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  1. Agreed. That permanent Cali plate is enticing though! Here I’ve got to re register it every year. All my commercial trailers are licensed in Idaho as they do a perm commercial plate. I wish we could do that with personal like California!
  2. Menifee. No it will be sold as an out of state sale with just an mso.
  3. This is all I’ve got that’s new. They are pretty much at a stand still now waiting on the lift and awning. They both should show up next week. if all goes well I will be heading down to Cali the following weekend for pickup. 🤞 If so it will have taken about 10 weeks from deposit to pickup. Hopefully the quality looks as good as the pictures. Time will tell.
  4. I fully understand leadership. I get what you are saying. The original comment I responded to said we should basically tuck tail and run. That’s a cowards way out and not one shared by any servicemen that I know. Regardless I understand many of your disdain for the current administration and lack of leadership. I personally hold our servicemen to a higher level of respect than some perhaps. Living near one of the largest Air Force bases, most of my friends, customers and or family are either active military, retired, customers of mine or work on base. I have a customer that flew his f35 last week over to Europe to back NATO forces… I’m certain his family would rather he be home. As would I. This isn’t a war we should be involved in, in my opinion.
  5. Oh hell, probably not as excited as you are for your home. But yes pretty dang excited!
  6. Thats a good opinion. But one not shared with most current servicemen in the fact they serve their country first. Who was elected president makes no difference if the actual military is weak or strong. I assure you they are as strong as ever and ready when needed.
  7. Thank you for Service Mac! What would lead you to believe the most highly funded, most technologically advanced and highest staffed military is weak?
  8. This may be the dumbest thing I have read and may the lord have mercy on your soul. If you think our military is weaker, you’re either ignorant or a fool. We are part of a great collaborative. We don’t make the calls singular. They are made as a collective. Our boys shouldn’t see that soil. We are doing exactly what we should be. Ukraine had plenty of time to join NATO and chose otherwise. If anyone should be backing them, it’s their neighbors. Keep our kids off that soil.
  9. Got a few more goodies installed. Winch for brining in cars is mounted. Ladder is mounted and the access is trimmed out. Sink is in and plumbed. And the trailer looks mighty sexy if I don’t say so myself!
  10. Interesting, thank you! Ill have to revisit it when I get the trailer!
  11. They got the led lights swapped out with black bezels, looks lots better! They got the rear taillights installed as well as the back door coin flooring installed and the winch operating. If parts show up this should be ready shortly!
  12. Thank you, where did you put your reel? How many feet of hose? As mentioned I had a quick disconnect on my last trailer and didn’t mind it. But think the idea of a reel sounds good!
  13. Interior work being done. Lower 36” of walls getting plywood and carpet. Cabinets being built. Coin floor down. I told them to plan a simple stereo with a sub as I like some tunes but don’t need my neighbors to hear.. from the looks of the amps in the first picture they took it a little more serious lol.. Still waiting on the lift to show up.. Super happy with the progress and how it’s coming together though! This is about week 7 since deposit.. 😳
  14. A few updated exterior photos. Exterior trim is all installed. Looks like the fuel station is done as well. I can’t tell from the pics how it’s setup but it is done off a quick disconnect. I had this on my last trailer as well and didn’t mind it. But I may modify it into a reel just inside the door. But I’ve got to get my cars loaded first to see if I have clearance.
  15. I’m sorry for the delay I’ve been in glamis all week. Same hose.. but it will be interesting to see what they come up with to make it work. I have a feeling I’ll be modifying it to fit my needs.. Not worried at all. Just this week I was saying to myself how I wished I had that sink while I was barbecuing and had messy hands.

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