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  1. Was talking with a friend of mine and he told me that NHP was pulling over Truck-5th wheel, for the improper driver license in the Moapa NV area, leaving for Idaho in July and looks like I am going to try to get my Class A Non Commercial before the trip, not sure If I can get it done by then so hope this is not true, for the NV peeps this is the link for the class A B and J https://dmvnv.com/pdfforms/dlbookabj.pdf
  2. In Nevada to title a sandcar it take 2-3 weeks, it cost $44.25 if you have a VIN, BFD is in the Nevada system so will say BFD on the title, if it had no Vin then it is $25.00 to register it and $15 VIN fee, and will need to be put on at the DMV, the only issue is if it get titled in NV the person has to be a resident, and the VIN number will have to be inspected at a NV DMV, or NV-NHP or Ride-Now Motorsports But give it time I am sure over time if we get enough Californians to move to NV they will Fcck that up also for us, This is copied for the NV website https://ohv.nv.gov/register 3 easy steps Select the appropriate form Take appropriate form and vehicle for a VIN inspection to your local OHV dealership or law enforcement office Complete application and MAIL IN your supporting documentation to DMV 1. Select the appropriate form Registration forms and procedures differ depending on when and where your vehicle was purchased or whether it is homemade. Click on the appropriate link. Please read the application and forms carefully. A separate form is needed for each vehicle. How did you acquire your off-highway vehicle? All purchases before July 1, 2012 Download forms Nevada Dealership on or after July 1, 2012 Download forms Out of State Dealership on or after July 1, 2012 Download forms Private Party on or after July 1, 2012 Download forms My OHV is homemade/doesn't have a VIN Download forms 2. Take appropriate form and vehicle for a VIN inspection A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) inspection will have to be completed by a licensed Nevada Off-Highway Vehicle dealer or a sworn law enforcement officer. Note: the DMV does not perform VIN inspections and all registration is by mail. If your vehicle has never been registered or titled in Nevada Click here to see a list of licensed dealers. Please note: If your vehicle does not currently have a VIN Number, a VIN Assignment Form will need to be completed. Call the DMV to obtain this form, but remember the DMV does not perform VIN inspections for Off-Highway Vehicles, . Please call DMV during normal business hours: (775) 684-4381 in Carson City/Reno/Sparks; (702) 486-4368 option 8 in the Las Vegas area; and (877) 368-7828 option 8 in rural Nevada. 3. Pay fees, complete application, and MAIL IN supporting documentation to the DMV. The dealer who completes the inspection may submit the application and other documents on your behalf or you may mail them yourself. Dealers may charge up to $2 for each registration and/or title application submitted. Fees You may pay by check or money order made payable to DMV. You may also pay by credit or debit card using the payment card slip attached to the forms. Registration (annual renewal required) $21.00 Title for Nevada-based vehicles $29.25 Title if the vehicle is not registered or present in Nevada $44.25 VIN Assignment (if needed) $2.00 Dealer fee per registration or title application submitted (paid to dealer separately) $2.00 Duplicate Decal Fee $6.00 Duplicate Title Fee $21.00 Mailing Address: Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles OHV Unit 555 Wright Way Carson City, NV 89711 The Nevada Certificate of Title, if issued, is processed separately from the registration decal. All ownership documents will be required to title the Off-Highway Vehicle. The title will be mailed to the lender or other lienholder, if any, or to the owner if there is no lienholder. Please note: When you receive your registration decal, affix the decal to the Off-Highway Vehicle. Decals are issued by mail only. Once your off-highway vehicle is registered for the first time, renewals can be done online or by mail.
