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  1. I would double shear the steering heim and add a gusset, if you are running 8.80 then a combo works good if you are running 10.75 then needs a 2'' snout, I would rather be safe, so on the combo, I do not run the aluminum nut has stripped them out, if it does have aluminum nuts I would change them to a steel nut, so if they do come a little loose they do not strip off the spindle
  2. holly crap, I grease mine every 3-4 days of use
  3. Needs 2'' hollows, and most people like myself or LRS would use a after aftermarket fuel regulator, I think just posting pictures will help find the parts you need, allot of experience on the board with what is now typical
  4. think Paul still has it, I would call him, 602.570.3474
  5. they are sold, I delivered them to FlipFop DWB is your best bet
  6. for me it is instant, not slow at all, might be your side
  7. its all slang, the size of the joint V21, part of the old serial number had 934 in it, the racers called them 935 with a 35-spine axle, and some have a 934.5 when it has a 1/2 hole instead of the 12mm hole and then that leads to the 935.5
  8. I also have them in a broached 35 spline
  9. it is a little valve you turn to drain the fuel out of the bowl, it has 4 bolts the part can be purchased at ford, when you remove it, it looks like a small ball valve, just replace the full part F81Z-9A153-AA
  10. anytime paul glad they worked for you, we mostly don't see them breaking just dent on the bodies a little more than the GKN,
  11. I have done both but most do 20an on bottom and 16 on top for the return
  12. my craftsman set I got when I was 15 years old is still going strong about 30 years old now, I have purchased new craftsman sockets and they last a month, complete difference in quality,
  13. I took the black valance off my 2011 and painted the bolt on valance part of the bumper black.
  14. I have not dealt with any sockets from Matco or snapon i have both there ratchets. Anyone have any issues from the matco sockets.
  15. the SK sockets from McMaster Carr lasted less than any other socket I owned was super disponed
  16. we just machined one for @Casey4646 for the reverse handles, had to make a special pocketing to hold the bearing on the other side but got it done
  17. working on all the 12pts on the LS motors destroying some sockets and was afraid to go to the Matco website for sockets, and the sockets are about or cheaper than the ones from McMaster car and Lowe's, why the hell I waited so long, LOL so don't be afraid to go to the Matco Website might be shocked on some tools that are affordable
  18. just seen one style of the honda that looks pretty close to this factory, see this all the time in Utah and in Dumont with a 100K sand car, the 1000cc to me is the glorified golf cart for visiting friends sometimes I get crazy with it and get up to 15 miles a hour
  19. for our brakes, snouts and nuts with .380 backing plates and your spindles converted all labor and material is about $1600.00
  20. that would do it for me LOL

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