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  1. Definitely. will more than likely be getting my funco before the speed. But I am good with that all day!
  2. So it is all about how you charge the car 2amp or 10 amp switch on the leaf button. generally I can charge it at home at 4pm and be fully charged by 5am and I drive 27 miles every day to work. I would plug it in at work (630am) and it would be fully charged by 3pm. it is also how you drive. 80- mph will drain your battery faster vs 65 to 67 mph and up hills will make a difference as it is more power required to pull. quick charge is the way to go.
  3. I am going to SSSS just for this and Funco and too see old friends from the sand box. May find some cool crap to buy like beer goggles! LOL
  4. Sorry boys I was working. This may work, What was total length and weight.
  5. I was not going to go to the sand show because of all the mask mandates and covid drama, but I want to touch, feel and sit in the damn thing. plus day drinking with your buddies is always a good time...
  6. I booked my flight but wish there was a place to park the rv and chill with the fellas. not many places open.
  7. Was talking to some buddies yesterday and 1 of them was saying how this is going to be like the X-18. I honestly think it will be better than the 3 leaders (POPO, CAN AM, Yam) but he made some valid points, such as he has to have some serious investors behind him to sell this. What do we think the aftermarket parts are going to be available? What about his white glove warranty for parts. Will he have arms in glamis or vegas etc ready to buy at sweet maries? Those are the issues that concerns me because sh!t breaks!
  8. Truly one of my favorites... The G42 Airboom Ron built was my dream car.
  9. No issues with controller or hub? What compressor?? What do you want for it?
  10. I watch the videos and IG photos all the time. My favorite Funco it the GT ANA. Cant wait .....
  11. Glad to see @NIKAL is back. He definitely speaks knowledge in this game. As for last weeks show. it was nice to hear Todd speak up on the business side and the production schedule. Seems they are having the covid MFG woes as well as the rest. Cant wait to get the new 4 seater hope it is everything they say it is, otherwise I will sell mine
  12. was thinking of selling my daily commuter 2013 chevy volt for $6500 (plug in & gas) but I am sure I can get a $1500 credit with LRS transports to make up the difference. Send me a text bro
  13. My favorite trip to glamis! well respected service to all of our service men and women!

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