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  1. Thank you! We dream of days like that for sure! When the snow isn’t so deep it’s not as quiet. I’ve since sold that sled and had another on order… but with all the troubles getting parts it isn’t going to show up this season. 👎 If you hit just about any spot from the Us border down to central Utah you can get into snow like that. Of course being there right after a storm gets you the good stuff.
  2. Pfft pics or it didn’t happen…🤣🤷‍♂️
  3. Yamaha Viper. 162” track. Evolution turbo. In this video I’m running about 12 lbs on pump gas. So about 220 hp. She was built to handle about 280.
  4. Thank you, Northern Utah. 🤙
  5. Some days in the snow are better than others… this is when it’s better..
  6. I am not from that area so I apologize. I am however a home builder and spoke with a gentlemen from Prescott at length that was also a builder during our New Years trip to Glamis. He builds smaller homes 1500-2000 sq ft, and has averaged about 285-300 a square foot this last year. We are north of 300 a foot for upper end homes up this way.
  7. It truly is very difficult to get all air to be displaced through a blow off when you are pushing quite a bit of pressure through the intake. Really the goal is to stop turbo stall. Most system slow the turbo but don’t stall them… this air goes back out the way it come. That being said it is something you can work on and try to get better. Realistically you will not likely feel any difference in power or response though. These cars are too heavy and our feet too slow to realize the loss of response from a slight slow down of turbo speed..
  8. If your blow off valve(s) aren’t sized properly than at every chop of the throttle some forced air will push back through the turbo. It will coat the pre filter with the oil residue from the filter. Even some properly sized yet not sprung correctly blow off valves will do this. Hell on my sleds I prefer it so I can blow the snow off the pre filter to get good air with just a quick chop of the throttle.. Nothing really to worry about.
  9. When it gets deeper than this the little blue tractor gets put away for my old gal. Not uncommon to have 15-20’ snow piles.. in the other picture I get to look at a ski resort while I freeze working in it.. ok so not cool but still snow related.. Ive been a snowmobiler for all my adult life… just having a hard time enjoying it as I get older and would rather be warm..
  10. Congrats Tony, car looks fantastic!! I hope to see it out next week rippin! 🙌😎🤙
  11. I told you! 😁😁 Im happy you enjoyed driving it. So much less fatigue driving these! Itll be the same with the stacker but you’ll sh!t over how much better it moves the weight also! Enjoy!
  12. Yesir. 330 hp c7 discovery. Barely could pull my stacker. I can do 80+ comfortably now if I want. Crazy and amazing difference! my Revolution is a 13 on Freightliners Xc Chassis. Amazing! Car has been strong! I’ve put it through it’s paces all year and three different state dunes and she’s all I could have asked for! Losing the transmission early on aside, it’s been a great ride.
  13. NIGHT AND DAY Difference. I made the Exact same upgrade and its a different world! Beautiful coach you will love it!
  14. Got there Wednesday through Saturday. Place was packed everywhere. Dunes were very good most everywhere though since the wind blew. Closer we got to olds and vendors the more people we seen. Camped on Gecko. Drags were off the hook busy! Olds was packed almost all the time. one trip to vendors was enough as holy hell there was people everywhere! Dunes towards swingset were great! Did a border wall run Saturday and there are rzr ruts down much of it now. Gordons Well was packed! Seen some poor folks rig go up in flames on turkey day.. It was a great time as always, but the busiest I’ve seen so far. Didnt take many pics..
  15. Ok, this may be better to watch than the whole Speed debacle…. Ok maybe not but close! 🤣🤣 Hopefully there are more pictures and video to come! 😈

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