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  1. that is awesome, I swear it is getting closer to sending it to paint,
  2. Buggy Roundup #7 December 14th Who is going this year, will be there on the 12th so far, Jetjock15, J-Alper, Sandroosten, Sandrashouch, itsweeks, Metaltech-Motorsports, Allen-Offroad
  3. thanks you guys, you will need to all make it out to Dumont some day so we can dune together
  4. when I talk to Holley engineers not the sales guys last week they are saying to make sure that it is put in a water proof box, the Holley HP was designed for offroad the Terminator x was for a street car, they recommended the HP, but if installed in offroad they want it in a water sealed box and 1" rubber mounts on the box and on the ECM for shock
  5. I tried a Skat Track and They slide like or more than a funco, allot of people are scared of the Skat Track thinking it will destroy a trans, but they have many scoop options, most people think of them with a 3'' stall digger paddle, I did a Hooker Paddle, it is the same as a Blaster Scoop, so if you are running a Blaster 33 you would need to start with a 37'' tire and they shave it down to 33'' the Skats stay flat because they are a street tire, so there is no crown to them and, I would do a hooker 10 cup on a 37'' BFG, mine was $580 to do both tires, for me I do not use the cutting brake at all anymore,
  6. I have done about 4 conversions now we have used aluminum 5.3 engine they make the same HP as the original ls1, then we change the timing chain update the oil pump for a sandcar and put on the ls1 beltline tipically with adapter plate used flywheel with new clutch and headers new oil pan they run around $3800 with factory computer, $4200 with a Fitech $4500 with a holly terminator,
  7. what is the temp, is it really that hot, depending on the motor 230-250 is not hot, or is something else causing the issue, for starters when the water temp is up, what is the oil temp, and what is the air temp inside the intake, I would start with that before I got to crazy about water, for example, it is hard to get to 180* water before the oil hits 295* and this is at 140* air, oil cooler or heat exchanger is a good idea if you do not have any,
  8. good info above, a upgraded water pump will not perform any better than a stock water pump,
  9. also they make a paper style gasket for the CV that is a factory part, but silicone I would think should work,
  10. can you see the back of the paddle, it should have a double line for 2 and a single I for one, or numeral 1 or 2 on the back of the paddle
  11. for me if it has the clip off and no radiator, I feel it should be $500 or less,
  12. that is about what I would charge in labor, but depends on the buggy, if it has a wing extra $200, and when they complain, I tell them you take it off, this is because everyone leaves the wings loaded and it can get scratched and stored, but really should not be a big deal to swap out a cam, I have changed springs on the motor not fun but have done them, I use a full roll off rags so the locks can not fall in the motor, and do one cylinder at a time with compressed air, we always use a dual spring on a sand car due to the wheel shock of the dirt, one trick is if it has AN fittings is leave them on the pump and just unbolt the pump like the power steering, does this price come with changing the timing chain, if so you have to have the pump off so change the oil pump to a mellings 10296 or 10355, make sure the oil O ring is installed correctly double triple check, also change the balancer seal while you are in there, and will need to re-silicnone the corners, make sure the front cover is bolted on first with a alignment tool or have the balancer on before tighten the cover so the seal is centered, when reinstalling, please make sure they do not just put in push-rods they need to be around .060 on the plunge .100 is to much for a car hitting the rev limiter, so you will need to measure at least each side, then for safe keeping, when you are doing this or the person doing this I always take pictures of the timing marks lined up, so just incase the does not run or something feels funky I can go back into my pics to make sure I did not have a moment of fogginess
  13. J Alper

    WTB 35.5 x 17 no 2

    depends on the shape you are looking for, I have 2 they are 2 seasons old paddle in good shape but each one has a patch/plug

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