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  1. yanks win? good joke. they cant even get in the playoffs. go angles!!!!!!
  2. there will be a 8 to 10 feet opening at each wash. so i hear!
  3. Mom! Thank you and everybody too.
  4. Mes.....what year is your LE? Our's is an '05 but it's actual production date is 10/03. I think ours is showing tattle-tail signs of some structural problems. My kitchen counter-top/cabinets are separating from the wall as well as my fender well and in the back by the vented-doors, the inside siding is bowing. Hubby found one outrigger that was broken and when he pulled it out to inspect, the original weld was so poor, he inspected the rest of them too, but couldn't see anything. That particular outrigger wasn't welded into the frame, more into the outrigger......welding talk?
  5. I like it because people come realy fast down our wash

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