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  1. I run an Aeromotive 100 Micron Pre Pump and 10 Micron After pump.
  2. Pricey but now you have a piece of mind for this season!
  3. How often are you guys repacking your trailer bearings? Trailer was purchased in Jan of 2020 but I have yet to pull the wheels of.
  4. Call Kep/Weddle. I am sure they have something in stock or can point you in the correct direction. Even check thesamba.com
  5. Was a great show and was totally packed! More whip Vendors than I have ever seen.
  6. I spoke with kenndy recently and for the Pressure plate bolts it will depend on which ones you have. 10.9 Bolts=27 lbs 8.8 Bolts=18 lbs
  7. My off road Fab guy is still $65.00 an hour but he is an independent one man show.
  8. What companies are you all using for your term life insurance?
  9. How difficult was the assembly and also installing the block guards?
  10. Dale the is man when it comes to deigns! He did some preliminary designs for my car and they were great!

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