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  1. The engine I have is a stock LS2 including the power steering pump with the reservoir on the top of the pump. With the extreme dune chop during New Years, the reservoir fell off, hence pumped itself empty, alot of smoke etc!. I have a remote reservoir I can install, but my question is: Has anyone used the stock LS PS pump with a remote reservoir? It seems the PS housing input (low pressure) is ~3/4" ID, so I'm wondering how to attach some sort of fitting to it so I can plumb the remote reservoir. Any thoughts are much appreciated! Thx, -AJ
  2. Thank you! Looking at the bolts that came out, the threads were in the tab. Probably what caused the issue in the first place, would be my guess.
  3. After the last dune trip, I noticed my sand rail's right rear trailing arm moved back and forth a little. I pulled it off and seems the 1/2" tab on the pivot bar is waffled out a little causing the movement. More than likely due to being loose over a period of time. So the question is how do I fix it? 1) I was thinking to weld it then drill it or 2) go to a 5/8" bolt A bit about the car: S&S chromoly frame with an LS2. Probably weighs around 2500# Any input is much appreciated. Thanks -AJ
  4. Whips are good for 12 months tops if you're lucky. 2005 Safeglo whips were a good product. Now a days the flags are cheap and frayed almost immediately, lighting doesn't last. I have 5+, obviously out of warranty that I tossed. I've had the camp marker chameleon version, lasted 6 months broke and it's not even on the sandrail. Challenge to Safeglo; engineer your products better.
  5. I bought a set of used 14" maverick beadlock wheels and as expected the bolt pattern matches my 2015 commander, 4x137 I believe. My question though, the center cap is not there and is larger than the stock commander wheel cap. Looking and a part breakout of the rear hub for a commander calls for wheel cap PN 705401541 where the maverick calls for PN 705400928 which seems to clip inside the hub. Has anyone any advice on how to cover this void or do I just leave the castle nut exposed? Thanks in advance! -AJ
  6. Just a note, Justin was a great to work with. Received 33-15 #2 in a matter of days, even though they were out of stock. No one would price match or come close to his price. I'd definitely recommend
  7. Thx guys.. I'll be there! (first time) in 14 years
  8. First solo ride and will be at GW... Be there Sat afternoon. JIK of issues, what PCI channel is will everyone be on?

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