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  1. Mine was stripped down too. Garage Tuning did the original tune to remove all the sensors/smog. I had the same sensors as you but also had a Mass Airflow in the throttle body. This had to stay for the drive by wire.
  2. Mine was STi and same boost. I ran 91 pump gas. I was running the stock ECU because it had drive by wire.
  3. To me the "HP at the crank" numbers are BS. So Joe Blow has a dyno pull and it puts down 280, shows on the graph. But then he claims "350 HP" because it's more at the crank. How does he know what the number really is?? He doesn't. I've heard 20% loss, 30% loss through the drivetrain. Even that is a guess. I had a 2.5 (full) STi motor, on pump gas, that put down 411HP at the wheels. I had a dyno sheet to prove it. But I know there is no F@%&ing way that motor was truly 411 HP. That same motor would be in the high 200's/low 300's on Johns dyno. That's a 25% variance. So even a dyno sheet isn't always the truth. Now go drive the car......smash the gas pedal.........the smile on your face is the real proof 🙂
  4. What is a "Bi Green Egg"? half pellet half charcoal??
  5. Tranworks in El Cajon does good work. People seem to love or hate them. I have had nothing but good luck with all my 091's from Eric. Rancho or McDowell are solid too.
  6. Make sure you check on the passes. We were there a few months ago and the online passes sold out in seconds.
  7. Yeah that would be great! I'll PM you my info.
  8. So did you do your own pool? I am not opposed to running the project but I need someone with experience to help design/submit it.
  9. We are finishing up the house remodel and the backyard is next. I'll be following this.
  10. I was hoping to find something that fit good and looked right (without custom made). Maybe the popup trailer will be the best.
  11. I leave my 18' Carson carhauler trailer on my side yard. I wanted to cover it but a tarp looks a little ghetto. I did a quick search last night for an RV type cover for a flat trailer. I didn't have any luck. The closest I could find was a popup trailer cover. Does anyone have or know where to buy a cover for a flatbed car trailer?
  12. So any recommendations for pool companies in San Diego area? #comeonbitcoin
  13. So how about the difference in a regular pool a salt water pool??
  14. I know now it not the time to buy anything. I am just trying to figure out what the cost is. It seems like anything I want to do to the backyard is 100k. I would think, start it in spring so that is is ready in summer. But that is probably what everyone else is doing.

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