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  1. All are a bunch of pussyhats.
  2. I run an Escort detector and it's saved my butt so many times.... My son in law uses Mr. Ticket a lot (Ducate Bike)........he has yet to pay a speeding ticket. Nuff said.
  3. Anyone try the 5 Star tune on their V10?
  4. If you lock your keys in your car at an abortion clinic, is it appropriate to go inside and ask for a coat hanger? (Thought this thread needed a little humor)
  5. Buy a Manx and you don't have these problems.
  6. Be careful which unit you buy, I accidentally got the Nascar kit and it wouldn't turn right.
  7. Quick! Give him a rifle and some GI-Joes!!!!
  8. Search for the thread in parts called affordable electric power steering, that guy was really responsive and had a great price.
  9. I had a Charlyn and switched to Electric last year. I didn't like how a Charlyn is "darty" meaning it's not happy in the center, it's always trying to turn. Then you have the long hoses, hot oil, seeping fittings, belt issues, etc. Electric is awesome. I bought the kit with the adjustable assist and I can dial in how easy I want it to turn. To me feedback is worlds better than a Charlyn that essentially gives you nothing back. If you stall your car or just want to move it in the garage, you can easily turn the tires with the engine off. I sold my old Charlyn on GD and it more than paid for the electric setup. The kits available have mostly everything, you just need to figure out what U-Joints you need for your car. I agree that it's probably sketchy on a larger car, but you have to think about almost every new car coming out using electric, has to be reliable and safe. I bought my kit from a GD vendor, and there's another guy in Ramona that has everything. E-Powersteering I think.
  10. Do some home research first, you might be able to save money with this simple Home Breast enlargement process: #1 - Tell wife to start rubbing wads of toilet paper between her current boobs #2 - When she asks WTF is that going to do? #3 - Reply, not sure, but look what it did to your ass. #4 - Duck.
  11. Hope you paid extra for the grease zerk fittings on the new hips! Waiting on the "Summer modifications to move my seats back cause I'm taller now" thread. Best wishes.
  12. Will be nice to pick up a low mileage C7 during the fire sale.
  13. Same thing with the Kenwood radio, one resistor opens up the frequency range. Was kind of a rhetorical question, but yeah I agree. How many people do you know with a swr meter that actually tune the antenna? I don't see how the ICOM is popular, it does nothing extra for the average user, but the interface is so restrictive. If PCI only supports ICOM, then shame on them. The cables between radio and intercom is just mic keying and audio, not hard to support multiple radio/intercom combinations.

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