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  1. Just in case anyone has friends in here looking for a Off Road Tear Drop here's my side job! :-]
  2. Do not do that. You should join. If my rig is more capable then yours all that means is WE have a rig to get you out if your stuck, that's all. If there is one thing in life I took from the many days and nights spent with my mentors it's about being a group. Sharing yesteryears knowledge with the newbie. Keeping the desert way of life alive and well. I was blessed to know some very big names in the sport whom were my family growing up. I find the biggest satisfaction in seeing others accomplish a trail or learn about their rig without damaging it. I leave nobody behind brother. Lead dog said it best. Meet here, we will assess the rigs and go from there. May be two lines of travel to get to the destination, but in the end we all meet up! Jeepers have an etiquette that is not found anywhere else. Well said!
  3. Ed Anger we try and get out often in the cooler months! Heres my other Rig that We build and sell! Lead Dog Motorsports
  4. Here's my Rig. I'd say 35" tires min & a Locker would Def Help! But I have a couple of straps so we can Drag you through. LOL!
  5. Hey i found it! Glamis Dunes .com WHAT? Not sure where this place is??? Must be a UNICORN location.... Anyway were meeting at Gold Mtn Trail Head at 8;30 - 9;00am Sat the 25th. Depending on Rigs that show up we'll determine where we go after that, I'd luv to get Rubs through John Bull also... We'll see!
  6. Dejong Peeps are OK! Pre Runner accident.
  7. I havn't been on here in Quite a while but this post made me laugh! The mentality of today"s Duner has sure changed! Not pointing at the author of this post but to be a Good Fast Duner your sure not looking at what's under your Hood Line to see your next move! It looks like (from the couch) it should have been easier to get this truck out! I guess it took the Jeep Guy to figure out that the car had to go down hill before it went up?? Just my $.02 which is worth nothing to you Glamis Duners.. Now back to my Departure>>>
  8. Grant, Wheres the pictures of the new ride?


    Now that"s a good looking L E B E C grant! I'm not saying much but if times were differant....I know what I might be dunning in ! High Side Big 5
  10. Just wishing all my old Glamis friends a Happy Turkey Day to all! I hope you and yours had a Great Dinner with your extended family and friends! The Clary's
  11. Pete thank you once again for showing us the show thru your lens! We appreciate your effort in making those of us that couldn't make it available to see! This is the fist year we havn't been able to go and I did miss it! i won't let that happen again!
  12. Here's a place to stay http://koa.com/where/ca/05195/ The owners are Sand People! You'll laugh your Arse off with these guy's!! There on the board as koa guy's call and make a reservation you'll talk to Briget. theres several people on this board that have made friends with the bailey's good people will go out of there way to make your visit fun! Randy
  13. Custom Boat Covers talk to Jonh or Michelle tell them you know LD! 928-505-1001
  14. Nice Build Sheet! I can't wat to see what they weigh loaded..

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