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  1. Yes it's for the bbq... But the location behind the door makes for an awkward cooking location. We just used a Road Trip grill instead so we could roll it anywhere we want. :-)
  2. It opens for direct vent when on low only, but when on high it goes through ducts. I liked to "power cool" the main area on high so we would just stick something in the vent to keep it open. A/c works great in this.
  3. Pacific Beach YUP! YAY! Checking into a rental tomorrow am!
  4. Drove down to Carlsbad/San Diego for a little RnR and beach time!!! Cali crowd -- any recommendation for beach with a younger, fun, party vibe? Got a couple of 18 yo daughters with me looking for summer fun!
  5. 14'7" to first cabinet. No wheel wells. My listing in for sale section has lots of pictures. Thanks.
  6. We are selling our 2006 Sandpiper Sport 32SP . . . we are thinking about a moho instead, but the more we talk about it, we may be happy with a smaller toyhauler. Any interest in a trade? Text/call me at (702)769-7470. Thanks!
  7. Bullet proof and you have a strong reliable vehicle!
  8. $29K with NEW Tires 6 of them Will pull anything you have, 98 monaco 6 speed allison no slides 325 HP Cummins Any interior pics?
  9. I'm not comfortable doing the truck trailer by myself. Moho is only for my ability to keep on duning even when hubby doesn't join in. Thanks!
  10. Looks promising. ... But I don't want the ex. Interested in a possible trade + ?
  11. I want to get the moho for me so I can still go when grumpy pants can't go because he has to work or doesn't want to! I guess I can just start bunking with you guys . . .
  12. Beautiful, but out of my price range. :-) GLWTS
  13. Well after many years and several toyhaulers, we are making the switch to a moho. We are selling a 2006 Forest River Sandpiper 32sp fifth wheel, but don't know which brands of moho to love and which to avoid. Looking for used and would like to sleep at least six (in case the teen decides to keep joining us and bring friends), but don't want anything too big. Will still want to be able to tow a trailer full of toys for the dune trips 3-4 times a season, but want to be nimble enough for all the other trips we didn't want to haul the fifth wheel out for. So what do you think? All enlightenment welcome!
  14. Actually, I had just filled the tank . . . hmmm. Maybe that is it. I hope.

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