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  1. Looking for (1), possibly (2) Sport Tire of America Dunesport #2 cut.  Good used condition or new, depending on pricing.  Please let me know.  Was given your info.

  2. Sick and would fit my shit perfectly. Just out of my league! LOL
  3. My buddy just got one of them, the red one with the LS.
  4. I I get you now too, read up a little more on what you’re talking about. There are some other cool builds supported by Kodi in your link that I could use if the RVeal build takes a crap. It is the cleanstreams addon that I really like with the guide feature which is supported also by all the other Kodi builds.
  5. I actually bought on Amazon a couple years ago. They don’t sell them now.
  6. RVEAL= done! I get every local channel in every city in every major city in US if I want. It's really easy to use, it even has a guide showing what is actually playing at that time for all the major 100+ networks (ex: HDTV, TBS, Fox). I live in San Diego and the locals are channel 339, 340 and 341. Since no high speed internet for glamis and river trips (need minimum 20MBPS for RVEAL), I still have DTV. Here's how the dollars break down: 3 RVEAL boxes initial investment (living room, bedroom, outside)- $300/ea= $900. No monthly. 2 kids rooms- They use Netflix for everything. $15/mo. Directv monthly- $80 for 4 boxes (2 in moho, 2 in riverhouse) Cox High Speed Internet- $50/mo I was paying $225/mo for cox, $15/mo for Netflix, and $80/mo for DTV. $305/mo x 12 mo= $3,840/yr. Now pay $1,7400/yr and my payback on the RVEAl boxes took 5 months initially. Saving $2100/yr! I have seen friends Firesticks, Apple TV, etc and nothing even comes close. The RVEAL is KODI based so you can get everything imaginable but again, what I like most about it is the LIVE TV portion with a guide is that it is very similar to the guide for Cox or DTV. THat's what I don't like about other units, it is hard to find things. Needs to be easy for the wife to use too :). I recommend buying 1 and seeing if you like it, if not just sell on Ebay.

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