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  1. I actually like the front shock setup more than the DD car, looks like a alumicraft shock setup
  2. I do the same I keep a bottle in the trailer and adjust them depending on the weekend
  3. If you do not use the reverse light then you can use a Allen plug
  4. Comp at night was insane full rave at the base for about a hour and a half then the firework show on the top of comp. hope the Star Wars speedster shows up again, and the stick figure show on the side of comp then my favorite was the line of cars getting stuck on the entrance to comp valley we stock mob the dually past all the stuck ones only disappointment is now the have the truck or treat we only get about 50 trick or treaters in the past we would have hundreds
  5. Its a pretty cool event that the BLM puts on at Dumont, its pretty huge and can take over a hour up to 2 hours to go through, plus the haunted house, unlike Glamis the BLM is really cool at Dumont, fun event for the kinds, and allot to see for the adults,
  6. it is that time of year again, At Dumont the BLM will be hosting the 3rd annual truck or treat, near Vendors Row, Saturday night, more buggies than the SSSS see you there
  7. my favorite also, when people post, MY CAR MADE 500-PLUS AT THE WHEELS WIHT A LS3) Yea on street tires, on a loose as dyno, that is the kind of car that you never want to take up a steep incline, LOL
  8. he wanted to pre-run the car, he has a SCU for the Sand and wanted to really use the car, glad he really like it,
  9. I purchased mine from https://www.rvautoparts.com/ they are about $100 cheaper than everyone else
  10. it was really hard to tie the bars in with tubing was a compound bend with a crazy notch, worked on it for over a hour, and then decided to do it all out of flat plate, the main goal was to keep the SCU gas tank filler neck, thought it was a piece of history that needed to stay, so that determined part of the rear design
  11. 416 Torque on lances Dyno at the wheel is very impressive next year time for a Holley Hi ram and a 102MM lol

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