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  1. Water hose and wipe down. No mess no damage to wheels or tires. I used to use the alumi seal mixture but more pricey and no other benefit as far as I can tell.
  2. Amazon.....4 , 1/2 gallon jugs for $20.00
  3. Not my trick but Jalper's idea. We have been using Sta-Flo liquid starch for years to seal up beadlocks or any other tire that may have slow leaks. The biggest issue was finding a bottle that would work to transfer the fluid into the valve stem on wheel without much hassle or mess. Tried this little trick this weekend and thought I would post because is was simple, clean and really quick. Took a Sta-Flo cap and drilled it out for a valve stem. Drilled the valve stem out a little, add a 1/4" ID plastic tube. Just pull the valve core and bleed out air in tire. When tire is collapsed , attach end of hose to valve stem and turn the bottle upside down. Jack the wheel up off the ground and the tire has a tendency to suck the fabric softener out with very little squeezing. Worked like a champ and zero mess. I will just throw the cap with hose in the trailer for next time.
  4. Click below. I have two warlocks on trailer door. They are not nearly as beefy as the one I purchased for Hitch Lock. I will be changing those out also. Click here for lock
  5. Not to start another debate but the lock alone was $100. There is a great review on youtube about puck locks and the proven industries lock system. All puck locks are not created equal. I did not purchase the Proven Industry lock but a better one... this guy has a bunch of videos on all kinds of locks.
  6. A little security that Alper designed for the new trailer. Also added the FIN system for tracking. Thinking about painting the damn thing pink now. I am still finding out how painful it is to replace all the things I had stolen with the last trailer. It's been over 6 months and no sign of trailer or golf cart to date.
  7. Just like the title says. Looking for GKN 934 bodies. PM me if you have them.
  8. https://lasvegas.craigslist.org/snw/d/las-vegas-2008-yamaha-rhino-700efi/6975107135.html Looks legit and really decent price.
  9. I was diagnosed at 30 with DDD and now 60. Pretty common as roughly 40% have it at age 40. Early stages therapy seemed to work but as the specific area ages conditions worsen to the point at times of needing surgery. Surgery had come a long way in the last 20 or so years. They type of surgery is dependent on the severity and location of problem areas. I would find a great orthopedic specialist to discuss symptoms and potential resolution. I wound up having a microdiscectomy and a bunch of bone chips removed in one surgery. That was 6 years ago. I know a bunch of folks that have recently went through the same procedures with pretty good results. Pain management and therapy are always the first step it seems.
  10. Bought them from CBM. CBM - 1400-18.
  11. Tight and high to clear headers on my middy.
  12. Thanks John, Sucks but partly my fault on the insurance thing. The policy is an actual cash value with stated value. What that really means is that regardless of what the "stated" value on it was the insurance company wins. It it would increase in value, the stated value kicks in. They run comps to come up with cash value. My problem is the comps they are using are standard cargo trailers and we are a ways apart. Probably going to arbitration. Comps have to be within 90 days and include VIN for proof.

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