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  1. Hondo

    Intake tube

    Alper is correct. Most don't know what it takes or what good materials cost. We charge $500 for a twin tube not including filters. They are thick wall aluminum all TIG welded and mount to the heads. They have a 3/8" npt port for a temp sensor. This black one is the one that may be up for sale. Ot was used one trip and he is changing his intake now.
  2. Hondo

    Intake tube

    I may have one available in black or I can fabricate one.
  3. Opening day. 10am. 465 yards. It was pretty miserable out there. 35mph winds, raining, freezing cold. It started pouring as soon as I started gutting. The hike out was pretty brutal in the rain. It was definitely all worth it. Now back to work in my cozy 68 degree shop.
  4. As stated above. Natural air moving through the radiator is first. A radiator that is tilted dramatically will not get air through it. On a tilted radiator, the air moves across it like a wing not through it. Windshields typically cut lots if not all the natural air. A scoop of some sort will break the vacuum in the cabin and allow air through the sides to go through the radiator. Typically a windshield will cause the air to just spin in the cabin even causing it to go backwards at the radiator.
  5. I was just gonna message you to see if you got the stuff. Thanks. Glad you like it. I haven't tried a tank top on yet. lol
  6. Hondo

    Apex 10.8 x17

    I am interested if they can end up in Glamis next week or the week of Thanksgiving. I'm in Tucson.
  7. Now i just have to teach him to the tig.
  8. Yes pretty much. Same front bulkhead and arms except with a raised pivot tube and longer rear arms. Same wheelbase but 2 seater.
  9. Thank you. Your son sure does take nice pictures. He is a master at his trade.
  10. That exhaust is sick as __lls.
  11. Piston movement has zero roll in CG. They should all be balanced. Rotational mass maybe but not the direction of piston movement.
  12. We have a couple different designs that may be great LS duning machines. One is a little 105" mid engine LS2 HV-1 car. We are trying to get the balance right. We are shifting as much stuff low to get the CG low. Fore/aft balance is tough on the mid engines. The car will definitely have a good power to weight ratio to be quick and accelerate hard. We have the front geometry down to not require cutters for turning. Our big 5 seater can turn on a dime with no cutters it dunes in the tight RZR dunes and cuts super tight and fast without cutters or deceleration needed. Our second midengine car is a 129" bigger version with big power. It will also have the CG set as far down as possible. This one will have super long 48" rear arms. The rear pivot has been moved upward to try to eliminate some of the midengine bad habits. We will use saddle tanks set low and right at the fore/aft CG. The radiator will be as low as possible.
  13. That is where they spend most of their time, so it better be comfortable.
  14. I need to go Subaru now, so I can mount it on my stand on crank centerline instead of cam centerline. The LSX platform just sucks because I have to muscle it around my stand when I mount the heads.
  15. She is fast. I've seen it too. It is deceiving until you see it go.

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