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  1. Replacing the trailing arm bolts on the car then relaxing.
  2. I did the same with a gallon of simple green and let the garden hose fill and run for about 20 minutes. Rinsed and repeated a couple of times and my fab guy was able to weld on it and fix the crack.
  3. Does anyone know what the total units that have been pre ordered?
  4. I sold a ranger earlier this year and I drove with the person to the bank and was with them at the teller when she took out the cashiers check. This pretty much eliminates any funny business that could happen.
  5. For the throttle cable there should be a piece that swings over to hold it in. Looks like the sell the complete unit below. https://www.pegasusautoracing.com/productdetails.asp?RecID=1075
  6. Any word on completed units for the SSSS?
  7. I would check eBay. I got both of mine brand new in box for close to 400 bucks.
  8. Hit Kartek and G&J, change oil on sand car after it was on the dyno, figure out what’s wrong in the tune that makes it run rich the. Die at operating temp. try to get some R&R in as well
  9. My car wash guy uses one from chemical guys and it gives the tires a new look versus shiny. Not a fan of the shiny look. No adverse affects noticed.
  10. @realtreeHD I will take it if you can coordinate with Balin and @L.R.S. let me know and I can send you a Venmo or pay LRS as well.
  11. I use the Vivint system and am super happy with it. Camera's are super clear. Stay away from the ADT setup. Pure garbage.
  12. In My honest opining buy the biggest trailer you can afford. Toy haulers fill up fast and the size you thought you needed will end up being too small. Also, being the truck you have, you could go 5th wheel as well. I have owned two tow behinds and now have a 5th wheel and the difference in towing is night and day. I used a WD hitch on both trailers and felt it helped with rear sag plus the anti sway help a bunch as well. Dumping is not bad at all. Make sure you use a really good chemical and there smell is very minimal.

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