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  1. I bent the cross bar to go below the intake on my last car and installed tubing connectors on both sides to make it removable when pulling motor and trans. I also put an upper bellhousing mount on the cross bar to help with strength on mounts.
  2. If you decide to separate I’d like to buy 2 of them. Thanks.

    Sand Jack

    Are you going to be out for Veterans Day weekend?


    Thanks again Jugernaut it’s not often you get quality budget and scheadule all at the same time but you my friend nailed it. FCAC1A37-DE35-45FD-9EB0-74CE1CBFF93A.MOV
  5. Had my car re wrapped at Aviwrap in Beaumont. They did an amazing job and went above and beyond expectations. If anyone considering a new wrap give them a chance you won’t be sorry. 91472752-4762-4AD6-819A-CE8B049EA752.MOV D2570ADF-CD09-44AA-9E26-F94EE9854659.MOV
  6. Ok maybe Sunday if your around we can come take a look at it?
  7. What was the turn around time on having those done?
  8. More than anything torque kills the tranny. There’s a big difference between 350 hp out of an eco motor and 350 hp out of an LS. That’s why so many people have good luck with the 091 box hooked up to smaller motors.
  9. I ran a 3.5 Honda with an 091 and when I had Wright gearbox freshen it up Rick said it was good to about 300-350 depending on driving skills. I always ran higher air pressure and was careful about loading and unloading the paddles under power.
  10. Been thinking about doing that to the sand wheels.

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