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  1. J Alper

    Game Of Thrones

    my wife has not seen it, I started again from the beginning and on to 3rd season again, it is even better the second time!!!!
  2. J Alper

    Heads for a 5.3

    the aluminum 5.3 heads are 243, make sure they are the same combustion chamber size, so you do not loose comp ratio, the iron 5.3 heads have tiny valves so this should be a great improvement, to add to that I would go to a LS2 intake, with a 90mm Throttle body, it is $23 change the lifter guides, I have used the summit and jegs ones, they suck for $4 a set more use the AC delco guides, funny thing about a cam is that you only gain 75% of the power with the stock lifters, we have ran a bunch of dyno test with the 440 and we gained 30 rear HP with race lifters, not sure what this would add to a 5.3 but we use the Johnson Race Slow leak limited travel lifter, this will need to be setup around .035 +/- .010 of lift,
  3. J Alper

    Best Jack to lift sandrail in the Dunes

    This is what I did and it works great, have had the car sunk, and it picked up the car in stages and drove it out no issues, the one we build has a attachment so it can be flat like a normal jack and then can add extensions, so you can get it higher and higher,
  4. J Alper

    Towing with Gas powered truck

    I have always towed with a Diesel FORD and my every day work truck is a Gas Chevy, the ford 6.7 is great but will have heavy cost with oil change ect, Ford to me has never got the Gas truck motor right, the issues with the Spark plugs destroying heads or timing issue and oil pressure issues just make me scared of Ford gas motors for the trucks, so I like my ford but would not own a gas ford except for the V10, think that was a pretty solid motor, as for a Chevy I think the direct inject 6.2 with the oval port heads is as solid as it gets, but for me as long as the truck has the IFS front end, it will always be a 1/2 ton no matter the weight rating in my book, so it is a toss up on a gas truck, If I was stuck with gas I thing I would go with the chevy and keep the stock tire size and that should be less wear and tear on the front suspension, I would still consider a couple year old 6.7 super quite, have had no issues no one, and has 130K miles on the truck, have beat in a race RZR 900 over the whoops, tows great and plenty of power on the street, lift kit is pretty cheap due to the front straight axle,
  5. J Alper

    Mendi 2D for sale $5300 can ship

    Trans is apart, getting a brand new from Weddle NEW 1st, 2nd main shaft with 1st 2nd matching set, NEW 3rd Gear, NEW spider Gears, Ring and Pinion completely Wet Magged and is a weddle ring and pinion, New Bearings, and New Seals, New Syncros, Will send pics of the inside, Trans should be down in about 2 weeks, Trans will have no Oil in it,
  6. J Alper

    S4 gear box question

    Weddle is the best to talk to, I think it will have a serial number on the side and they can tell you what can be replaced and what can be updated, pretty sure all the gears are the same, if you have the changeable face plate gears and need one, you just go to the one piece gear,
  7. J Alper

    New or “freshened” 2d?

    for me when I sell a 2D I sell it as used not sure condition, if it has oil in it, it is used, one trip means used, when I sell a Fresh trans, I send pictures, of the parts apart, list of parts and the age of the parts that are new and used, and sell it with no oil
  8. J Alper

    S4 gear box question

    it really depends on the part, but I believe you can get most of the parts, for example if they are not making the oldest shift fork you would have to update the shift for and the barrel,
  9. J Alper

    S4 gear box question

    they had allot of different shift forks, the earlier ones are steel, then they had aluminum ( I feel was the best shift) then later the welded ones, and now the Divorced Rail, early divorced rail and later divorced rail, I have the first divorced rail, and it locks up in 2nd gear allot until I jack up the car or the case cools down, going to the new style soon, support case for the reverse housing was different, some had the reverse shaft machined into the case, then later steel plate, then the bolt pattern on the plate changed, so to do a full update, you would have to change most of the tranny, depending on what you need, you might have to source out some parts from other transaxle shops, if you just need gears and bearings, then you are set, quick rebuild,
  10. J Alper

    Honda V6 TT going AEM ecu and big injectors

    we have converted a couple to AEM and getting harnesses made for the LS, in doing so, seen what the AEM does for us, we use the Infinity 5, the options we added in the harness, makes it easy for data logging and tuning, ours has one Wide Band output for Oil Cooler control in fuse box, for fans, it has input for, -- Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, we also did a input for Fuel Pressure, and Input for the potentiometer ( S4 gear selector) by doing all this we can data log and also send out CAN to a digital dash,
  11. J Alper

    Identify this car?🤔

    Mosebuilt where all center pivot fronts, this is so entertaining on how people say it look like one chassis and does not even look close LOL,
  12. J Alper

    New or “freshened” 2d?

    no they do not come with warranty, so if you do not get it in gear all the way and drop the clutch and slide a fork than it is back to the trans shop, each builder does there own thing, some save money by using budget parts some weld shift forks and use special bearings or nose cones,
  13. J Alper

    LS7 Stroker Build by Alper Motorsports

    that pretty awesome, that is about 30hp more than my factory GM LSX 454. thank you Sandroosten for letting us build such a fun motor, it is going to rip,
  14. J Alper

    16 Foot + Gargage Models

    https://www.jayco.com/products/toy-haulers/2019-seismic/4116/ Jayco 4116
  15. J Alper

    16 Foot + Gargage Models

    Luke trailer https://luxefifthwheel.com/rv/luxury-fifth-wheel-toy-hauler/luxury-full-time-toy-hauler-fifth-wheel

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