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  1. Season 3 of Ozark on Netflix is here today. Great series.
  2. I guess all those twisters took their toll on her.
  3. Wow what happened to Helen Hunts chin? She looks really bad, not that she was ever on my island. Movie was OK, once you figured out WTF was going on it got better.
  4. Beer and a cute hoe, with that you can get anything you need in the desert.
  5. I have a friend that's been a State Farm agent for >20 years, he told me to stay away from them.
  6. I need to get this done as well, mind posting what it costs?
  7. Don't eat a lot of Mexican food the night before.
  8. Do you flush to change gears? How many rolls of paper does it get per mile? If a man drives it and forgets to raise the lid, does he get in trouble? When you drive it, do you leave a "log" of where you went? Is it OK if it keeps running? Were you flushed when you finished the job?
  9. Looks like my dash, Ford V10? What year?
  10. Just watched "The Sinner" with Jessica Biel, turned out to be pretty good. Will watch season 2. "You" is pretty good too, dark and creepy....season 2 was really good
  11. I bought new housings from Headlightsdepot, and LED bulbs from Amazon. Not a sealed beam replacement. I did my homework and tried to learn what makes headlights work properly. The position of the light source is key to making the projector work properly.
  12. Well I installed my new headlight housings (https://www.headlightsdepot.com) and LED's into my motorhome today. The new housings were an exact replacement from the original, really good quality. I tested the housing with the stock bulb to see the output and light pattern at 25'. I swapped to the LED bulb and wow what a big improvement in light output. It's much brighter and the whiter light illuminates much more down the road. The light pattern is EXACTLY the same as the stock setup, it has a sharp horizontal line with a brighter section in the center, focused and clean. I'm going to adjust the drivers side so it throws light just below what I would estimate an on-comings car side mirror height would be. Overall, an amazing upgrade from stock, I totally would recommend an LED upgrade when done right. Those of you that are Poo Pooing LED headlights, I get that they suck when they are at 7500K and throw light everywhere into the oncoming cars. When they are a good bulb that have the light source in the right position and maintain the light pattern from the housing, they crush a halogen bulb. Really happy, <$100 but looks 1000X better.
  13. I just bought these https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07JG68BB6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 These Individual LED bulbs are much brighter than the Sylvania Silverstars in there now, I powered them up with a battery charger to test them. I watched the headlightrevolution videos about the LED placement mimicking the placement of the 9007 bulb filament to keep the beam pattern the same. We'll see.... These are for my motorhome (F53), I also bought new headlight housings with new lens, they arrived today for installation this weekend. My headlights are so bad I was scared I'd run off the road from no light. Horrible. I'll post up after I get them installed and aligned.
  14. Was looking for a used one, $1,200 is out of my budget.
  15. Anyone have one of the Outfront trapezoidal Intercoolers or something similar, the one with inlet and outlet on the same side?

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