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  1. How about some pictures of the equipment pad?
  2. These wheel s and brakes worked great for me on lots of cars. They were nice looking and had their place. I wouldnt call them "not very strong" but they dont belong on a 2000 lbs. plus car.
  3. Put these on a few sand cars back in the day. The ones I used were made by CMS wheel. They looked identical to the Bogarts. Dont know if CMS [custom metal spinning] is still around.
  4. All beam cars are. Also most, if not all, Buckshot cars are rear steer. I don't know why anyone building an a-arm car would design it to be rear steer though.
  5. It is mounted up side down because it is meant for a rear steer application. Mounted like this the sand getting into the rack is a concern.
  6. never as funny as I think I am. By the way the motor you guys built for my street car is running great, please tell Jeremy thanks.
  7. Sold car to my big brother a couple of years ago. He has recently finished, almost completely, and enjoying.
  8. fuel pressure regulator will act just like this.
  9. lardass

    Bump steer

    Grant, im diasapoined, they suckered you in before me.
  10. One wod, fuel pressure regulator
  11. Isnt this a mosebuilt you modified?

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