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  1. Who defined "full bump" as having no tires? Where is that written? Measuring things with no tires is irrelevant to what's important, not to mention adds work and difficulty. You certainly cannot check tire clearance if they aren't installed. Having no tires provides no useful information, plus when talking about it...... no you have clarify... "Oh yeah, my full bump is without tires", which in reality makes no sense for what truly matters.
  2. If you're looking to upgrade to a 24' X 8.5' enclosed trailer with 96" opening, I'm looking to downsize to a 14 or 16'X8' enclosed trailer in good shape. My trailer is tiled inside, cabinets, floor tiedowns, spare tire, and an extra left side door to make it easy to load and unload a Funco sandrail. It also has a 45gal gas tank with high volume gas pump. I'm looking for a 14 or 16' X 8' enclosed trailer to downsize. I don't need a gas tank anymore. It must be white and in good shape. The trade negotiation would require added cash for this trade. The amount would depend on the condition and features of your trade. I'll try to add some photos later.
  3. 1999 Fleetwood Pace Arrow 33' on a Ford F53 chassis with their V10 300HP motor. One owner, NON SMOKER. RV is well maintained. You won't find a cleaner 1999 RV with less wear in this price range. No rust or rattles, drives great. This RV has LOADS of storage area, inside and out. The storage is the one of the best virtues of this RV, a very nice design. The rig can sleep 6 but 4 would need to be kids, or it can sleep 4 adults. This unit has no slides, but that means less rattles, more basement storage, and you will never get caught in the wild with a stuck slide that won't close. This RV is extremely comfortable to drive, the Flexsteel seats are great for long trips. The carpet is in great shape, except on the engine cover where it needs some work. All upholstery and carpet was protected with covers, so there's little fabric wear. I installed a small 650W inverter that powers a couple of sockets in the front entertainment center for TV, chargers, etc. The hydraulic leveler jacks work great, it has massive rams that are easy to use. The refrigerator has always worked great, cools down fast, and it's very clean. This RV has a real oven under the stove top, something many RV's don't have (convection microwaves just aren't the same). The RV also has a driver door, very convenient to have at times, something many RVs don't have. The microwave was replaced 3yrs ago, it looks like new. The RV also comes with a spare tire, which fits nicely in the pass through basement. Many new RV's do not include a spare tire, nor a place to carry one. This rig also has stainless steel wheel covers, making it easy to maintain, looking like new. It's got a factory class 3 hitch with electric brake controller setup for towing if needed. The awning is great, good size, provides very good shade. On the roof is a satellite dish with manual aim from inside. 30amp electric service provides power to run everything and two air conditioners. Tires have good tread, but should be replaced due to age. House batteries were upgraded with two 6V T105 batteries connected in series, they're in good shape. The 5500 watt Onan generator has 1100 hours on it, and they last to about 2500hrs. The graphics are unique, designed by me when I bought the RV new without decals. I would have no problem selling this RV to a relative or friend because I feel confident the next owner will love this rig. It's in better shape than many RV's only 5yrs old. It's a very clean machine. Available to view in La Habra. Email me at seaduner- at- gmail-dot-com LINK TO AD AND 40 MORE PHOTOS
  4. Fleetwood Pace Arrow on a Ford chassis, V10 motor, 300HP with Banks headers, runs fantastic. The 5500 watt Onan has 1100 hrs, it runs good, they have an expected 2500hr life if maintained properly. The hydraulic levelers work great, a very strong design by Power Gear. Shore power requires only 30 amp service to power both AC units. This unit is not a rattle trap like so many other used RV, it drives great and it's very comfortable for long distance drives. This unit has no slide outs, but in return you get a ton of basement storage. You will never be caught in the wild with a stuck slide out! Here's a link to see all the pictures. It sleeps 4 to 6 with 3 beds, ideal for 2 adults and 2 to 4 kids. The dinette and couch make into a small bed that's best for kids, but one adult fit either. You will be amazed how well preserved the interior is, as we always had protective towels, quilts and blankets to protect the upholstery and floors. This RV looks 5yrs old, but there are a few warts, small things that are cosmetic. Mechanically it's solid, runs great, drives great, and has very good power. The RV weighs 17,000 loaded and has a 22,000lbs total weight rating. Has a class 3 hitch, wired ready to tow. The split bathroom design is very convenient for family usage. The interior design is well thought out, good storage inside, as well as out. Has a small 800W inverter to power the small TV up front and a few other small things, but the inverter does not power all outlets. There is a satellite dish on the roof, manual aiming. Two air conditioners, 13,000BTU in front and 9500BTU in the master bedroom. You really have to see this RV to believe it's condition. I would have no problem selling it to a relative or close friend, that's how much I like this RV, and believe in it's integrity. The exterior graphics was done custom by me, you won't see another RV that looks like this one. Contact Tom Spurlock at 714-803-4598, I will tell you about the 3 cosmetic warts. I'm the original owner. $18K is firm, it's a sweet RV. The only reason for selling this RV is the wife wants something larger for our retirement rig.
  5. That looks like a Gen4. I owned a Gen 3, it's smaller, lighter, and less rugged.
  6. KMS in Arizona makes a nice air intake system. There's no way sand will get past using this setup. I have one on my RZR900, works very good and increases power a little, they say this is due to the shorter velocity stack length. The K&N has two extra layers of foam to triple filter sand out, but an increase in power results, which is impressive. It's not ideal for water or mud environments because the K&N is somewhat exposed to wheel water and mud splash, but if you're in the dry desert it's fine, I'm not that concerned. It's much easier to clean due to the easy access. The installation was pretty straight-forward, no surprises. Their install video helped set expectations before I started the R&R. The Dyno results in the video are compelling. Here's the video on the product.
