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  1. I think experience makes the good leader. Someone who knows when to cruise and then grab gears for the fun stuff. When you have a group of friends that have been together for a long time it makes it easy. Everyone looks out for one another. We all had kids growing up in the sand so there was a time and ride worked in for everyone. Even the moms that just wanted to go to the top of the hill with a cocktail to watch the sunset. Its all good....
  2. Cheese on a hook.....We caught everything ….even a pissed off pike that had mean teeth. didn't want to go wakeboarding after that
  3. This family wanted attention and they got it. Hell its blowing up IG, facebook, GD.com etc.. Just alone here this is a smoking hot topic. I've been at the canal for successful jumps and unsuccessful jumps. The one thing they had in common was a clear landing area....Not bouncing uncontrollably into a mini forest of bushes. That was a RCH from being on the web for all the wrong reasons. ….He made it which is bad ass!
  4. Tyco slot car tracks were the best. Used to groove the tires with scissors cause mom wouldn't let us play with knives...
  5. dadscab

    Power steering

    I was worried about that as well so I sealed it up . I don't think its a cheaper unit per say....But if money was no option I would have spent it on a kit. My friend got one from hndarcr and loves it.
  6. dadscab

    Power steering

    I got the main unit from ebay, the dial controller and coupler from epowersteering. Totall cost was around 300$ with wiring, relay etc...
  7. dadscab

    Power steering

    I just installed the electric power steering kit on my car and what sold me on it was that even if the unit went out... it still would steer like it did before I installed the unit. Got my stuff through ebay for cheap. Bought the adjustment dial and a special coupler from epowersteering. Man what a difference!
  8. 1st wave mainly but love hair nation and Ozzy's boneyard. Even throw in the old school rap station when needed. Love the Saturday night safety dance with DJ Bueller....
  9. 3/10 of a mile. I live a block and a half from work... Usually walk and takes about six mins.
  10. I think the newer stuff is mower power friendly but I still love my Zapco.. Its all about the price range you want to get into with amps.. HiFonics still puts out a good power amp for the price.I was still using my Z220 and system two hundreds until someone broke into my truck and literally yanked them out. Bastards....
  11. Man this stuff really sucks...I totally agree that the border needs to be protected and this caravan crap has to stop. But as someone who has time and money invested into property down in Baja, its going to really be a bitch if he shuts it down. What is SCORE going to do? ??Hell all my trips are on hold until Trump says yay or nay.. I really wouldn't mind spending some time down there but I don't think my work would like it if I told them I couldn't cross the border!
  12. Some coaches rock some don't...Some are there to get the lime light. Some actually try to teach. Both my daughters have had it both ways. My youngest played club volleyball for years then went to high school and made the JV team easily. Coach played favorites and crushed her. Went on to play water polo for the winter sport and just loved it and the coach makes everyone work hard. Right from the beginning he was very honest with the kids and parents. Starters are going to start. Subs are going to sub when needed and if your child works hard and pays attention they will play. My older daughter played field hockey since 6th grade. Played a lot of club ball and became ranked nationally for goalies according to Max Preps. She was playing club ball last year and we couldn't afford to send her to a tournament. The coach got mad..She still went to practices and even got one on one training with some coaches that we paid for. He never used her again.. ahole...Her next high school coach(that was retired) came back for one season to coach our team and took them to CIF finals. A great way to finish out her senior year..
  13. Dig alert does mark out sanitation lines. I know that we have our mainlines televised and that gives you the location of laterals from the closest manholes. You may be able to go to your city and get that info. The clean out should be at the back of the sidewalk or at the edge of the city right of way. The S should be dang close as they are stamped when the curb is poured and that usually prior to the house being built and the lateral is stubbed up. good luck!

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