  3. Kevin build is a Turbo400 trans, think he had a 9'' in it then coverted the 9'' to the Jeff fields Diff only, we are going to do a build next year for a friend, to see if we can keep the cost down we are doing a Mid Engine Turbo-400 but going with the Cury 9'' 10'' housing setup for 934, the build will have a Ford style 9'' but the actual ring and pinion with be a Pro-10'' that fits in the 9'' housing with some trimming 3rd member is by Strang and was in a Top Alcohol dragster,
  4. That was the only time I had to use the winch even with lockers front and rear, we left the springs in the morning and a section of Cadillac had water on it, and the front end slid over to the edge, looking down 5 stories at the cemetery and a rolled vehicle, I jumped out and winched the front straight again, super fun just a long drive up to Northern Nevada, but feel was more fun than Idaho, due to the drive being about the same,
  5. Bring a Jacket the elevation out of Rubicon springs is a climb we had snow at the peak for 1-2 miles out and can get cold if you do not have a top, be patient on obstacles my FJ had a V8 so got inpatient on a large 3-foot log and double clutched it and broke a pinion and had to change it out on the trail (big thanks to Marlin Crawler for the parts) like I said before done be afraid to use the winch if you have one, also if you are using a Ice chest, I had a large one the first year, and it looked like a milk shake by the end of the trail inside, then went to 6 small Ice Chest to keep it more separated, we also had the shower has a heat exchanger that heats up from the motor, was nice to take a warm shower, go a little dusty with a open vehicle, don't be to cocky the first time, I thought I was a badazz with 38'' tires V8 and built Ford 9'' with Lockers, and still broke a pinion and fj404x4 broke a steering rod, lucky for us the first year was with the Rubithon
  6. if you look close to the DD car that one my 10 year old can shorten LOL, it has a 1-3/4 sleeve to 1-1/2 at the Torsion Tube then Dave sleeved it at the top where the bars go in a different direction for the rear down tubes, should only take a day to shorten one, I have a buyer for the Chassis if the White DD car is still for sale you need to change the White Transaxle in it, The person that I had call you is still interested,
  7. owner of 3 DD cars, they are already heavy in the front, I really like them as a rear engine, think it will kill the value later if you chop on the chassis, might be someone willing to trade for a 2 seat chassis, or just leave the back seats out and put in a rack
  8. I have ran it 3 times. Main trail is not crazy hard just continued rough road. Things that was handy. Lots of hose clamps and spare steel so if you have to repair something dont be a hero. Take your time if you need to use the winch use it. And the best advice for the rubicon. That I learned the hard way is. Bring lots and lots of bug spray for the mosquitoes we had to deal with large swarms in rubicon springs. Keep the tent closed at all times.
  9. I have had a Buggy works, SandCar, converted Sandcar to a Dual Sport and now a Prerunner Chassis, the Handling is great, sliding depends on the Chassis the Sandcar Arms are about 3'' per side wider, so the sand car slides amazing, if it is a buggy works than you can purchase the arms from Kartek for the wider arms, personally they are a tad heavier in the front than I like with a Aluminum block, I personally like bid HP or a light front end like a Dirt Bike so I prefer the iron block in the DD cars. you will not find a more copied chassis than a Desert Dynamics, just about everyone has copied the spindles and Kartek has most parts for them on the shelf, one of my favorite builders is the DD cars
  10. also if you have a smaller stage you can send it in and change it for half the price,
  11. the stage 4 in a dual disk is pretty soft and I ran one with my 454Ci but your motor a stage 3 will work fine also,
  12. I think it really depends on the trade you are doing, for me it is all automotive, Milwaukee has a larges of automotive style tools like .250 ratchets and die grinders, TIG sharpener, and my favorite, heated Vest, I sold all of my Dewalt, the battery change size and charger and did not want to throw away my 18V to purchase all 20V, and the 20V line was pointed mostly in the woodworking trade, super happy with Milwaukee, use the iPhone charger all the time, the only issue I have is the Cheaper Drill does not work very good, the Fuel is Brushless and twice the tool as the standard Brushless is worth the extra money
  13. Just made a phone call it is a 73 Dodge Duster https://www.ebay.com/i/291541876275?chn=ps
  14. they make a full build or dIY base cabinets for really cheap mount them on a trailer or in a garage http://www.midwestracecabinets.com/ http://www.midwestracecabinets.com/store/p38/12'_Combo_Deals_(Full_Cabinets).html

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