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  1. Way worth it. I did it to a gasser bunk bed Itasca and that thing hauled ass. I drove it back to SD from LA since I had Banks do the install and it was damn near “sporty” with the tune set to max and nobody in it with no trailer. Definitely recommend.
  2. All aluminum, no glass. Curt Beam at CRB alumifab. Ridiculous amounts of sanding and tig welding.
  3. This El Cajon Powdercoat color is called BKO Sparkle. I believe it is exactly 50/50 white and black with silver sparkle mixed into it. Always looks good when it's clean. A little darker than gun metal.
  4. Goodyear MTRs I have 4 seasons on them with no issues. Very tough.

    Cbm 415

    I'm running a Twin Turbo CBM 425 Stroker LS3 on race gas at 22 PSI. Horsepower is a lot. 40 inch Goodyear MTRs started slipping on the dyno rollers. They let go around 830 hp at the tires. Kinda spooky. Bruce and Chris are cool guys.
  6. 2.5 Subi with a 2D is a good combo. Kennedy Stage 4 double disk clutch is a good idea. 18 PSI on the turbo. No intercooler. No problems. Very fun.
  7. I lost my sister to brain cancer when she was 42. F@#k Cancer is right. Fight the good fight man and prayers sent. 22 year olds pretty strong and my money is on her beating this and getting back to makin babies. We are pulling for you.
  8. I was enjoying those pics of some bad ass jumps then the giant Mexican flag on the Rhino brought me down. Nice air time.
  9. Gave up on Turn Key. CBM all the way now. Cheap, nice, fast, way way more power. Video of just one of about 20 pulls on a new motor. Took it to the dunes totally confident it was going to run right and make a crap load of power. Engine still has a poorly developed and very suspect Turn Key wiring harness I need to replace.
  10. JTBONE


    Lets see some more of this car!! Old video. Need to make a new one for the new CBM motor. Need to get one of those Go Pro HD cameras.
  11. Any time I have ever heard clicking the CV cage was cracked. Check that your limit straps have not stretched to the point of letting the CV bind.
  12. JTBONE


    Bruce and Chris hooked me up with a 425 cubic inch stroker, twin turbo LS3. With Chris doing the tuning late into the night, the horsepower numbers kept getting smaller and smaller. I asked what the hell? Well, when the turbos hit 22 psi the tires started slipping really bad on the dyno rollers. They got really hot, smelly and greasy. Totally awesome. Horsepower and torque numbers started in the 900's at the tires and dropped into the 600's at 7,000 rpm and the computer tune was getting really good. No way of knowing what its really putting out but it is well north of 1K at the tires now. Car is flat out scary to drive on high boost in the deseert but I love it. My wife called the new CBM motor "violent". All this at a great price and service with a smile. Good job CBM. I would recommend these guys for any engine work. The phone call about the Rolex doesn't surprise me. Good people.
  13. http://order.waytekwire.com/products2/M50/...d%20Connectors/ www.Waytek.com Website is kind of a pain but they have everything and are the cheapest I have found. Download the catalog and look through the pages for part numbers. I have found a lot of stuff I didn't know I need until I saw everything they had. They have nice high amp relays and battery isolators.
  14. <------------- Will be looking for it. Glad you had video footage. Keep checking craigslist.
  15. Mmmmm...... Hookers and Blow. That sounds nice. Lol.

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