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  1. I have an opportunity to score a nice looking 2018 24’ toyhauler. What’s your thoughts or experiences with Blazen???
  2. Hey Honda guys, I’ve got a bit of a puzzle for you to figure out. I scored a lo-mileage 05 TRX450R, no scratches on frame, suspension. Owner didn’t ride it offroad, only same pavement, even the oils n brake fluid looked like original. I dropped all the stock suspension off, put on the same stuff I used to use on my desert bike (Elkas, plus A-arms, wider axle, protaper anti-vibe bars n mount, FMF anti-vibe, etc). Only difference is that I went with a thick plastic frame skid vice aluminum. Well, it has this wicked vibration in mid range that comes up through the handle bars, makes my hands buzz, gets painful and have to shake my hands to clear it Most noticeable in whoops, but also at speed on flat roads Checked and rechecked all bolts, pipe doesn't touch frame. Starts first kick, idles perfect, runs well. I am at a complete loss as to what this could be. Talked it over with Northern NV shops, not much help. Some though crank going bad or timing was off (don’t agree with timing) C’mon GD.Com crew, can ya help me out? (all fluids were flushed, they were clean, new clutch plates, new bearings everywhere, IMS tank, new controls. Vibration wasn’t there before the change out)
  3. Seems the weight is similar to Big Block and LS series, and RPMs similar to Honda/Subaru; cost is about the same as a nice LS built motor. Curious
  4. Am looking to get a new toyhauler. Going bumper-pull again, since I want to use it in mountains and not always be worried about tree branches. Will haul one SxS. Have been looking at Sandstorms, the 28’ models. But am also looking for it to be “all season” treated. Saw the new Attitudes have an “all-season” tag. So GD.com crowd..... opinions on the two lines?? Thoughts on all season (wish you could order at factory with better insulation and weatherproofing)
  5. I agreee. Curious as to what it took to build a new car like that. I’ve seen orhers, but they aren’t Peters’ cars.
  6. Built by Peterbuilt Fabrications out of San Marcos.
  7. I sold mine a few years ago, and miss it. Haven’t seen any pics or heard what happened to it. Though I have an XX now, miss the buggy. If anyone hears of my old one, or one that someone is considering selling, PM me. Pic is my old car.
  8. Cool. Got his contact info? NM..got it
  9. Hi y’all, I used to un Wired Whips on my buggies, loved how strong they were. I am looking for something equally as strong for my Wildcat XX. Want to run 6’ whips, that are very durable and don’t bend easily. I don’t care about all the guccie light controls, or changing LED colors. Ability to withstand abuse, and lighted, fits my bill. So which are the strongest whips out there now?
  10. Why is that so many small shops are chargng double the price of OEMfor half the labor and materials? Don’t give me the blah blah about R&D, jigs, etc. Rockers for $500; small front or rear bumpers for $500; etc. You attract customers by offering quality for a little bit more. I wouldn’t mind paying 300-350 for some of these parts, but twice as much for half the work n material?? People will stick with OEM
  11. Can’t make it to the Sand Sports Show, I assume there will be some stuff there for the XX that is new. Post pics and links. Want to see what’s out there
  12. Exactly! If you buy a $23K car, and then have to spend $2k to get a SAFE cage, what's the point? Everyone who has taken the XX for a ride, with an open mind, walks away impressed, and saying it rates 5 stars. Even Shock Therapy points out that it rocked the Baja compared to other SXS, even turbo and full race versions. (youtube it) Sandhos will always want more juice, but I'm pretty sure the XX will be a good ride in the dunes even without the turbo. I ordered mine, and look forward to getting it
  13. Excellent post! So I drove one today, and it was grrreat!! Since I am not a sand-only guy, no turbo is okay. True, I will miss the LS, but Northern Nevada has ZERO support for any true buggy like SoCal does. Summit Racing looked at me funny when I told them I wanted to root around in their AN fittings shelves. Sold the buggy two years ago. Anyways, after comparing to what’s out there, the XX has my vote, and may indeed get the cash. I wish Honda had delivered, but I am tired of waiting, and based on the photos, the Talon doesn’t look all that sporty. Only issue I had was that the brakes were sooooffffttttt!!!! When I told the service manager that the brakes needed bleeding, he tried to tell me “they are set up that way so you don’t get wheel lock-up”. Guess I’ll getmine from another dealer. Am looking at an early November purchase, one of the 19’s when they get here. Thanks for all the input

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