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  1. Updated. Got the truck down to the frame. Removed the front bench. Now I'm removing all the excess wires before I connect the batteries on the engine.
  2. I did my toy hauler. I ripped out all the old flooring and went to home depot to get my replacement. The have rolls of linoleum so I got like 25 ft and put down which was a single piece and cut the edges as I went. I went with this option since I store the toys in the trailer. I figured it will keep gas from seeping down. Before I put everything down I also rolled on water barrier product. With a motorhome it should be easier since you can go with planks. Make sure to roll on a water sealer of some sort.
  3. I actually started to record it to post. I got s gopro10 just before I cut most of it off.
  4. It has a Chevy BB 427 which I'm planning to put EFI on it. The goal is once its registered I'm planning to replace it with 7.3 power stroke or Cummings 5.9. I'm researching with DMV on my options. According to documentation I can use a donor vehicle which is newer than this truck. So anything over 1980. I'm going keeping the 427 engine for a truggy project incase you guys get any ideas.
  5. What's really nice about this truck is that it's in between a army LMTV and a regular truck. So not too heavy but strong enough for a C-class motorhome.
  6. I will find out soon enough. The axles are coleman used in farming equipment with Eton lockers. I'm going to say yes they are. And if not then I will go back from 46 to 40's. It was the rims that I really want.
  7. I jumped the gun and got some threads for it! I didn't think the wheels where going to be that big.
  8. The progress on Saturday and Sunday 3/5-6. I got $200 for scrap. I think I was 200lbs. That sucks I'm going to pay alot more for the metal when I buy it.
  9. Well I'm going to make it short. Ive always like the idea of going to GLAMIS and not worrying about getting stuck on a RV. So I finally got a rig to work on. Pick it up from Springtown Texas just before Presidents weekend. I've looked at a few throughout the years and this one had the right price and parts. We where going to buy a new motorhome a few months back in November 2021 For 100k. A C-class gasser new but I couldn't see myself spend that much cash to turn around and get stuck at glamis. What a waste of money that would be to me. So this happened and its going! Here are some pictures. The last picture was from yesterday 3/5/2022. I'm going to continue today. The goal is to register the darn thing and if that happens then maybe swap the engine for Cummings and stretch it out to about 30-32 ft and add all the accommodations that my current toy hauler has. Solar, slide out etc. I'm going to put my building abilities to a test and see if I can make something as nice as what we where going to buy.
  10. Nice! Keep them coming. I'm thinking this is what I would like to try and build next also. A truggy. Right now I'm working on a overland RV 4x4 1980 BB427 GMC 7000. I will post some pictures
  11. So when I got my rzr it did good on belts. But it wasn't long beforei had to replace 3 belts on one trip. At this point I decided to upgraded the clutch with weights for the bigger tires. It did better but still breaking belts. Just yesterday I ordered my SDI clutch alignment tool because my belts are not lasting at all. I hope this fixes that issue. Now I'm dealing with overheating. 😣 I own a 2016 TURBO XP4. After this I will upgrade the radiator or reconsider selling mine and getting a newer one which might even have the same issues! I like mine its fast enough and fun enough so I rather fix it.
  12. Funny I just sold my sandcar and now I'm spending all kinds of cash on the belts! Lol

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