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  1. But you can buy another accessory? How bout a tool kit?
  2. So 60 days til production starts? Til the next update..
  3. damn I bet it was the lady or guy whom took the video. #Karencalled
  4. TSD, I use it all the time. It does not work at red earth, but most others. Their apps works great too for mapping for best price.
  5. Bump for realistic cash offer. no crypto.
  6. I definitely need more seat time in it to make me feel more comfortable under drag runs. Alper does what alper does best. Make HP.
  7. Any ideas why the alternators go out? Too much HP.
  8. I am going to list on str8up my Gen4 ls2 with s4 sequential trans. This car is a cream puff. Very clean well maintained and just a great all around turn key dune car. Thinking of 80k. Will work with GD member to see it go to a good home. I have reached out to the members interested and no response. Cash talks and it's not on sale it's for sale. received_372830307765312.mp4
  9. Lol I will just pick up a used scs to make her happy. And sit and wait.
  10. Thanks Clay! I can't wait to see your update!😉💦💦💦
  11. Damn he owned it! I didn't think you would but you famous old man. now here is the 100$ question. If his dumb ass would of left it in the sand and not on pad. Would they have towed him? Ghost camp or what not. Is it because of the pad space or the rules..
  12. Now that i am kind of caught up on work and drama at work. The trip was stressful due to that. The car came out phenomenal. The paint really sealed the deal for me. PAINTER JOE did exactly as we planned and was great to work with. Grant nailed all the lil details and the interior work and pouches and pockets and details really were a step above the rest. It is a Bugatti in the sand. Almost too nice. And the way it dunes is like nothing I have driven before. So smooth.. The power that @J Alper built me was so impressive and intense. I told him I wanted a reliable whipple duner and I think he nailed it.. I had a few questions while out there and Jason answered my call every time. A++++ customer service. The car was so intense to drive I had to learn to adapt to it and drive it. I have never been able to get both my kids in the car at the same time. I was actually able to dune with them and enjoy my rides instead of crying over fear etc. I was undecided on what car to keep and sell. And kind of still am, as I always say everything is for sale for the right price. But I do love the car so far. I did the shake down lost and fried an alternator but that is common I guess. Had a few little issue in the programming box my dash. Otherwise it is bad ass and a supercar for the sand. Huge shout out to @Squatcher for all the help, feedback, and family time. He really saved me and I am going to nominate him for duner of the month. received_610759956867020.mp4 received_1164110813994886.mp4 IMG_6647.3gp

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