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  1. If you haven't seen this yet, it is a must see.
  2. That was definitely a cool project. It was very hard keeping it secret. Way too many lookers coming through the shop. I can't wait to see it all shiny and complete in person.
  3. We usually run both top and bottom -16an. -16 will flow plenty of water. We have the same setup on everything anywhere from naturally aspirated 402 to blown 415 on 100 degree days at Glamis with no overheating issues.
  4. Those are some good steady beads for somebody that just drank 2 Bangs. I'd be shaking like a dog passing a peach seed. BTW Sour Heads are my favorite.
  5. 8" fronts and 14" rears. ADS 2.125" Eibach springs.
  6. We did the beam to AArm conversion.
  7. Exactly. This car would be fun with a 3.0 Honda. It originally had a 2180 VW and it was a blast.
  8. Absolutely, getting answers and asking questions is the first step. Definitely "why" is much more important than "how" something works. When I decided to build my first car from scratch years ago, I picked the brains of a lot of successful fabricators. I did lots and lots of research. I then put all my information together and figured out the "why" certain things are done. I then built my first car. I crashed it a couple years after. I studied all the potential failures and fixed those designs before I built the next. The new car design is 100% better than the last in both safety and performance. Most of the time the majority do certain things the way they do because it's proven and it works.
  9. I think about that exact thing too. When people are planning on putting their family in these machines they build but can't figure out simple problems on their own. Worries me about some very important safety measures that are overlooked. Our builds have a priority list. Number 1 is always safety of occupants. Number 2 is safety of occupants. Then so on down the list, durability, performance, etc, fashion, glitter.
  10. I run a 9" stage 3. It is very smooth. 402 LS2.
  11. Listing car for a friend. Small 2 seat a arm car. Minus motor 002 transaxle with 930 cvs and axles 300m cages Tatum rack Boxed 3x3 trailing arms with disc brakes on rear Cutting brakes HID lights Nice Racetrim seats with crow belts UMP style filter system with piping for dual carbs CNC pedals $4000 with ADS coilovers with springs $2000 without shocks Call Shon 520-271-3442
  12. .063 5052 is what we mainly use. Rolled edges and bead rolls stiffen it drastically. Make sure it has enough mounting points.
  13. Thank you. Yes we did do the sheetmetal work in house. That little 2 seat mid engine is coming back soon to be completed. I am excited to get it out and drive it. It's gonna be a blast to dune. Thanks. They are AF cars. Arvizu Fabrication.
  14. About ready to tear this thing down for paint and powder.
  15. We use Kartek 300m axles on just about everything we build or replace. They are very high quality and we don't have any issues with them. They look like chrome when new, that finish will not last because it is just the polish.

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