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  1. lardass

    Old SCU

  2. lardass

    Saco Steering Rack Issues

    All beam cars are. Also most, if not all, Buckshot cars are rear steer. I don't know why anyone building an a-arm car would design it to be rear steer though.
  3. lardass

    Saco Steering Rack Issues

    It is mounted up side down because it is meant for a rear steer application. Mounted like this the sand getting into the rack is a concern.
  4. lardass

    Old SCU

    very nice
  5. lardass

    2 seat mid travel. No motor

    Call Big Mike 661 619 1622
  6. Snadblaster chassis. Car was used 4 times as a standard travel car. Converted to mid travel with American made front arms, saco rack, stock gussets spindles and 6 inch beam. Rear arms are American made 3×3 with cnc brakes. Fox shocks. Rancho built 091 transmission. Transmission and all suspension parts used for 2 trips. Car has been stored inside since 2008. Car comes with the extreme paddles, not the desert tracks in pictures.. car is currently registered and tagged. Would like to sell whole for 7k. Possibly part out. MOTOR IS NOT INCLUDED. Willing to install ecotec for extra money
  7. lardass

    So it begins, My Gen 5 summer 2018 conversion, Outfront Style

    never as funny as I think I am. By the way the motor you guys built for my street car is running great, please tell Jeremy thanks.
  8. lardass

    So it begins, My Gen 5 summer 2018 conversion, Outfront Style

    Decorating for Christmas?
  9. lardass

    British Open

    Im sticking with Reed, he won me 15k with his masters win
  10. lardass

    Mid Travel Manx Build

    Sold car to my big brother a couple of years ago. He has recently finished, almost completely, and enjoying.
  11. lardass

    Jacuzzi question

    The difference between putting new guts in a 3-way valve or just o-rings is that putting new o-rings only will seal the valve from sucking air or leaking water to/from the outside. Water can still bypass the valve between all pipes which doesn't matter in certain valve locations in the system. Locations that we can't have water bypass between the pipes need to have the "guts" or diverter replaced.
  12. lardass

    Jacuzzi question

    If you show a picture of the valves it would hep. I am assuming you have 2 valves in front of the pump. If there is 2 the one closest to the inlet of the pump "divides" the spa main drain lines from the pool skimmer and cleaner lines that are tied to the other valve. If this valve ,the one closest to the pump, leaks it will let water from the spa main drains leak into the pool. This valve should have the guts replaced, the easiest way to do this is to buy an new valve and put all the guts in the old valve. The other valve in front of the pump that divides the skimmer and cleaner lines only needs the o-rings replaced. If there is only 1 valve in front of the pump put guts in it. More than likely there is only 1 3-way valve and a check on the return side coming out of the heater. If the check valve is in-line with one of the pipes going into the ground after the 3-way, which is the spa return line, replace the check valve guts and put an o-ring kit in the 3-way valve. If the check valve is in an equalizer pipe that connects the 2 pipes that go into the ground after the 3-way valve put the guts in the check valve and guts in the 3-way valve.
  13. lardass

    Jacuzzi question

    It depends on how the system is plumbed. The three-way valve that is closest to the inlet of the pump can definitely cause it. Depending on how the return side is plumbed, the valve that is on the outlet of the heater, can also cause it. If one valve is leaking it's time to rebuild them all. I would highly advise putting complete new guts in the valve closest to the inlet of the pump and the one on the outlet of the heater.
  14. lardass

    Jacuzzi question

    Replace the guts of the check vale and rebuild or replace the guts of the 3-way valves. On the valves there are 3 o-ring you can purchase in a kit and replace or purchase new valves and use all the guts out of it. Make sure to use lube intended for pools and not petrolium based when you reasemble.

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