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  1. on the hotcam 2, are you just using a 660 raptor cam? cuz all i saw was a mudbuster from hotcams. for the rhino anyways.
  2. looking at installing my 686 kit soon, anybody done the testing for what cams are good for what? and any advice?
  3. NOT A DRAG RACE BUT?http://pittraffic.com/thepit/viewtopic.php?t=2924&highlight=flight
  5. fulbore innovations has pulled out of dune fest at wichester bay and went back to coos bay here's the link http://www.originalsandfest.com/
  6. i thinkwe as a whole need to keep an eye on crap like this you cant blame the dirtbag lawyers they are just trying to make a buck and its got to be better than chasing ambulance"s the problem is it is hard to find the time to defend the side by side industry when eveyone on the offense is making money from it
  7. looks like a cool way to mount, the hids are bitchin too!
  8. have to side with the k+n never had a problem, ive always used uni's or foam filters for the mud only cause the k+n plugs up too quick
  9. these lights are cheap enough i got 2 extras for replacements, as far as ballasts going bad ive had people swear up and down the trail tech hids are crap but ive had 2 scmrs and 3 of the 4 inch on my rhino without any trouble, and they were twice the money with half the light
  10. mid travels seem to clearance themselves, advice i got was let em clearance themselves they do a clean job and dont seem to hurt anything then you dont have to worry bout getting them even, and have to agree i run 25-10-12 on the back and 25-8-12 on the front and air em down to 5 lbs, works bitchin however if your looking for light im gonna try a set of 489's on douglas wheels this year. it dont get much lighter than that unless you go to skats and douglas
  11. one morre thing to add, if the wet clutch is lubed by engine oil, i ran fully synthetic before and had it start to slip the clutch on my banshee
  12. like i said, they're cheaper and i have yet to run into one person who had anthing bad to say about them. i just figured i would try something else and be the guinea pig, go with something that is proven, and quit gloating kob :Eff U:
  13. go buy a new kawasaki and let us know if it is anygood
  14. i bought a set of works adjustable rebound and dampening and never was able to dial them, meanwhile i wasted 2-5 day weekends while several of my buddies drove around on bilsteins and didnt need to adjust chit, i went with the theory that if i spent the extra money on fully adjustable i would be able to dial them in to exactly what i wanted i was seriously wrong. however i would like to say that works was excellent about it and refunded me my money in full but still i tried $2000+ worth of shocks while all of my buddies were running around on $1295 bilsteins with no adjustment, but they had no reason to adjust they were perfect for everything they encountered.
  15. carlisle 489's $61 ea for 25-10-12 at wal-mart

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