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  1. Had cold water line break under kitchen floor in foundation. Ran a pipe around the house to back bib connection that also fed sink. $1,500
  2. WejaZ28

    ATC 70

    I know guys are always looking for these...Saw this on Craigslist. https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/mcy/d/la-habra-honda-70-atc/6910134253.html
  3. Same thing happened to me. Turned out to be the pilot bearing was seized on the output shaft. Had to get it perfectly lined up for the bearing to fit through the pressure plate fingers. Does the trans feel like its flexing a little when you try to pull it apart? the fingers will give a little if bearing is pulling against them. Just a thought. Weja
  4. Here's the numbers off my Tatum 930 Mids if it's any help.
  5. WejaZ28


    TTT For a nice Jeep.
  6. Currently running a single ribbed 8.80-15" on the front. Looking for something with multiple ribs in same size...
  7. Been using the EEZTire TPMS for a few years now with 10 sensors. Works great. Got the flow through sensors to be able to fill tires without removing sensor.
  8. Big Dub posted a picture of the injector out of the motor. That is the number off it.
  9. Easy on the megaglass there tiger. Learn how to drive Dub 😜
  10. Makes sense. In my case, it would be best to find the correct length when fully extended. There is plenty of room when level in the hub area.

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