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  1. I use 3/32 for most. I use that with either 3/32 or 1/16 filler. I really like the Furick FUPA #12 cups. The new Furick Jazz #10 cups work well too.
  2. With 6 piston rears and 4 piston fronts I use 3/4" front and either 7/8" or 1" rears with hanging balance bar pedals.
  3. If only rear brakes, definitely 4 piston.
  4. 4 piston on the front if you have 6 piston in the rear. It is definitely easier to balance the brakes if the fronts are smaller than the rears. Most rear engine cars dont need much front brakes. Big rear brakes are nice especially if cutters are used often.
  5. What belt line are you running? For F-body, I like the factory alt mount or the dirty dingo kit. Make sure you get the rear alt mount to stabilize it better
  6. I dont know who designed or installed that Hi-Ex system but it is not supposed to dump onto the aircraft at all. The system is supposed to cover the underside of the aircraft. Those Hi-Ex videos are cool to watch but they dont do it any justice. Watching a system dump into a huge hangar and fill it up 15 feet deep in 2-3 minutes is pretty cool.
  7. 4130 tube has mill scale on it that should be removed before welding. I'm not talking about hot rolled plate. All of our chassis are built using only 4130 tube and plate. We removed the scale until bright and shiny at weld area before welding. If we do use mild steel it is usually hot rolled p&o to remove scale.
  8. We rebuilt this header to fit tight onto a lil bro. We deleted the PS pump and went elec steering. This is the only picture I took.
  9. I have researched this. It sure would be nice not to have the mill scale to deal with. I also like the minimized HAZ. I'm gonna get a qoute next time I put in a big order of tube to compare cost.
  10. ^^^^This is a true statement. You move metal around enough, it's gonna break.
  11. We have done several of the hydramat installs. They were all cured of the partial tank starvation issues. That stuff is expensive but works amazing. We usually use a large mat that goes up the front and back of tank by at least 2 inches.
  12. The Empi boot and Bates boot are totally different types of rubber. I am in no way an Empi fan but the Bates tend to crack way before the Empi boot. The Empi boots last way longer. They do need to be trimmed to fit. The Empi is also half the price so lots of people assume the Bates is better. I usually stay far away from Empi products except for the 934 boot. This is by far our preferred rubber boot to use.
  13. Hondo

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    Marijuana is essential but providing for your family isn't.
  14. Hondo

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    Funny because that could be a "real" headline today and people would believe it.

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