  7. I recently installed Pro Armor doors on my 900XP. During the installation I had some issues. I'm wondering if this many issues are normal. 1. The fit of the door is off, see pictures below. The tubes don't follow the lines of the plastic very well. I can overlook non parallel designing, the problem that bugs me is the door frame rubs the plastic in the same spot on both sides. There was not enough adjustment to prevent this rubbing. I've noticed other manufacturers have tighter tolerances that following the lines better and don't rub the paint off. Have any of you have this issue or did I get a bad set of doors? 2. All the screws were too long that attached the door skins to the door frame. I had to buy 100 washers, using 2 washers per screw so I could tighten the nuts, otherwise the closed end nuts would bottom out on the screw-end, and all the screws would be loose. Did anyone else have this issue? 3. These 50 screws that attached the door (25/door) skin to the door frame are Allen head, requiring a 3mm allen wrench to installed. The problem is about 10 of the screws required a ~2.7mm allen wrench. My 3mm wrench wouldn't fit in the hole. Did anyone else experience this anomaly? It's probably some bad Chinese screws, that's my guess. Yes, you have to file a 3mm Allen wrench to fit this oddball size. SAE sized Allen wrenches didn't fit either. 4. Out of the 25 holes in the door panel, a few of the holes were so misaligned I couldn't install the screw. I purposely left all screws loose until I got all 25 installed, allowing for some wiggle room, but several were just too misaligned. Although the holes are somewhat larger than the screws to make up for bad tolerances, I still had to drill out a few holes so the screw could be installed. This of course ruins the power coating, however you don't see the drill marks after the screws are installed, and since it's aluminum it won't rust. I don't mind drilling out holes, but it just seems like a company like Pro Armor could do better with their manufacturing tolerances. 5. The gas cap hits the door frame when removing the cap. This makes it difficult to reinstall the gas cap. I estimate that just 1/16th of an inch more clearance would have alleviated this issue, but it should really have 1/4" more clearance IMHO. Has anyone else had that problem? 6. During my first weekend trip this Thanksgiving with my new doors, everything was fine on day one, they worked great. However on day two the driver side door kept opening randomly during rides. I double checked the latch alignment and it looked as perfect as it was when I first installed it. Door latch alignment is critical to good operation, and when perfect, it's secured with a final "stiffening bolt" that requires a hole to be drilled specific to each installation. This bolt permanently fixes the latch into it's final position to prevent movement. I'm not sure why the door is flying open. I may have defective latch, I'm really not sure. I need to call Pro Armor and ask. Has anyone else had this issue? 7. My wife complained the netting impaired her vision when looking left while driving. I agreed, being just 5'8" in height, her line of sight to the left was blocked by the net. The nets are supposed to prevent arms flying out during rollover, however it was more dangerous from a vision point. She just didn't feel safe with her vision blocked so we removed them. Have others had this issue? Seems like these nets could cause accidents due to impaired vision, I'm wondering how many Pro Armor customers actually use them more than one weekend.
  8. After looking into the front end issues the brace looks straight forward to install. 2011rzrxp900 sent me this link from Racer Tech which looks like a solid fix. As for the steering geometry changes mentioned from 2011 to 2012, I notice Racer Tech has a fix for that too with this $1200 A-Arm kit. Here's a blurb from this page on the Arm kit The Racer Tech RXP Arm Kit is a direct bolt-on replacement front arm kit which maintains the use of the OEM length shocks and axles while drastically improving the steering and handling characteristics. The 2012+ RZR XP 900 came with improved geometry over the 2011 version. Our kit improves even further than the advances of the 2012. The Racer Tech RXP Front Arm Kit fits all years and delivers better steering characteristics than any model RZR XP to date.
  9. Mike, that's some great input, I appreciate the detail. I thought my 900XP was a bit tight on leg room and I'm only 5-10, 195lbs. I'll check it out at the sand show next weekend. So what you're saying it if it fits me, the power, handling and suspension is definitely superior. What about reliability, have you had any unusual failures?
  10. I know this isn't a fair question, but does anyone have comments how the Maverick 1000 compares to the Razor 900XP. Obviously the Maverick should have more power, but what about overall quality? Is the handling any better, same or worse? Are there any specific things that someone likes about Maverick over the Polaris? I like the looks of the Maverick cage better, the styling seems nice enough, but I'm really interested in the handling and overall quality merits of each. I see MikeHoncho has both, can you throw in your two cents worth on this.
  11. Just to confirm, do you mean the cylinder valves? All 8 valves? Which aftermarket engine component was this you were reading about, a turbo setup? Exhaust system?
  12. One thread I was reading mentioned axles were changed in 2012. Does anyone know if that's true? I haven't seen any reports of axle failures, just curious if this needs upgraded to new axles also.
  13. So it appears the owners are pretty much happy with their 2011 900XP, is that fair to say? I'm also looking at buying a 2011 and curious what other owners are experiencing.
  14. Since the cat's out of the bag, here's a picture of "Fred" explaining the problem with his fuel pump, while John's in his car talking to someone on a cellphone.
  15. Did you pull one of these maneuvers on him? I know most rear engine V8's have a problem with this.

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