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  1. Fully understand that. Finding the right layout, in a used coach that isn't destroyed and the chassis has been maintained is a daunting task! But worth it when you find the right one.
  2. Berskshire isnt known for a quality build. You should be able to find a nice quality built coach for your price range, but you may be looking at 2011-16 years. The Fleetwood Discovery is a great price point coach. In my opinion. And I owned one.
  3. Awesome, I hope to see it! Congrats again!
  4. Congrats man! I bet that wait felt like forever?! So you’ll have it for Christmas-new years?!
  5. I have no dog in this fight but I’d personally like to thank Robby and Speed just for this thread! One of the best threads I’ve read on glamis dunes for a while! 🙏🙏😅
  6. It can be really good, and really bad. We have been there for memorial day weekend when it is in the 80's and pleasant. But also been there the same timeframe and its below freezing at night and 40's in the daytime. Memorial weekend is still usually the first big weekend there. Again its just hit or miss in the spring. Idaho dunes has a strict policy. 10 pm no music. 12 pm no nothing. They will warn you and then boot you. So it makes for good sleeps!
  7. Early season is best but you run the risk of bad weather. July through August will be hot and the lighting is bad for day rides. June/September are the best months for weather. If you go when it is hot just mix in some river floats, visit bear world, Mesa falls, Island park, Yellowstone etc. Do early and late rides in the dunes. Bring more gas than you think, or a vehicle to get to town to buy more. I can burn a 55 gallon drum in 3 days there. Link up with folks that know the dunes if you want to get real good rides in. Tony and Mike at Idaho Dunes can either lead you or put you with one of us that are there regularly. Sand hills is by far the best campground, but it is so far out of the good dunes most regulars dont stay there. But if you are vacationing for a week or two I would consider it. I stay at Idaho dunes exclusively. Not far from the big dunes, has a nice creek and is quiet. If you want to be right next to the big dunes then Egin is the place to be. Not sure if they have full hookups though. This all being said Idaho dunes suck, pass it on... Its no longer a secret and the dunes get wrecked quick..
  8. Here’s my guess.. Gen 4 and up same car midrail down with a few exceptions. Gen 6 96” wide aluminum body. gtx same 96” wide fiberglass body. gtu 102 wide, 3.5 shocks in the rear fiberglass body. f9 same 102, 3.5, fiberglass body is different, top of the line everything no exceptions. Howd I do do Grant?!
  9. State Farm in Az, if you have an Az address you can use. Mine was 2600 for 180k coverage if memory serves me right.
  10. I’ve done the same and the highest I’ve seen is 110. That’s in Utah on the big hill but those runs arent long. ** I changed this when I realized I did this in Utah and not Idaho dunes. I will try and remember to do it in Idaho see what happens.** Op, get the gear drive pump and wire it how you seem fit. It will help and hopefully give you much longer rebuild intervals with your trans.
  11. I very well could have a bad sensor then. It’s all new but it’s never shown it’s got hot.
  12. I absolutely see where you are coming from. And that may be the case. I do listen for my pump on cold startups but who knows how long I’ll do that before forgetting.. When I spoke with Sean at Weddle about this, he was uncertain if even at 150 the pump would turn on for most duners. Beings most rides are short between stops they likely won’t get all that hot. In fact I have a trans temp gauge on my display and have yet to see 150 from my trans. And I was just in Idaho last week for the races in 85 degree weather and long dune runs.. so that tells me that most people that have that switch never have the pump come on, unless they are running for long periods of time, say the duners diner run.. Again I think the switch is the best thing. However 150 is too high. Make it 100 and I’d be on board.
  13. Correct. But a $400 pump cost much less than a trans rebuild, as I know you are aware. 😬 By having it come on with the ignition it’s fool proof. No forgetting to turn it on and most of the time they never get warm enough to turn on with a 150 degree temp switch. I can pay for 20 pumps for what my trans cost to fix.. 🤦‍♂️
  14. I just added the weddle pump to my trans when it got rebuilt. Everyone I spoke to with high horsepower cars has the pump turn on with the ignition. That is how I did mine as well. It’s noisy when it’s cold but I can’t hear it over the fuel pump once it warms up, and I know it’s pumping lube at all times.

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