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  1. I am heading out this afternoon and am in North Fontana
  2. Anybody have one for sale? PM if you do.
  3. I have a set of 25 inch that I would let go for - smoking deal.
  4. Also, your VTec oil pressure screen could be clogged as well.
  5. Sorry to hear that! Are you using the OEM oil pressure port on the block?
  6. Who did the radius roof? It looks great!
  7. Does anyone know of a company in the inland empire that rents the equipment to weigh my sand car?
  8. What made the ProAm so much better? I am not apposed to dropping the extra coin, but want to make sure its worth it. Did you ever have to readjust once it was installed or is a set and forget about it kind of deal?
  9. No worries, I not really looked into the Fortin unit, but would welcome feedback on that one as well.
  10. I am looking to upgrade my shifter in the off season and wanted to see if anyone could share feedback on which model they prefer. Jamar version is about 200 bucks cheaper but not sure how it lines up against the Pro Am shifter.
  11. 25 inch, 930 Axles. 300M. Bought last week from Kartek but are too short for my car. Only used for mock up. We’re never ran in the sand. Kartek won’t take them back. 600 OBO, they are 700 at Kartek plus tax. 909-229-1874 open to trades as well.
  12. The car actually does not have limit straps, it uses the shock and coil over to limit travel. New axles were installed and all is fixed. Expensive mistake!
  13. Sorry to see that!! Always on the 5 yard line.

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