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  1. https://lasvegas.craigslist.org/snw/d/las-vegas-2008-yamaha-rhino-700efi/6975107135.html Looks legit and really decent price.
  2. I was diagnosed at 30 with DDD and now 60. Pretty common as roughly 40% have it at age 40. Early stages therapy seemed to work but as the specific area ages conditions worsen to the point at times of needing surgery. Surgery had come a long way in the last 20 or so years. They type of surgery is dependent on the severity and location of problem areas. I would find a great orthopedic specialist to discuss symptoms and potential resolution. I wound up having a microdiscectomy and a bunch of bone chips removed in one surgery. That was 6 years ago. I know a bunch of folks that have recently went through the same procedures with pretty good results. Pain management and therapy are always the first step it seems.
  3. Bought them from CBM. CBM - 1400-18.
  4. Tight and high to clear headers on my middy.
  5. Thanks John, Sucks but partly my fault on the insurance thing. The policy is an actual cash value with stated value. What that really means is that regardless of what the "stated" value on it was the insurance company wins. It it would increase in value, the stated value kicks in. They run comps to come up with cash value. My problem is the comps they are using are standard cargo trailers and we are a ways apart. Probably going to arbitration. Comps have to be within 90 days and include VIN for proof.
  6. Working on policy modifications. Fighting with them on stolen trailer value right now. What a pain. Might get an attorney involved. Been with this company for 30 years and pretty disappointed with the results. First claim in 25 years. They are arguing about type of trailer they are using in comp. Standard cargo vs. wide body 96" door opening not sinking in. They are offering $5k less than market right now. I won't accept that. At this point it personal with them and might spend twice the value fighting the pricks over principal. Almost as bad as the thieves in my mind.
  7. Neighbors yard. Pay to store there, no one home at time it was stolen. Two trailers stolen in same day.
  8. Well, thought I would send this out to the community. Alper posted a month or so ago pics and information on a 2006 Universal trailer of mine that was stolen. Trailer was insured, but contents are another story. My rail was in garage at house so safe, I did have a golf cart, welder, generator and a ton of spare parts and tools in trailer when stolen. It has been a month and no sign of anything that would lead to indicting the scumbag POS's that stole the trailer. Make sure you check you insurance policies fine print on what the insurance covers inside the trailer. This includes homeowners insurance also. I filed two claims to date. One on the trailer insurance, that only covered $150.00 of contents, and homeowners to cover contents. Golf cart was not insured and that was my stupid mistake. Golf carts can be insured through homeowners policy for $35.00/annually. The policy though only covered $1500.00 worth of spare car parts and I had significantly more than that in parts. It did cover up to $10k in tools but came in well under that. I usually do not keep all my spare parts in trailer but was prepping for an Idaho trip when stolen. I'm still battling the insurance company of covering the actual market value of trailer vs. comps they ran but will probably be out of pocket $10-15k plus by the time this is over. Check your policies, don't assume all will be covered. FYI...I carry every spare sensor, spare alt, spare water pump, spare ecu, spare injectors etc.....10 years worth of accumulating spare parts. Had 4 new 934 race prepped cv's and boots in their also. Fricken moron thieves probably didn't know what they are.
  9. Damn nice deal on this Rubi. Can't last long.
  10. If not backing rail in, just ratchet strap the front together. I have same problem if I don't suck the front end up but I load mine head first.
  11. Precision Metal Craft sells the bezels for them. A little pricey but bad azz looking and quality unreal.

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