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  1. That is a shame RIP Loyd..
  2. Jezz I guess 1 trip in the washes with us scared you back to the Gecko.
  3. Wait is that what this debate was all about!!!!. There is not a machine out there that would take that kind of stupidity.
  4. This was the first shot fired. Basically calling TJ a ASS. LOTD don't insult people and not expect a response then cry foul when you get it. I am sick of seeing the bickering, debate the topic with out personal insults or Summer vacation is going to come quick to some. Now back to topic. P.S, Epstein still did not kill himself...
  5. Obviously all this was on their dime?
  6. Happy Birthday to the hardest working Moderator on this board...
  7. Sounds like limp mode, run a scanner and post the codes
  8. I would do some test spots before you go spraying something all over your drive way. Start with : CLR TSP Driveway cleaner (diluted acid) Bleach Comet Coke. ya never know haha Obliviously keep them separated as these chemicals don't play well together. Report back on your results.

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