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  1. I always loves the way the albins shifter feels we are now producing shifters for the Seq Trans have done some testing and think they work pretty good couple of pics of the shifter before paint
  2. lol, as you know most DD sand car guys call the chassis a dual sport, then the dual sport guys call them Prerunners,
  3. Contact John Gaytan 909-229-8397 $68,000 or best offer Good Friend John Has to sell his car trailer and MoHo due to some misfortune Desert Dynamics 2'' PreRunner Chassis Assembled by OTR Car has Very Very little use, was used for a couple of Photo Shoots then went to some industry events then sat for a couple of years, then purchased last year by John John had the Car Tuned by Alan at Extreme, Alan also Cleaned all the filters and pulled the tank apart to clean and inspect, CV's checked and greased, John has took this car out twice, So basically this is a new car, with only 2 dune trips Desert-Dynamics 2'' Prerunner Chassis Albins Sequential 5 Speed Turnkey ls2 with Kenny bell supercharger Proamm midboard microstubs Front Proamm 4 piston 2'' Hollow brakes Fuel-Safe Fuel Cell Bilstein 9300 Black-Hawk Billet Aluminum 3.0 in rear Shocks Bilstein 9100 2.5 in Front 5 Real Carbon Fiber KC Pods on the roofrack 4 MasterCraft Seats Chassis is 2'' Tubing Avcom car to car with Vertex radio Howe 2.5 Power Rack with Billet Aluminum Spreader Tire and Wheel Packages Has Dirt and Sand Tires Dirt Tires are 37'' Toyo's MT on Walker Evans beadlocks NEW Champion Beadlocks NEW STU 12.50 Sand Masters NEW STU 35.5 Paddles purchased 6 months with full receipts on tires and rims $68,000 OBO
  4. Damn those are fighting words lol it is a True Desert Dynamics pre-runner chassis, would think it is about the same as my car, mine came in on a set of Longacre scales at 3600, on the same scales the Tatum black widow was 2300 and the gen V funco was around 1950 holds 27 gallon fuel cell I talk to John today and think he was keeping the car, but that can change from month to month
  5. J Alper

    LS7 vs LSX454

    I have owned both and built many of both I have also had both in my car, I don't know you car, but for my application the iron block is way better, I have a DD car with boxed front arms, I hated the aluminum block in both my DD boxed and non boxed DD cars, these cars are very heavy in the front and the aluminum block for me made it over steer Both motors for a crate engine do need work for a sand car, LSX block, this was designed for strength in mind with low extended RPM use, the LSX has only 2 drain back holes .400 front and rear and pools up oil and has bad oil control in the upper end and can starve the motor, this motor does not contract or expand as much as other blocks so it loosed oil pressure quicker than a aluminum block when oil temps get over 220, we change the oil pump out to a M355 and add a copo camaro style spring but with more spring tension, this will help this motor out, we sell the oil spring for around $22 if you need one or they are $100 from GM, I really like my 454 spins up like any ls motor, my personal motor was built from the bottom up from us, we added 6 upper drain back holes like the RHS block and went to head studs and TIE BAR lifers, don't like the factory guides, LS7 motor used, we have had ls7 blocks that have had cracked sleeves or worn sleeves, the motor factory I would not use, to make it easier we covert them to a WET SUMP like a ls1, like Bruce said at CBM we change out the valves, I like the del west Ti valves but check them for straightness, we also use SS or Inconel Exhaust valves and upgrade the guides to a performance bronze guide, no matter if the motor is brand new or used, also you will want to add a real cam and dual springs and chromo pushrods to the LS7, the factory titanium rods are stronger than a stock ls rod but not even close to a H beam rod like the LSX or Stroked motor kits, also the LS7 sleeves are thin and can crack or wear easy so be carful on a used motor, this is a great block for DARTON Sleeves My opinion, and I get opinions everyone has, is that if the car can handle the weight the LSX will need less modification for a sandcar if purchasing new, if you are stuck on aluminum another option that we do allot that is popular is DARTON Sleeving the block, not all blocks can be sleeved, the ls1 is very thin and can crack and leak water, the LS3 is also not a good block to sleeve and is very thin, the LS2 and the 5.3 block has the most cast aluminum, and works the best, you can also sleeve the Iron block, when sleeving a block we stay around 4.165 so we can use a factory style gasket, if going bigger it will be a cometic style gasket and the R finish is Hi so they can leak, unless both the heads and the block meet the R finish so unless you can get a RA50 finish you can have a issue,
  6. Correct John is taking the car out this weekend, I will see if he is keeping or selling, it really depends on the construction market in socal
  7. J Alper

