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  1. I had thought about that, just did not know if the maiden voyage should be at night. I picked it up from Oklahoma and stopped at Little Sahara for a couple of hours to make sure everything worked, just didn't feel safe out there with no one else. I did not want to be one of those guys stranded for hours not knowing the area. Everything worked fine and was suprised to feel how much power can be had with a VW motor.

    its about time you put some pics up!!!! PM me your address Jim. I found both helmets to go with the parker pumper.

    As far as the guy talking about a oil leak. the most it ever dripped was 1-2 drops from the left valve cover and that was after sitting all winter.

    BTW. we lowered and moved the seats in the jeep back. Took it to Howiepalooza. it was mostly a Bronco get together, took alot of crap from the Ford guys until we dropped into the first trail.

  2. Thanks KG, I did a search for SBS and it looks like its a good frame to build on. I'll get with Dennis and see if he can verify the chassis as one of his.

    Casual Rider, LOL, ya the PO definately had the Dukes of Hazard thing happening. At some point we'll do a wrap on the panels. Right now I'm more about getting it in the sand

  3. We picked this 4 seater up last year. Nothing fancy, but the price was right. The PO said it was a early SCU beam frame. I'm not so sure it is, so I figured I'd ask the experts.

    Right now, the plans are to add a b-pillar to the top and possibly do a a-arm conversion on the front.

    Here are a couple pics. Please let me know if you have any idea who the frame builder is/was.





  4. Heys guys, hoping some of you can give me a little input.

    I'm looking at trading my Crawler for a "Short" car.

    The Chassis was built 15" longer than normal for the PO.

    My questions are.

    1. I'm 6' and 280. Will this GSXR 1000 powered rail haul my big butt around? and along the same lines. will I fit????

    2. The rear is set up w/ u-joints instead of CV's, any particular reason for this? All of my full sized rails have been CV's w/the exception of my 1st. Ist was a corvair w/a corvair transaxle.

    3. This is a loaded question. I realize something is worth what your willing to pay, but on the open market. What are these worth? I've seen them advertised for anywhere from $12,000-$30,000, but are they selling?

    I've attached a couple pics so you can see what I'm considering.

    I know some of my questions could be answered w/a quick once over, but I'm over 1000 miles away. I'm trying to get my ducks in a row before I burn a bunch of diesel.

    thanks in advance.




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