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  1. Precision Metal Craft sells the bezels for them. A little pricey but bad azz looking and quality unreal.
  2. I have the CD7 along with the AEM ECM. Love the dash. You have 4 different screens you can flip through and customize. Really easy to load any changes for the layout. I wind up running this screen most of the time.
  3. Harness stock? Check power to (usually pink wire) to coil pack, injectors usually run on same relay for each bank. The temp driving the loss of power to coil pack weird. If no power to the pink, check relay/fuse. Should also be 3 grounds off of harness. You could jump power from one side of coil pack to other and see if that solves the issue.
  4. 70' ft. my friend. But who cares?
  5. Amen to that. I've been rolling with John for a few years and I can only tell you what the bottom of his car looks like. Heavy right foot rand left is no slouch.
  6. Phaeton owner here...... I have never had any overheating issues in 60k/miles on my coach. Live in NV and pull 10-12k lb. trailer. It has the CAT C7 350 but have buddies with the cummins. Same with them. Most of the larger 425hp plus engines have the side mounted radiators. I did experience heating issues with my cummins engine in a Spartan Chassis in a pre 2000 coach. Really had to watch turbo temps also.
  7. Cleaning out garage. Will ship on your dime. LS1 Valley Pan Powder Coated Black includes knock sensor harness- $75.00 LS7, LS1, LS2, LS3 Valve Covers Powder Coated Red w/10 an fittings for breather. No hardware. -$100.00 Autometer 2-5/8 Pro Comp Ultra Lite gauges. Oil Pressure and Water Temp. Includes mounting hardware-$75.00 for both. Text works best. Ken 702-494-7139
  8. Anyone try one of these yet? Gear driven Was doing a little research yesterday and ran across this.
  9. Have you pulled starter out of bell housing but connected to car and turned over? Does solenoid and starter motor engage? If so, when mounting back in, prior to tightening lift up on starter as high as possible prior to snugging bolts, might be an alignment issue. I have had to clearance my bell housing bolt holes before to allow for better adjustment due to starter gear hitting to low on fly wheel to mesh.
  10. A few years back Jalper and I messed up. Instead of the liquid starch we used Fabric Softener. Worked ok for a while but anytime you would get within 5 ft of our cars they smelled like Tampex. Took a year for the smell to go away. Can't stand the smell of Downy to this day. ?
  11. I installed this on my mendi shifter with my S4D. Love the feel still after 2 se asons.
  12. we use 1/2 gallon of simple green and water. use air line to agitate, then drain and rinse well. We do this prior to welding fuel tanks and should work for what you are doing.
  13. BTW, have a 2 seat mid engine mosebilt, started with 2D and stock ls1. Tranny held up nice for 2 seasons. Fever caused me to stroke the ls to 383, started chewing up the 2D every season. Never a R&P but completely destroyed the gear stack a couple of times and actually broke the case in half length ways once. Pulled the 2d and went to a S4D then started punching more and more hp. This was all with 934's. 3 seasons on the s4d with huge 454 darton sleeved block ls. Pulled the tranny down for refresh after the 3rd season and all was good less bent shifting fork. If your trans is in good shape, you might be better off to sell and upgrade prior to any issues. I would have been much better off in the wallet if I would have upgraded sooner.
  14. Redline guys are cool as hell. Car looks absolutely great.
  15. Swap....I meant flip. Sorry.

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