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  1. Anything in Mission Valley will be your best best. Stay away from anything south of Downtown. If you want to go big, stay in Mission Beach, Mission Bay (crown point), shelter island or anywhere on the water. Although the beach will suck if you have a trailer. Shelter Island has some nice hotels with bigger parking lots due to boat traffic. BTW, there is not such thing as "cheap hotel" in San Diego. Maybe if you go to El Cajon or Lakeside. Then you can pay one of the 'lot lizards" to watch your trailer. LOL
  2. Not sure if this applies to your situation but I just went AAA to transfer title (Texas to CA) on a 2018 Raptor and they wanted it weighted on a certified scale. The lady at AAA gave me a list of places who do it.
  3. We have the same nets under our eves. There is a brown bird and bright yellow bird that hangout on our yard. They are a little smaller than a dove and have long tail feathers. They must learn to fly quick because I have never seen on on the concrete below.
  4. Good thing I go for 9's. 10's are high maintenance.
  5. Yes they have. Robbie is living in Asia now. He showed it and talked about it. Why do you think it has been silent around Speed?? RG is gone with my/our money living like a king in Malaysia. I heard there are hot chicks there. Just watch out for the adams apple.
  6. I am re-living my General Dynamics days via your for sale ads. I have boxes of all the same tools your selling. I haven't used them in years but just can't let them go. LOL
  7. I have bought older cars before, be cautious of a lot of maintenance. Brakes, shocks, wiring, fluids, if it has a fuel cell- old foam, CV's Ect. I would plan on going through the car 100% or you are likely going to have a lot of gremlins.
  8. Those are the cartridge's. Mine has a tube they drop in and when the pump is on, it swirls water through the tube/cartridge's.
  9. No, they are tubes and have slot to drop them in. One cartridge is bromine and the other is all the other good chemicals. I change the bromine about once a month and the other around every 6 months.
  10. Get as big of one as you can. They get tight quick. Nothing worst than touching toes with you buddies. I have a Caldera. I bought it used and it has worked good. I have had to change both pumps but it is 15+ years old. It has the Frog chemical cartridge's. They cost a little more than adding your own chemicals but they regulate the bromine good. I do very little maintenance to ours and we use it 4-5 times a week.
  11. But my drag car has presta valves???
  12. Well it is summer........and you posted pictures. You get a thumbs up
  13. We have been thinking of buying a house in LHC and renting (short term) for a couple years until we can go out there for longer periods of time. Really renting just enough to cover the costs. We are trying to make a living off of it. Does anyone know any property managers out there? Does anyone have a short term rental that might be able to give some advise? My buddy just bought a house and is doing great renting it but He is buddies with the next door neighbor so he as a person always available to help.
  14. no takers?? it is going in the trash.
  15. Anyone want an older Craftsman router? I think the switch is bad. It used to work and now doesn't but the switch was suspect before. I hate throwing old tools away. Probably a easy fix. FREE. I'm in Poway come pick it up.

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