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  1. Now we know where the Long Beach oil spill came from 😝
  2. Here is my portfolio from the "hit it" thread. Please let me know if you need any help. If you need references please contact @Rockwood
  3. I have a Speed SxS..........Here is my trail
  4. Happy Birthday my man! Cheers!
  5. He said it in the show last night. He said it more casually, not as a statement. Maybe a Freudian slip?
  6. Today RG said production will start Dec/Jan.
  7. I was looking at the Allegro Open Road and the prices are all over the place. Well high and higher :). 2015s range from 80k to 120k all in the same mileage. Guess next is try and guess what I can sell my current Class C for. @HEADINJURY what is a 2006 Coachman Freelander 32' with the SuperSlide on 450 chassis with V10 and 24k miles go for?
  8. How new are they? What model year RV's are they in? I haven't seen any of them.
  9. Sorry buddy. It's brutal to lose a good dog. I had to put down both of my black labs in the last 3 months.
  10. On RVtrader there is a 2014 Tiffen Open Road 31SA (33') with a V10 ($95k). All my Class C's have had the V10. Not a bad motor, I have never had any problems with mine. But the Class C was limited on towing. How does the V10 tow in a larger Class A? I know there are a ton of them out there.
  11. I don't mind doing my own maintenance. Especially if I'm retired and nothing to do. For Example I saw a 2013 Thor Tuscany XTE 360HP super clean for 118k. It seems like a nice coach from the pictures. Modern and clean with Allison 6 speed. We are talking about driving across the country but that would be a few years from now.
  12. We am planning on retiring soon and the kids are getting older and don't go out with us as much anymore. We have a 32' Coachman Freelander Class C. It has been a great motorhome for us. We only go from San Diego to the desert and beach. But we are hopefully planning on doing some longer trips as we have more time coming up. The Class C is paid for and has no issues. The Class C was great for with all the kids. I think if we are going to drive further and tow a truck behind us, we might need a bigger rig. Not necessarily longer (I need to double check our RV parking spot) but bigger. Bigger tires, holding tanks, motor, brakes, refrigerator, etc. I know everything starts with "what's your budget". We are just starting to talk about it so I would guess around 100k. I have never driven anything with air brakes but I can't imagine it is hard to learn. We would be towing a full size truck (raptor) or the new Bronco :). Maybe even towing a Speed SxS in 2025. Right now my boxes to check are: Gas Vs Diesel - I think I want a diesel because that's what the pro RV'er have but I'm not opposed to a gasser. I think we are limited to 32'-36' due to storage. I need to confirm I would like basement storage and outside TV. We are not TV people now but I think if we were out for months at a time it would be cool to watch a sports event outside. Towing 5-7k or more??? Room for a couple kids if they decide to go. Larger fridge. Any tips, advise or good makes/models to look at?

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