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  1. Looks like everyone's slammed currently ... any additional recommendations are greatly appreciated. Thx
  2. I have the wiring loom in and 60-70 % connected ... looking for someone to check my work and give guidance to assure I dont mess it up. Sort of tie it all in.
  3. Hey guys I'm wiring my new engine in and I'm having some troubles figuring out what wire goes where... looking for a mechanic that can help with a old school style Haltech on a magnacharged Northstar. Thanks in advance
  4. ISO- 26’-32’ Trailer can be flat, cargo, or enclosed let me know what you got CASH in hand !!!
  5. Just got a new Can-am tonight and was planning on running to Johnson valley to test it out ... but I just realized there's no flag on it. Is there a stock flag mount or do I need to buy a custom mount for it? I appreciate any help... thx
  6. we are looking to replace my engine .. is this still available?


    Is it still available?
  8. Listing for a friend look at the pics for contact info and details ... Thanks,
  9. Hey guys just wondering if anybody's ever seen or had issues with sand getting into the valve covers of their Honda VTEC... My father had some engine problems this last trip... the mechanic noticed this... Any idea where this Got in?
  10. Hey all I'm help my pops work on his Honda VTEC... We just completed an engine swap and fired up the engine for the first time... When revving up the engine it falls flat on its face around 1500 to 2000 RPM any ideas what could cause this? We're running a walbro fuel pump that pushes 700 ltr on a 3/8 fuel line I believe ... Thanks
  11. Running a 400hp Northstar with a 2D and they just started to make a little noise .... I was going to get 930's with a Chromoly cage ... but interested in hearing what you guys would run and the best place for the price to get them ... Thanks
  12. Correction: I also have a thermostat with the center taken out. I guess I will leave it like that Thanks I drilled mine out and haven't had a problem ... Yet .. lol
  13. I'm using a Walbro gsl393 fuel pump and a Holley 950
  14. Im also running the 950 ... What fuel pump are you running ?

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