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  1. I pay $811 per year - $50K value, Funco, I didn't shop it around, I was focused on getting highest levels of coverage (liability) with a carrier I trusted / and believe will back me up if something happened.
  2. Nuclear has been the proven green solution for a long time yet it rarely gets support from the Green Team - all they do is push solar and windmills - which have minimal impact on total energy use. 10-20 years ago we should have been building a bunch of nuclear plants all over and converting. Ask any submarine expert on safety of nuclear power.
  3. As an employer - we are screwed. We are being told we have to require our associates to get vaccinated or pay them to go get tested weekly. We lose money and time making them get tested. We piss everyone off by requiring them to get vaccinated. If we don't ensure they are doing one or the other, OSHA can audit us and fine us $14,000 per occurrence! And, we are at risk of litigation for doing what the government is forcing us to do. Absolutely goofy. I'm vaccinated and have zero issues or concerns with vaccination. I just don't believe the government should be able to make it mandatory.
  4. I've got 10 warehouses in So. Cal. - we've put massive emergency diesel generators on many of them to power lights, systems, gates, charging stations for forklifts, etc. due to the power outages and unstable grid. Edison is now offering us money to run the generators on certain days they somehow know they will be tight on power! And they offer an exemption to let us run them - AQMD (Air quality) limits the time we can run. Our State leaders decisions are comical.
  5. This is so cool! I'd love to have one - my old BW 200 was a blast. When we got back from rides, everyone was fighting to ride it around camp. Someone would also want to take it on our rides. It was awesome but just not enough power to keep up on rides so was mostly the camp racer. Yours has much better suspension and power - love it! For what it's worth, Mine just had a big nobby tire on front and worked perfect.
  6. The 170's have held their value well! I know things are crazy right now but even before this - people sold at incredible prices.
  7. Boxing? MMA? All have judges. Extend this to football, Basketball, Hockey - referees can and unfortunately do on occasion impact the score / winner. That theory is an interesting conversation starter but I'd disagree with the principle. On to the subject of the Olympics - used to love it and was excited to watch it - even sports that I didn't really care about. The national pride, dedication and commitment of the athletes.....This year, I haven't watched one event. It's a shame that the actions of a few athletes and people have soured the whole event. I went to the Winter Olympics in Calgary in 1988 and Winter Olympics in Vancouver in 2010 - absolutely amazing experiences. Each countries pride was spectacular. Hanging out in Olympic Village and partying with the Jamaica Bobsled Team was so cool - everyone was cheering for them even though they didn't have a chance / I love the underdog. I was in love with Katarina Witt (German figure skater) got to have a drink with her in the village. Eddie the Eagle ski jumper - spectacular for his crashes. Canada winning Gold in 2010 Hockey! If you were alive and old enough - how could you not be moved by the USA beating the Russian's in hockey in 1980 then going on and winning the gold medal? The cold war, college kids against pro's from Russia - nobody thought the US had a chance. That brought an incredible amount of pride in the USA!!! Unfortunately - not so much today.......
  8. It's a bit out there but I'll be working in my operations in Tolleson, AZ on July 22nd & 23rd - then coming back home to Orange County. Not perfect but if you are still looking in a couple of weeks - hit me up.
  9. Many companies (including mine) have these stupid rules due to CA legislation, requirements, legal liability and Cal OSHA. We want to be rid of the masks - they have minimal value and ridiculous being required while working and once associates clock out - they all jump in a car with no masks. But....we've got requirements and legal liabilities to deal with. As of Monday, we allow anyone attesting to being vaccinated to not wear a mask. If they have not been vaccinated and within 6 feet of other workers - they must wear a mask. If they will not be within 6 ft. - they don't have to wear a mask. In CA - if an associate asks for a N95 mask - we are required to provide one for them along with the training on proper fitment and wearing - this is BS. I hope all our associates attest to being vaccinated (I don't care if they really are or are not) then nobody has to wear a mask. We are required to provide a safe working environment for our associates and all I need is one associate that complains and worried about their "exposure" and we can get sued. Last year in Sept. Gov. Newsom passed AB1867 - requiring companies with over 500 associates to provide an additional 80 hours Covid sick time thru the end of 2020. He passed it again in March this year - another 80 hours employer paid. Because of HIPPA - we have our hands tied - associates can use all kinds of excuses to get that additional time - saying they are getting the shot, sick from the shot, caring for someone with covid, potentially exposed, etc. Too many people in todays society take advantage of that. Fortunately, our associates in general didn't but always some bad apples - they typically had "covid related issues" on Friday's and Mondays - for months. Even worse - we'd hire new associates, they work for a day, take 80 hours off for "Covid sickness" and never come back.
  10. I hope they are open too. I get the challenges of finding labor and making it worth while requires volume / sales. Based on them being outside dining and the demand from all us duners - I would have thought they would have done ok. CA / Newsom rules suck. There were times this past season I would have made the drive and paid $20 for a frosty cold beer and good food.

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