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  1. If I hit some and there flag is smaller I simply get out of my car break there flag explain to them my car is bigger and slash there tires and then make them pay for scratching my prerunner and hold their family hostage. but seriously I like to run up over 90mph in the dunes at dumont don’t care about the minimum I ordered a 10-foot whip from buggy whips in the center and 2 lighted whips on the pass and driver side. on the 10 foot I run the standard buggy whip flag so it does not bend over and if a sxs in front of me, well the big dog eats first.
  2. I don’t know if I would have touched the fuel pressure what was your reasoning behind that. what system are you running most factory system you can look at all components with a scan tool or HP Tuners
  3. That would be a down grade but ok. for the ECM the mefi is simple and is the worst of the modern ECM it is a batch fire system we see so many issues and the timing scales are limited and they are expensive for the same price a Holley or a AEM is way better the big issue with the factory system are people don’t want to buy a new ECM put in a 20 year old mefi ECM and same results
  4. Had a 68 but really feel the 65 with the two tone is hard to beat. love the 65 front lights with the small turn signals and the long hood.
  5. Did you try aliexpress i know you don’t want a knock off but some good looking light bars that work good if you look the only thing American about vision x. Is the distribution warehouse is in the USA unless you want killer performance at a premium price I would just check out aliexpress
  6. There is just to many Sighn drive “drive like chit” sxs owners that never grew up around any desert sport get a sxs put a huge boom box on the rack then drive strait over the dunes and get in front of a sand car duning fast and they don’t have allot of respect for someone going fast.
  7. Fuuk yea finally someone said it. I run during the day 8 foot whip and if I hit you and you have a 5-6’ whip then it’s your fault
  8. You be surprised what some cars have for travel my DD prerunner was advertised as 22” of travel. It really only has 19” and some advertised 20” travel card only have 17-18” so I would say you are good.
  9. that is a great mod solves most issues with them, this is the best mod I have done to a SXS
  10. it not a bad angle, really you do not want more than 90 degrees of arm to shock angle at full bottom out, this is mostly a problem with the rear on 4 seat cars, you can get more travel with the shock being closer to the center, but not going to happen with those spindles, will need to be wider, due to you will lose the turning ability at full droop if you want to replace the spindles and modify the arms, you can pick up a couple of inches, like a buggy works or a Extreme Eco, if you want a better ride quality, go with the internal bypass and SHAFT mounted bump like on a razor shock, King and Fox make them, huge difference on ride quality
  11. I see this all the time, that is pretty funny when they try to unbolt the motor and leave the adapter plate, I will say I have had 1 true experience in 20 years where the motor really did not want to come out, the pilot bearing froze on the main shaft and was would not come free, then the bearing finally broke and the motor came out
  12. to show you how serious it is for Southern Nevada, last year we had 20 death from the normal flu in 12 months, this year in 3 months we have had 38 deaths, depends how the rest of the year goes, it could be anywhere for Nevada 2-10 times more deadly, and we had Zero deaths when the stay at home was implemented, the normal flu everyone was going about normal with half the cases all year
  13. thank you everyone, starting to feel 45 lol, this made my day thanks again everyone
  14. I am ready for season 4 West World is good starts out slow first season but it worth it, all the californiacation fans should like TrueBlood good time to start Game of Thrones again, Project Bluebook was good,
  15. The breaks that you have look like the old Jmar, I had the same issue with the older jmar, quick fix would be to just run a washer, but that not what we would do, depending on how the rear seal sits, I would put a spacer behind the Race to move the bearing farther apart, but running a washer should work, the aluminum nut can be dangerous, they strip out pretty easy, the 7075 made in the USA did not have a issue but I don't know if anyone is really making them anymore, the steel ones is what you should use,
  16. couple of things running the cable off the transmission kick down is not a great idea, a better smoother option is the cable that raps around the TB or weld on a longer tab the picture below will allow you to hook up the morse cable and use the picture to wrap around the Throttle body, also make sure the morse cable is in good shape move it by hand and make sure everything is smooth, as of a return spring , I run one but for a cleaner look I run one on the throttle pedal back to around the morse cable mount,
  17. with this style fuel pressure regulator they do not hold pressure, it should blead off as soon as the ignition shuts off, the speed of the bleed off will be determined on the fuel pump, some fuel pump have a one way valve and will hold pressure longer, most aftermarket pumps will bleed off in about 2 seconds, the longer you wait to start the car after the ignition switch turns on the HARDER it will be to start it, to wait 15 seconds after starting these cars it might loose all the fuel pressure, then crank and build it back up again after turning on the ignition, most fuel injection system will prime for 6 seconds and then loose all pressure, See how it starts after you turn on the ignition and only wait 2 seconds then start or cycle the ignition 2 twice and on the second time hit the start button after a second or two and see if it starts, If you really want the rail to hold pressure they make one way fuel fittings that you can put on the inlet, these can help hold pressure, if you have a check valves after the pump and it does not hold any pressure, then first see inside the regulator check ball, the ball should seat flat if there is a burr or a flat spot it can blead off pressure, I really only wait about a second after the ign on to start the car, if the car has sat for some time, sometimes I will cycle it 3-4 times until I can hear the fuel shooting back into the tank and then if fires right up
  18. Why would it hold pressure after the pump turns off, Your not one of those guys that waits for the pump to turn off to try to fire up the car, are you,
  19. J Alper

    LS t-stat

    yes unlike most motors, the stat is on the inlet, you can fill the water from the upper hose and bleed the air out of the steam ports by loosing them, or just drill a couple of 1/8 holes like on page one, and this will make your life easy to fill the motor
  20. J Alper

    LS t-stat

    Make sure to add the holes that way it will fill with water so you do not have to vacuum fill it.
  21. Title miss leading, I live in Clark County in Nevada and just got back From Armargosa in Nevada
  22. J Alper

    LS t-stat

    i have had one fall out, and have to chase a heating issue My next one will be a redline or still weld them in
  23. J Alper

    LS t-stat

    I have had one freeze plug fall out and some pumps are very odd size. I make my own on the lathe and weld them in. Then I have some brass plugs fit tight. Cbm uses a retainer compound. the redline might be the easiest way also putting a hole in the center is not the best idea The concept is to bleed as much air out so if I do a hole it is all the way left

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