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  1. Don't you love when a deal just fall's into your lap? Last weekend I blew the dust off my manx and gave her a ride through the neighborhood. I decided to give the motor a good look over and on inspection noticed my turbo is starting to get a little loose in the bearings. Last year I did use some oil and was wondering where it was going, now I know. There is some oil in the intake track right after the turbo. Well, I had been thinking of changing the turbo to something more responsive anyway, so I did a search on a thread I started a while back and saw that a Garrett GT28RS would be a good match. (Thanks Rockford....btw, loved your files.) SO while surfing Craigslist for guitar stuff, I did a random search on "turbo" and what pop's up? ATP Turbo kit for Huyndai. I do a little detective work and see that the kit has a 350 HP intercooler, all the piping and clamps, a GT28RS, and all the fittings to do the install. It's at ATP turbo for ~$1,700, and he's listed it at $800. I call the guy and he say's he does apartment cleanup for a contractor and saw the boxes unopened, after asking permission he was given them. Knowing I will have to do some fab work, I offer $500 cash, after some haggling he accepts. The complete kit is now in my garage. It's all brand new, I got to open the sealed bags from ATP turbo. I will have to change the exhaust housing to a T3, but I figure I can sell the intercooler and piping and get more than what the housing costs. Not a bad deal, the turbo is near a grand alone. What's your good deal?
  2. We need that stuff they gave Malcom McDowell in clockwork orange, then arm people with super soakers and drive down the street spraying these people. Soapy water would probably be almost as effective.
  3. Don't take this the wrong way, but......
  4. Blue Balls - you get them waiting for a weekend in Glamis.
  5. Guess I'm not the only one..... 😜
  6. All are a bunch of pussyhats.
  7. I run an Escort detector and it's saved my butt so many times.... My son in law uses Mr. Ticket a lot (Ducate Bike)........he has yet to pay a speeding ticket. Nuff said.
  8. Anyone try the 5 Star tune on their V10?
  9. If you lock your keys in your car at an abortion clinic, is it appropriate to go inside and ask for a coat hanger? (Thought this thread needed a little humor)
  10. Buy a Manx and you don't have these problems.
  11. Be careful which unit you buy, I accidentally got the Nascar kit and it wouldn't turn right.
  12. Quick! Give him a rifle and some GI-Joes!!!!
  13. Search for the thread in parts called affordable electric power steering, that guy was really responsive and had a great price.

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