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  1. Did this sell? What are the dimensions between the A pillars?
  2. Holy Hell you know how to write a for sale add. You should do this for a living.
  3. Someone has to be going turbo with their J series soon. Open to offers!
  4. Such a clean ride and a great seller! Will def sell fast!
  5. Yup! Turns out my tuner ran it a bit ragged to get some extra power. made one of the rods look almost like a question mark. Safe to say I wont ever use him again. Rods and Pistons plus studs going in shortly.
  6. Bumping this as my motor started knocking today after its maiden voyage with the turbo.
  7. Selling the Injector’s out of my J series. They are rated at 550 and have been modified to fit the J series 98-03 rails and intake runners. Pig tails are included. Asking 400obo. They only have dyno time on them. Only reason for selling is I went to E85 and needed a bigger injector.
  8. If you do feel like tackling it yourself etrailer has great videos that explain every step and small detail.
  9. I would check eBay. I got both of mine brand new in box for close to 400 bucks.
  10. @realtreeHD I will take it if you can coordinate with Balin and @L.R.S. let me know and I can send you a Venmo or pay LRS as well.
  11. I ended up picking this up this past weekend. Needs some TLC but will be perfect for chasing my littlest around.
  12. Thank you, but am too tall (6,3) for it. Great deal

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