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  1. Dang that’s a lot of options lol! Living by the ocean has its percs I guess!
  2. What are you mostly fishing for? Those look like some big reels!
  3. Damn that’s some cats!! When I was a boy we did a lot of cat fishing. I can’t say I’ve caught a good one in over 30 years…
  4. Sounds like a great time! Looks like a center console?
  5. I mostly quit for years as well. Then my boy got old enough to enjoy it and I jumped back in. Sure enjoy the relaxing nature of it nowadays.
  6. Incredible setup! Do you run a charter?
  7. Beautiful boat and family! Mostly ocean fishing?
  8. Looks nice! I’d love to fish both the ocean and Alaska one day!
  9. Any other fisherman in here? I typically do cold freshwater for trout and Kokanee salmon, but live minutes away from an warm water lake. Hit some bass and this pig of a tiger Muskie this morning! Also a couple pics of my setup and some Kokanee and lake trout we caught last weekend. let’s see your setups and what you favorite fish are to catch!
  10. Well the trans showed up a week or so ago while I was away fishing, but I got some time last night to un wrap it and get it ready to install. Weddle did a great job of wrapping it and protecting it. had a couple buddies come up this morning and after a few hours we were back together and running! Excited to get it back on the sand in a couple weeks! Oh and the car got some new nikes for the street. My neighbors are going to love me! 🤣🤣 IMG_5321.MOV
  11. I do want to make sure everyone understands that this transaxle come from Albins, distributed through Weddle. I in no way hold them responsible for the failure. They didnt build it. They are however the only ones that can warranty anything through Ablins and therefore are brought to the firing range. I appreciate Sean spending all the time he has here, on the phone and email trying to make this right. unfortunately for me there are factors out of everyone's control. I did just get a text from another builder (THANK YOU!) that had the pictures of my gears looked at by his trans
  12. Well my engine was tuned on an engine dyno first as well.... I dont think you have much to worry about from the dyno.. but 350 on a 002 is alot! Be gentle to second gear, she lets go with much less power than that... been there.

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