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  1. Have a buddy in need of a front bath/kitchen 23' or so toy hauler. Needs to have on board gen and fuel station. Show me what you have!! Thanks!!
  2. That's the true meaning of "He's slowed down" LOL
  3. My buddy is looking for something for his small farm. I think this will be perfect. I will hit him up later. Thanks
  4. I'm going to get to do this to my buddy's trailer....
  5. That's my buddies trailer to the right. I'll be there tomorrow
  6. My buddy just got to Glamis and in the gecko loop the made it a one way street, In the wrong damn direction.
  7. I stopped by a few weeks ago. It's BADASS!! New and used parts, Engines sitting all over and badass rails!!
  8. Stanley is a large company that will buy companies to leverage manufacturing, and even for tax write offs We don't come on these sites to work, as soon as people know what we do, Warranties will come flying out. We won't make money here. There's no way I would charge someone here full price for my product. <<<< not strap on...lol

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