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  1. I just flipped mine last weekend. I left my trailer hooked to my truck for added safety. Make sure you use lots of jack stands to support the trailer, you don't want anything to happen when your under there.
  2. How well does the slipplate work? How often do you have to put it on? I like my superglide but would like to find a way to get rid the the grease mess.
  3. We just upgraded from a our 30' TH tag to a WW 5er. I was shocked at how well it towed compared to the tag.
  4. Thanks thats what i thought. just wanted to get someone elses 2 cents
  5. I woundering the whole class A thing. I am looking to buy a new trailer. I am looking at getting a 33' eclipse 5th wheel. It has 3 axles. It has a GVRW of 15000#'s. I know that I would be good on the #'s but what about axles? I have heard if you have 3 axles you need your class A? Is this true? Are they only concernd with weight or do they take note of axles?

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