    CV Grease

    I just have never been impressed with the swepco, the belray I thing I would try with a mantek mixed with belray, the swepco was just so thin by itself it leaked out, and the belray was really chaulcky after a couple of heat cycles,
  8. J Alper

    CV Grease

    the issue I had with Belray mix was the cvs pitted the first season on a new set of GKN's but they never clicked
  9. J Alper

    CV Grease

    for me on a sand car Belray was the worst, it got very chaulky, also belray is a anti seize that is why some mix it, still feel the Mantek is one of the best for a Sandcar
  10. J Alper

    CV Grease

    I tried the Mantek now certified labs years ago, for a sand car works amazing, it was the Elite, with C-sulfite now we went to the Extreme for higher heat with A-sulfite, we sell them for $17 a tube, I have tried, Bellray, Bellray mixed with 101 molly, straight 101 Moly, Cat Gold, Neo, and RCV Moly so far the Mantek/Certified has held up the best to staying tacky,
  11. J Alper

    Can Anyone Beat A Funco?

    the good thing about a funco, is that the chassis has not changed below the dash so you are buying a 2005 car with 2019 pricing,
  12. J Alper

    Garage model 5ers

    most 14 foot garages are around 43-foot, so might be hard to find what you want,
  13. J Alper

    CV issues

    So what do we do with the Chenweth Guys they have a double A arm in the back, should we seclude them to all conversation, just joking
  14. J Alper

    GPS reccomendation

    works like a HD series Lowrance, but is cheaper running it for 2 years now with internal antenna it is a Hook series, without fish finder I use a hook 9 but they make a hook 7 and hook 5
  15. J Alper

    parking ticket advice

    at least they did not tow it, that could have been $200-500 really depends on what your time is worth, I would pay it and just move on for me it is not worth the frustration of going on and on with this company, but like I said it is really what your time is worth
  16. J Alper

    CV issues

    OG duners is torsion tube, millennials and newbies - rear trailing arm support housing tube
  17. J Alper

    CV issues

    if you have a v8 fortyfour I will send you our tensioner, if not tell us where to send it
  18. sorry only have one tire left
  19. I have 5 Baja TA's on New RaceTrim by Empi Beadlocks with BTR Anodized Rings, Tires are 35''x15'' wheels are 15'' x 7'' measures closer to 7.5'' back spacing is 2.500 bolt pattern is the VW wide 5 5x205 for those not familiar with the VW wheels I had plans of taking the car in the desert but never happened, have been sitting for 2 years in the shed and purchased from another board member, 2 tires have 100% tread the other 2 have over 90% and the tire that has no rim looks about 80% can get you a measurement with the dial calipers to be most accurate New these tires are $650 each and the rims new $264, each comes with Porsche ball style open face lugnuts Over $4000 dollars in tires rims nuts valve stims when New, Asking $1500 or best offer, located in Las Vegas and can ship on a pallet
  20. J Alper

    Game Of Thrones

    I think they will kill her like the killed her father for burning the town to the ground, Does she kill Terian for letting his brother free, will John Snow kill the Dragon Lady, I wish they had more than one more episode left, think it will get cut short,
  21. J Alper

    Desert Dynamics Chassis

    To help out your add, it is a DD Sand Car Chassis looks like a 2007 and up, it has the 2007 Dual Sport Arms with the 2007 Dual Sport bulk head
  22. J Alper

    Power steering

    not sure what unit at EpowerSteering , but it looked like Kartek was cheaper and more complete
  23. J Alper

    Power steering

    I can see going to electric if you had no steering, but everything is there so you can make a new bracket wider then add a pulley between them and you are done at very low cost,
  24. J Alper

    Power steering

    see how much rap is around the 6rib, on the balancer and the power steering, this is done by adding the idler between the balancer and the alternator, so on your setup it would be like the alternator
  25. J Alper

    Power steering

    why would it not squeal? if you look at the ls1 belt line they almost have 75% wrap around every 6 rib drive pulley if the bracket was refabed to add a idler pulley between the power steering and the balancer, than that would fix the squealing issue,

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