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  1. All some good information. Hopefully there will be 25-50 cars at SSSS for delivery.
  2. Just curious of those 1st 25 or 50 cars getting their details in order, since they are pumping out parts and redesigning covers. Figure some people would be getting a real notification.
  3. I am trying to find the info on the campground for gordon wells. I am pretty sure it is hookups and not far from the dunes? Anyone have the details.
  4. My off season. I spend working to pay for fuel and I have built a few mini trucks and cars throughout the years. Here is a video from last weekend Mega Show in Salinas. https://fb.watch/eF5Alp4vPe/ 20200719_105930.mp4
  5. I agree, but lets see. I think I am going to miss this years show due to a show in Laughlin my wife booked.
  6. how many cars will be at SSSS?
  7. So our cars will be GLOWING fastttttt....
  8. Very interesting. The countdown is on!
  9. TTT- Price lowered 8K cash money. I need to make room for my 2 car trailer.
  10. 2 months to SSSS. Anyone got the call to pay up sucka? I mean i think I have gotten 3 invoices already so... Cash money ready...
  11. Are the LE models not coming with anything that was originally promised?

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