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  1. how did the aluminum bushing work
  2. working on all the 12pts on the LS motors destroying some sockets and was afraid to go to the Matco website for sockets, and the sockets are about or cheaper than the ones from McMaster car and Lowe's, why the hell I waited so long, LOL so don't be afraid to go to the Matco Website might be shocked on some tools that are affordable
  3. just seen one style of the honda that looks pretty close to this factory, see this all the time in Utah and in Dumont with a 100K sand car, the 1000cc to me is the glorified golf cart for visiting friends sometimes I get crazy with it and get up to 15 miles a hour
  4. for our brakes, snouts and nuts with .380 backing plates and your spindles converted all labor and material is about $1600.00
  5. Just my opinion, but I have seen full sand cars be destroyed from the instant HP of al 6.2 with LS3 heads, from what I have seen on the front bars how they tie into the lower chassis, I feel that the main chassis is not thick enough, the cars that where destroyed where also Chromoly cars with no doors, If he built a full frame like a sand car, and then I guess it really is a sand car with a RZR body, then a full chassis I feel would be a proper way to do it, My Sand Car Will hit 121 mph in seconds, and a ls3 car with a 2D will do the same,
  6. would not be the first Funco I put a V8 in
  7. I use just a little anti seize if you grease the spline dirt and sand can stick,
  8. we have the O ring in the cap, but if you are doing service a little silicone is fine, all of the spindles we do we use the Steel Nut, I don't think it is overkill
  9. all calipers are 1/8-NPT threads I would run a 90 degree to AN3 Sandroosten is making the Brakes for us, we copied the ProAmm also, so it will use all Kartek rotors and caps, and we just use Willwood Calipers from Amazon/summit/kartek to make it easier, don't see the point to make our own Caliper if anyone is looking for a run of CNC parts Sandroosten is a really talented machinist hit him up, he now does 100% of our parts
  10. He is running a honda with a 2D, single 9'' stage 3 should be a good affordable setup

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