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  1. I know this is an old post. But I was going to do the sleeves on my G O mid boards and decided to call them ( Gear One, yes there still in biz) to see what the steel replacements cost and there only $220 each. Almost as much as just doing sleeves. Just an FYI also got them the next day 😳👍👍
  2. now that I want to see as well!!
  3. Could I get price on Sand tires unlimited front razor blaster 10.75-15 (35's) 4 rib Thanks
  4. I ran a ls1 stroker for 7 years mid 400's realistically. I raced a lot! 2nd gear dumps. Wasn't beat many times up the hill at Dumont. Finally rebuilt it for no other reason than I was thinking I was on borrowed time. The ring n pinion was the only thing showing some wear. Them the next trip after new rebuilt trans I spun a main bearing on the motor. Damn... Expensive season. Now running a stroked CBM ls1 with mid 5's I think the tranny saver is I run 35" tires #1 cut. I know I could get more tire but.... I'm sticking with what works. I have snapped 2 930 CV's. But I always carry one and an extra boot so I can change it in the dunes lol
  5. Just saw and read this thread, did you ever find out what it was? You did everything I would have tried and even some I would have never thought of. Just curious what it ended up being?
  6. Dude, that's a little strong for someone who is trying to find the rightful owner don't you think? If he was the guy that stole it do you really think he would take the time to post on DDR to see if anybody knows the owner. A little fast on the trigger in my opinion. X2 if u read the thread he thought it was fishy and wanted to See if it was stolen. If he was dishonest he'd have a buggy for cheap. Barking up the wrong tree I think. Well I.M.O. THAT IS
  7. STOLEN '05 White Pace Enclosed trailer 14' NV plate #74887S It has a large "Dumont Dune Riders" sticker on back door, also has a SPARKS racing yellow sticker on the side. Stolen some time between this last Friday afternoon 03-23-12 and Sunday morning 3-25-12 from my San Diego, CA office .It had trade show AV equipment inside, it was locked up and had a hitch lock as well but obviously that was not a big enough deterrent. I'll give a reward to see this person, or people arrested!!! $1,000.00
  8. Hey Terry Ill call u later on that air box. Is your Moho still at JW? When I opened this thread I was unsure my Moho could tow my stacker. I have to say I don't have that worry it does just fine. Thanks
  9. Congrats Dunefreak!!! Good times you deserve it for all your hard work and planning.
  10. Ed how many folks do you need to come out? I know of 5 now, let me know and I will try to get a date Thanks!
  11. When your coming to Dumont let us know
  12. what is the latest in GPS and pricing? Thanks!!
  13. yes I am sorry its for office in SO Cal Miramar Ca area 92123 zip code
  14. We are looking for a person to be in our office to sign for shipments that come in and be able to reconcile the bill of lading with what you sign for. You may also be requested to deliver the equipment or parts to a job site. We would pay mileage if you used your personal vehicle for this you may also do inventory in the warehouse from time to time This is a NEW position, so we will work with you as we go We are thinking 9AM to 3 PM with either an half hour lunch or hour if you prefer. PM me let me know Oh this is new Miramar Area Thanks!

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