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  1. Hondo

    How far is your commute for work?

    Depends on my job. Normally when I'm doing fab work, it's a very short walk from my bed to the shop. The only traffic I encounter is my blind dog cutting me off. When I'm doing fire suppression work, it can be 7000miles away. I've been as far as Guam so far.
  2. Hondo

    SCU Redline LS1 2D

    Just had an SCU like this in our shop. It was a turbo Honda car. We duned with him the week prior. They are really nice cars. They dune very good. They are built well. The geometry is all correct. The tube placement is all correct. It is definitely a nice smaller agile car. This seems like a lot of car for the money. 2" hollows, LS1, 2D.
  3. Hondo

    ISO ls headers , wheels , axles

    Where are you located? I have a customer that has some headers he may be selling. They are in Tucson.
  4. Hondo

    CNC Closed

    We have always used CNC in the past because of their quality product. We did switch to Wilwood for the past few builds because we liked the quality and looks better. I am glad we did now. Kind of strange how they decided not to sell. No customer loyalty there.
  5. Hondo

    Lets Talk Welding Helmets

    ESAB A-50 Sentinal. It is night and day more clear than any other helmet I have used. It is a bit heavy but the headgear is super comfortable. @$300. How much are your eyes worth?
  6. Hondo

    YXZ SS stainless exhaust

    This was a custom build. We can custom build any header configuration.
  7. Hondo

    YXZ SS stainless exhaust

    It's hard to say. We didn't put it on a dyno before and after. The owner of the car said it feels like it gets to RPM much faster. Just seat of the pants feel. It definitely breathes better and isn't obnoxiously loud.
  8. Hondo

    Shifter preference

    ProAm or Fortin none other.
  9. Hondo

    It's Saturday 4/6/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    In Glamis Taking advantage of the pristine sand.
  10. Hondo

    Carnage report 4/4

    We are at pad 5 until Monday if anybody needs help with anything
  11. Here is a new header system we just built. It is 1-3/4" primaries to 2-1/4" out back thru a Vibrant SS ultra quiet muffler. All 16ga with true merge collector. The sound has a much deeper tone.
  12. The problem with this type of extinguisher in our type of vehicle is the wind. Any gas only type agent will dilute very quickly with even a small amount of wind. The preferred type would leave a film of some kind of agent around to either keep the fire smothered or cooled. My preferred choice on a system is the AFFF type that dumps foam/water solution and leaves a very wet film and doesn't get affected by the wind.
  13. Hondo

    New 4 seat build

    Yes. That way when you pivot the tilt, it wont bind or change geometry of the shaft. It should pivot thru the joint.
  14. Hondo

    New 4 seat build

    On your tilt column, that ujoint centerline of pivot should line up with the pivot point on the tilt setup. Basically there should be a straight line thru the 2 bolts and the center of that ujoint.
  15. Hondo


    My favorite is the .210. The 185s are way too light for me. I still run a 250 in my personal car, it is a little stiff. All our new cars run the 210.

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