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  1. Thanks everyone. Rings have been ordered for the front wheels.
  2. Cool thanks, kind of what I was thinking.
  3. Are the OMF inner reinforcement rings worth it for DWT wheels or any wheels for that matter? Currently have a set of DWT rear wheels with the OMF rings. The fronts do not have the inner rings. Thinking about getting a pair of rings for the fronts to match. Wondering if they really make a difference in strength or rigidity of the wheel or more for looks?
  4. Do tell for those of us wanting to complete this mod. Thanks
  5. Here is another look at the BFD mid engine car.
  6. Any pics of your car with them on ? What size of fronts are you running?
  7. Not the ideal location for an Intercooler to be mounted but maybe will attempt it. @Kansas T had a good idea about an aluminum shroud covering the top portion of the radiator fans forcing air downward. And maybe since the intercooler has fans pulling the air through it would work good even in this location?
  8. Pics or it didn't happen. Probably one of the first cars I've seen NOT a Funco with them on. :-D
  9. Wow those would be the ticket! Maybe get @Grant@Funco to support the 25 orders? Bet we could sell them all here on GD easy. :D Wishful thinking...
  10. So the 14.50x17's are much smaller as I thought. Thank you both for the info. I found the Instagram link. Lievenseraceservices mentions 16.50 x 17 Dune Sports. Those would be a great sized tire.
  11. Car currently has some older 35.5 STU Sand Master #2 paddles. They have seen better days and are in need of replacing. Searching different profile of tires that are available today. I have always been intrigued on the Dune Sport paddles since Funco uses them. According to the STU site, the height profiles of the 35.5 and the Dune Sports 14.50 are the same height. Is this correct? The Dune Sports do look to be not as tall, but maybe this is deceiving since they are wider? With the amount of HP the Funco cars are pushing the 14.50x17 Dune Sports do not seem to have issues with not enough tire. While the 35.5 #2's are probably to much tire for my car. My car has is setup with a 4.0 Whipple, LS 6.0, S4 and 12.50x17 STU's up front.
  12. Wheels are sold Like new is a complete set of 17" beadlock wheels for a sandcar/ dune buggy. Wheels are Champion brand, Wakelock rings. These wheels are powder coated black. No damages, or imperfections, very little use on them. Rather than powder coat these a different color I would entertain trading for a set of DWT / Douglas 17" beadlock wheels. Located in Kansas

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