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  1. it made 640HP at the wheels at 6lbs of boost with 9lbs of boost creep, on a 383 going into a 2D on 930 micro stubs,
  2. First go around when we go the block it was cracked so we put a sleeve in the block second go around the typical sleeve would not work, so this is a blank sleeve, this was a custom sleeve from Darton referd to as a boosted flange sleeve,
  3. Yes that is what detonation looks like from to much timing or not enough octane.
  4. Rebuilt twice first tuner out 33-degrees timing under 6lbs of boost on 91 octane. doonhoon retuned it after a full rebuild
  5. They sell 3 styles we use the Tall if you need one let pm me.
  6. This has been one of my favorite 416 builds. We use Texas Speed for our custom grind camshafts and tried something new. And it really worked out. Alper 416 iron block bored to 4.065 with Mahle pistons at 10.8:1 4.00 crank LS3 heads no porting. with stainless solid stem valves and johnson hylift slow leak lifters 3/8 .100 wall pushrods set on .035 in/ex preload 410hp 430tq at the wheels lance / Doonehoon was amazed and frankly I was also new cam profile really worked out
  7. Chart matts 441 with the MSD Air-force pulled 50hp less but 60lbs more torque. Both on a mustang Dyno.
  8. Yes torque was a little soft like to do the longer runners for sandrashes build was fun build Landon did not hold back on parts. Was like a parts shipping spree
  9. This was a fun build Landons 441 on Frankenstein SB2 heads with roller rockers 4.100 lunati crank and 4.155 Mahle pistons in a Alper Sleeved LS2 block on Danzio’s Dyno made 610 at the wheel on 91 octane 22 degrees total timing

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