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  1. Honestly, although it was a pretty good hit at the time, I moved on. That day we lost, a freshly rebuilt from bottom up, down to bead blasting the frame a dual purpose Sandbuggy Suppy rail with triple bypass on all four corners, 18psi, CHRFAB twin turbo Northstar engine, refreshed 2D box, 2 brand new oil and water cooled full ballbearing turbos, new Haltech management, new 4-way intercom, new beadlock wheels and tires, 5000lbs winch in front, six brand new HID's and who knows what else I "forgot" to tell the wife about. ? Not to mention the 28' trailer with 100 gallon water tank, two 50 gallon fuel tanks, winch setup inside ground storage full of spare rail and quad parts, two roll-away tool boxes full of tools, helmets, riding gear and a bunch of other crap we hauled out there. So yup! These fools made out like bandits. But I say to all of them. Including you Mr. Ray Costa from Avenue A in Rosamond, CA.
  2. Negative on that. Neither type of vehicle were ever visible at his or his father's house.
  3. Hey Fordfreak, Thanks for the heads up. Unfortunately, the only thing I ever got back was a bare frame some guy in Bellflower was trying to sell on Craigslist. The Ray C guy from Lancaster, did eventually find a sucker to trade him a VW four seater for the frame. The law got involved and confiscated the frame from Bellflower Guy who got shafted for trading his running rail for a stolen frame. The frame was returned to me but when our fellow duner Ray C was questioned by the law, he refused to provide any information as to who he "bought" the frame from. And no, he didn't get charged with anything. ? To fellow duner Ray C from, Avenue A in Rosamond, CA. You're a real pile of ? for not disclosing who you got the frame from. That is if you weren't part of the loser pack of thieves who stole the complete rail to begin with. I really hope you enjoy the fruits of your hard work buddy. Hope your kids don't follow in your footsteps.
  4. That is one sweet looking beast! Killer price too! Unfortunately the 091 would not hold up to the torque that thing puts out. Bare minimum I'd have to put in a 2D and that frame would not accommodate a transaxle that big without some serious mods to both the frame and suspension for the added weight of both components. I'm still gonna do some research though..... Thanks for the input and link.
  5. Oh, she's made it very clear that she likes the power band of the Rotary. She does not like driving my tweaked LS2 which has plenty of power nor did she like the twin turbo Northstar before that. You DO make some very good points though.
  6. While your hacking the car up.... do your wife a favor and put a "B" pillar in.... Nope! Pillars get in the way of quick ingress and egress. JK.....on the list to do even if I don't change it up. tnx
  7. As stated before, I've had good luck with that setup. The rotary's lack of torque (260 in my setup) is what the 091 appreciates. A properly geared box makes a world of difference on those engines. I tried getting the box checked after every season. At $300 for teardown, magnafluxing and re-assembly, it was cheap insurance against a completely blown up tranny or a lost trip. Thanks for the input. I'll look into the Suby.
  8. I've run an 091 on that car with rotaries from the get go. Albeit the wife spun a ring and pinion once cause I skimped on a season end check up and reverse gear on another occasion from pure driver error, the 091 has held up quite well. And that's taking into account that the she is quite an aggressive driver. I've had up to 420hp on that tranny without a problem. Donny K builds a great box! But you're right. Any trans can be broken regardless of horse power. I've broken my S4 a couple times myself, cause I'm a badass! .....ok more of a dumbass but you get it.
  9. Replace rear main seal with crank in car Actually called a "Sneaky Pete". Used to remove and replace the old rope style rear main seals without having to remove the crankshaft. So joo rite! Dammit Google!!
  10. Need some input here.... I've been running a turbo Rotary in the wife's car for over 17 years, but due to the scarcity of good parts and cost to build them reliably, I'm looking to replace it with a comparable piston motor. By comparable I mean in size, weight and to a degree, performance. At 18 pounds of boost the current setup puts out 377HP at the wheels and although it lacked the torque typical of a piston engine (which the 091 bus box loves) those things wind up to 11,000+ rpms pretty quickly which make them feel like Banshees on the dunes. Please keep in mind that this is an old Unlimited RPM frame (which she refuses to let go of) and although it has a well built 091, it's still only a bus box that more than likely wouldn't be able to handle a whole lot of torque. Thanks in advance
  11. You mean like "beyond licking the windows on the short bus while drooling and wearing a helmet with a Hillary 2016 sticker on it"? I agree! Now if there were other ads from the same guy selling off other parts, I'd say this guy was more involved than just receiving and selling a stolen frame. I would have to agree with you. My major gripe with this guy is him not having the b@lls to disclose how he came about the frame and unwillingness to assist in the matter.
  12. X2 I ain't saying who the GD member is. I would't stoop that low.... But I found this. Among other things. So I understand correct, the name in pic above is our thief correct? In all honesty, I cannot make that assertion since I don't have concrete proof he was involved in the theft. What I can attest to is his unwillingness to disclose how he came about the frame. Therefore I'd be more comfortable simply saying, "Don't deal with this individual, he is less than honest and is known to deal with stolen property."
  13. X2 I ain't saying who the GD member is. I would't stoop that low.... But I found this. Among other things.
  14. Car was stolen from Azusa, for sale or trade by someone in Lancaster then traded to someone in Bellflower.

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