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  1. Thanks bud, I guess I am excited to move onto the next. Once we made the decision to move on to something else, its hard to be patient. I watched your sale ad for sometime, its awesome it sold!
  2. Can anyone recommend a good company to get an estimate for a wrap? Any ideas of cost?
  3. I can get those exact measurements but I do have a full set of rollers - with rollers width is right under 80” and fits on a 16’ trailer snug. i think with the paddles it’s 93” in the rear and 88” in the front, but I’ll double check
  4. Bump.. Any trade offers or cash offers? Looking to move on to the next toy!
  5. Hot damn... like a new car. Thanks bud it really puts it into perspective of what it could look like.
  6. Thank you, that was fast! That really does do a lot to it... A simple wrap would probably make the deal.
  7. Possibly. Photo shop would be rad
  8. Thank you! I am seeing what people think, not one offer.
  9. what price will get this car sold? Opinions?
  10. Bump to the top, any dual sport trades out there?
  11. Trade offers? X3? What do you have?
  12. Might be interested in a trade and some cash. pm sent

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