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  1. i know...just throwing it out there. boats are worth their weight in gold right now.
  2. Thought I would put this here...want a 2008 or newer Hallett 255 or 270 open bow Please let me know if youre looking to sell thanks rich
  3. I have no doubt this is where it came from...but if the US knew what was going on back two plus years ago, why didn't they start working on a vaccine then?
  4. You can cancel the VRBO without any issues. contact VRBO and tell them you dont want to travel due to the virus.
  5. this is cool...we go to Mammoth MX every year in June and we go to an empty parking lot to jet the bikes. We will try one of these OHV trails(even with a red sticker) this year so we can put an actual load on the motor to get good jetting. thanks
  6. the finals aren't in Vegas this year...stupid
  7. 4th of July is booked, but Labor day is available Rich
  8. TTT...memorial day is booked but there are plenty of open weekends available.
  9. desert storm is booked and the rest of the summer is starting to fill up
  10. I bought this Jeep to cruise around for a year and then give it to my daughter to drive to high school...but it came with beadlocks and she really doesnt need beadlocks. So I would like to trade for 5 wheels with 35" tires for these 5 beadlocks. The tires that are on the beadlocks are ok...probably around 1/2 tread left and the spare is brand new. let me know if you would be interested in such a trade. thanks Rich
  11. that would be my first thought too, but on my trailer, there is no external cover, jut the 4" by 4" exhaust for the heater. but mine is turning on and getting warm and you can hear the burners kick in and then immedietly shuts off a few seconds later. does this three times and then i have to shut power off to the trailer to reset it and it goes through the entire process again.
  12. i will give them a call thanks Rich
  13. I've got an extended warranty on my 2018 Attitude and the heater took a crap and you really cant get to it to service it so I would like to have a mobile guy come out to the house to service it. anyone know of a good one in the Riverside/Moreno Valley area? Thanks in advance. Rich

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