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  1. I drove by that Douglas site in Early December. Even from the road it looked like a grand project. That video with aerial views is awesome. That wall is massive and full of concrete. Lots of steel rolling in everyday.
  2. LRS is a great guy and fabricator. He is definitely a lot closer to you than I am.
  3. These vertical tubes are in the wrong place. They should be right on the pivot area. That could allow up and down movement. This gusset will help. We put a tube diagonally here to eliminate upward movement of the pivot tube.
  4. The gusset would be much more useful as pictured. It'll help support side movement of the tabs and still strengthen the pivot tube. A sleeve would be very highly suggested. I usually use 1 3/4" .120 wall 4130 split to sleeve 1 1/2" tube.
  5. I have a Dynasty 200 that I use for mobile repairs. It stays in the toyhauler usually. In the shop everyday use, I have a Dynasty 280 and love it. I built several cars with my air cooled 200 but since I got the 280 it's hard to go back especially for aluminum thick or thin.
  6. Sunday and Monday mornings from 6am-10am is our time to work on our own cars or projects. The last few weekends we have worked on the shop buggy trailer. It has been a very long term project. We are trying to get it done in the next week or two. It is an all aluminum 24ft deck over rated at 10400lb. It weighs @1800lbs it is 102" wide and fits 2 sandcars with paddles on. Itll have a 12k winch, 50 gallon fuel station and water tank.
  7. I would call CBR radiators in lake elsinore. He always comes thru and builds the best radiators in the business.
  8. The only thing that thing is good to build is maybe a planter. I could put 8 lil bonsai trees in it.
  9. Sorry not at this time. I will keep you in mind next time one comes up.
  10. We weld a plate to the side at a comfortable angle. I like to make sure it's far enough away from the clutch pedal.
  11. Cleaning and organizing the shop. It looked like a bomb went off after the thrash fest getting all the cars out for New Years weekend. Now start all over for the MLK rush.
  12. Not Walkers. Either BTR or Empi BTR copies.
  13. Opening day. 10am. 465 yards. It was pretty miserable out there. 35mph winds, raining, freezing cold. It started pouring as soon as I started gutting. The hike out was pretty brutal in the rain. It was definitely all worth it. Now back to work in my cozy 68 degree shop.

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