs mod!!!
  7. These guys are out in Riverside and do very impressive work. Quoted me around 2500 for complete sticker removal and full cut and polish For a 37 foot WW. https://www.facebook.com/larry.bonz.1
  8. Chad was a amazing person and will be missed.. It was a very hard day yesterday.. He fought so hard to beat this but it just would not let go of him. Love ya Chad RIP
  9. SOH Guitar Co Sound Of Hate Rhoads played a nice Les Paul Geetar fiddle as well. Always loved the Les Paul design.
  10. If they give you the run around again Wes, I have a weekend to camp outside that dealership with a sign about how the effed you.. With all the people you know, I have a feeling it would be a good size crowd they would not want out front of there business along with a onslaught from all the online off road pages. I am sure it would tip the needle in your direction.
  11. Happy Birthday 🎂 🥳 🎉 🎈 🎁 🎊
  12. Hope they have this figured out for you Wes, shame it has taken all the excitement out of a new purchase to go through this mess...

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