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  1. J Alper

    Interesting "Pop" out of an LS1

    That is very bad advise I have seen allot of issue with a temp gun look at the HP TV on power block, take a little drop of water near the end and water and should sizzle like water in a pan, heat gun will make you run circles
  2. J Alper

    Foddril finished by GIESER BROS duel sport

    I love a great fight have only seen a couple of dueling cars at monster jam, LOL I thing you mean Dual Sport
  3. J Alper


    so someone does not get confused with the style of DD car, I think you mean in the add Desert - Dynamics Dual sport used for Pre-running, not the prerunner chassis
  4. J Alper

    Desert Dynamics duel sport

    what kind of weapons does if have for fighting LOL Duel is to fight Dual is more than one purpose good looking car,
  5. J Alper

    Disc Brake kits? (Which one)

    what motor and trans, if you go to the 934, then all your CV issues will go away, all the microstub kits works well, if you stick with the 930 kit, then I would do a latest rage, they hold up fine, RBP makes the most affordable the empi is about the same price as a Empi, Gray Area is a full billet hat so no adapter, the jamar is nice all anodized, most brakes use the same parts so the quality if very close to the same,
  6. Right on looking forward to the build thread
  7. J Alper

    Sheet Metal fab shops where & who ?

    I also Like Metaltech motorsports, but it is in vegas, king adam did my hood looks great but was to busy to the rest, Justin At metal tech, is really good you can see his work on IG 702 767-2943 Jones fab has done a couple of cars but is very mean to his customers don't really get it,
  8. Also think the chassis is sold will confirm with Dale
  9. no different than a Desert Dynamics, it is a Desert Dynamics Dave has the Buggy Works Sand Works Dual Sport Pre-Runner 1-3/4 Pre-runner 2'' Pre-runner Radius Pro
  10. give dale a Call see what he will take
  11. J Alper

    Welding location for shock tube advise

    I think some more side pics will help, on my DD car it took some time to get it correct, I would start with paper, then sheetmetal after you get it with sheet metal then pretty easy to transfer it to .125 plate,
  12. Dale wanted to build it but his shop is hurting so he needs it gone, if you someone is thinking about a chassis, I would call him, nice start
  13. Dale K Is selling the Chassis his Phone Number is 702-204-0127
  14. Post for a Friend $2700 OBO Desert Dynamics Buggy works Chassis Has the 10'' travel Arms Combo Spindles Steering Rack and Spreader bar, and Rear Trailing arms for Micro Stubs Will Need Shock Towers for the rear Tabbed For Seats and Steering
  15. J Alper

    Theft prevention ideas. Buggies, Tow Rig, etc.

    I feel the issue with most of this is that thieves go in casing the trailer and a game plan I did have a idea where you have a small hook in the ground and hook a separate emergency brake lock and battery, like the break away so at least if they are having trouble getting it, they just might abandon the idea, so some kind of trailer brake lock that they can not figure out, it might be some work but they have mechanical hand brakes for trailer like a tilt bed, if you can lock up a pair of wheels they might unhook and just leave it

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