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  1. crc1racn

    Kasea Ks 125

    I am looking for a carb for a 2000 kasea ks 125 4 stroke quad, if you can help please email me at crc1@cox.net
  2. crc1racn

    Truck Pictures

    [attachmen =206610:new_fab_071.jpg]Heres some of Nick Baldwins CRC built F150
  3. crc1racn

    Yfz 450

    It turns out that I put the outer seal in backwards, the bike still had stock antifreze in it when the problem first arrised so I cant really tell what caused it to start leaking. I appreciate your help thanks again.
  4. crc1racn

    Yfz 450

    I have replaced the inner and outer seal and the damn thing is still bypassing water through the relief hole, should I be replacing the impeller shaft to? Any help would be appreciated.

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