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  1. DunaticSuzyQ

    Propane Rv Lp Connector

    Yes it's for the bbq... But the location behind the door makes for an awkward cooking location. We just used a Road Trip grill instead so we could roll it anywhere we want. :-)
  2. DunaticSuzyQ

    Rv Air Conditioner Quandry

    It opens for direct vent when on low only, but when on high it goes through ducts. I liked to "power cool" the main area on high so we would just stick something in the vent to keep it open. A/c works great in this.
  3. DunaticSuzyQ

    It's Saturday 8/8/15 ...what Are You Doing This Weekend?

    Pacific Beach YUP! YAY! Checking into a rental tomorrow am!
  4. DunaticSuzyQ

    It's Saturday 8/8/15 ...what Are You Doing This Weekend?

    Drove down to Carlsbad/San Diego for a little RnR and beach time!!! Cali crowd -- any recommendation for beach with a younger, fun, party vibe? Got a couple of 18 yo daughters with me looking for summer fun!
  5. DunaticSuzyQ

    Ford 6.0l

    Bullet proof and you have a strong reliable vehicle!
  6. DunaticSuzyQ

    Camping In Washes

    One more question about the washes . . . now that RAIN is forecasted for Saturday, do I have to worry about camping in a WASH?
  7. DunaticSuzyQ

    Camping In Washes

    Hey all! Usually we camp at Ogilby, but this year we are trying the Washes. We are coming from Las Vegas -- how do we exactly get to the washes (just over the railroad tracks, turn left?) and what do we need to know about them? Thanks for any information and insights you can offer. FYI - We have a 4wd pulling 34' toyhauler, a 4wd pulling a 25' toyhauler and a 35' moho pulling a trailer of toys. 2010 sucked, so we are excited for the first quarter of 2011 to include a great trip to Glamis!
  8. DunaticSuzyQ

    Transporting An Atv

    Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving and Duning to All!
  9. DunaticSuzyQ

    Transporting An Atv

    Does anyone transport their 4 stroke ATV upright on its rear end? We transport our 2 stroke this way, but wasn't sure if it is ok for 4 strokes too -- specifically a YFZ450. Thanks for any insights!
  10. DunaticSuzyQ

    Direct Tv Vs. Cable (cox)

    We used to have Cox for everything . . . then I forgot to mail the payment once. They turned off my internet, my phone and my TV. At that point I decided never to have all my eggs in one basket again regardless of the cost -- I was effectively cut off from the world. Thank God for cell phones so I could call my payment in. I kept the Cox cable -- but sure do hate paying $100/month to watch TV! Good luck.
  11. DunaticSuzyQ

    Easter Weekend - Busy?

    Hi -- Our group from Las Vegas (3-4 trailers, 30-40 year olds, plus kids in the 11-14 age range) is thinking of going to Glamis for Easter weekend (Wed - Sun). We usually go to Ogilby for Thanksgiving and Presidents Day, so Glamis for Easter will be a whole new game for us. Can anyone advise as to what we might expect? Crowds? Weather? Best place to camp? Vendors? Food? Any insights you can offer are appreciated! We ride quads and Rhinos mostly. Thanks!
  12. DunaticSuzyQ

    Polaris 250 Trailerblazer - Need Mods

    We used to have a 500 Scrambler and with an aftermarket clutch kit and it was very agressive . . . I'm just looking for something for a season or two for my daughter. She started on an Eton 50, then to the Scambler 90, then to the Odessey 350, and now at 12 years old I want her to get a feel for the dunes before she bumps upto shifting and, most likely, a Honda 400 EX or maybe she will just go to the Raptor or Banshee. I'm looking at a kit by Ritter Cycle Racing . . . Thanks!
  13. Well with dune season here, =D> we bought a 2006 Polaris 250 Trailerblazer for our daughter. Took it out last weekend to Dumont and it's a little weak in the dunes (hard pack and flats are fine.) Definately needs a mod and the only pipe I can find for it is a FMF Fatty. Has anyone done mods to their 250 to open this 2 stroke up? What jet would I need to use if I added the Fatty? Also, the manual says it has an "Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) which we should not attempt to modify" -- is the same as the TORS we weren't supposed to mod on a Banshee? We don't do usually do a lot of mods, want to keep 'em reliable, but we would like to see the bike do a little better. Any insights would be great -- I would hate to have to turn around and sell this bike in search of the 400 before Thanksgiving at Glamis! Thanks in advance.
  14. DunaticSuzyQ

    Removing Tire Marks

    Well - couldn't get the marks off the floor, but she's all clean and just about ready for the dunes. Thanks for the tips. And yes shame on me for only 1 trip last year . . . I'm going to definately try to make up for it this year. Went to the Sand Sport Show last weekend just get "in the mood". See ya!
  15. DunaticSuzyQ

    Removing Tire Marks

    Any tips on removing tire stains from the vinyl floor of the toyhauler? They are not new, looks like they have been there a while -- kind of a yellow stain. Just trying to do some pre-season cleaning to get ready . . . only got one trip in last year and I so can't wait to head out again. Thanks for any tips!

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