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  1. J Alper

    Apple Pie Moonshine

    damn Mark we found the best tasting one and forgot to right down the name before we drank it all, looks like we will have to purchase every single one at total wines and figure this out before we go insane
  2. it has our engine brackets and pulleys on it I would pay the 100K for the car, nice looking car
  3. J Alper

    used switch pro sp8100

    I am a switch pros dealer, there are some replicas out there, the 8100 and the 9100 use the same app, and do the same exact functions with the same operating system the only difference is that the 8100 came in red, blue, green background, and had 2 - 30amp breakers and the 9100 is multiply color with 4 - 30amp breakers but the operating system and function are identical on how they operate
  4. J Alper

    2013 Mint 400 bottle

    that is not available anymore threw them it has to have a buy now, would pay double that if anyone has one
  5. wow pretty cheap, the tires alone are around $600 each about $3600 in tires and rims sitting there
  6. J Alper

    Gear One Back Up and Running Soon

    just junky axles, they every time we mag a set they always had cracks in them went to RBP years ago no issues with mag, on the big HP cars the Gear one Axles where junk
  7. J Alper

    2013 Mint 400 bottle

    I need the 2013 mint 400 bottle anyone have one it is tequila with the silver label
  8. J Alper

    Kids seats?

    to much goes on in the dunes matching suspension seats look cool but not sure how well they protect the head area, would you run that in your everyday car if not why put it in the sand car, until about 7 years old I ran the same child seat in my sand car as I did in my every day car way more head protection
  9. J Alper

    Losing volts to injectors???

    the pulley should help depending on the harmonic balancer the alternators only like to see about 18,000 rpms, with a 7.5 pulley and a 2'' alt pulley at 6500 motor rpms you are seeing about 24,000 alternator rpms using a 3.0 alternator pulley it gets it to 16,000 rpms way better on the alternator
  10. J Alper

    Correct Rear Wheel & Paddle Combo

    the Douglas wheels in the 17'' make a 3.5 and a 5.5 does it make more sense to purchase the other back spacing or sell the full set and purchase champions they make any offset above 1.5'' and the rears are 11''
  11. J Alper

    Correct Rear Wheel & Paddle Combo

    I am with Bruce on this one I had the same issue really tight on the rear wheels so I sold my champion 2.5'' back spacing and went to a 4'' back spacing made the car 3'' narrower and now fits in the trailer who make the wheels
  12. J Alper


    sand lizard had the same issue big issues with conductivity, had to change all the fluid in his radiator and had some wirings issues
  13. J Alper

    Switch Pro

    I sent it back to you check your PM, has not even been a full day
  14. looking at the lug pattern, most likely 3500 axles, so should be 7000lbs GVW
  15. J Alper


    also when using Anti freeze you have Green and Orange Green has Silicates and Phosphates for corrosion, this works good for Iron blocks and Copper radiators and has a shorter life should be changed every year no more than 2 years Orange is longer life and is used for Aluminum Blocks and works well with nylon components should be changed every 5-10 years

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