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  1. Just keep in mind that the injection pumps go out in the LML causing thousands of dollars in damage. But that can be avoided with a Fass pump and filter set up.
  2. I have ran on 4 people that have it one of them have since died. All of the ones I ran on were 50 and over. This is REAL and pretty gnarly. We have right around 25 confirmed cases in my battalion and 3 deaths. These stats were from the other day. Also The National guard has set up a hospital with the anticipation of this getting worse. I recommend taking your vitamins and washing your hands well, and limit your exposure to other people especially if you are older and have any type of medical problems.
  3. Is this the video John??? https://youtu.be/OcRPRqd0V2A
  4. With your land and excavator all you need is a few large conex containers and you will have all you need.
  5. I have Simpson.. If you get new belts look into the pull up to tighten vs the older style of pull down to tighten. They get much tighter.
  6. Thanks guys for all the info. I will order a REM Ring and Pinon from weddle.
  7. So do you recommend getting the micro polishing done and not the cryo treatment? https://www.cryoheat.com/micropolishing-deburring/
  8. I found out it is $225-$250 to have the ring and pinion cryo treated and micro polished.
  9. Well this weekend I broke my trans. I believe it to be the ring and pinion still have to pull the trans and get it into the shop. So my question is, has anyone ever used cryo heat to strengthen there ring and pinion? Any plus or minuses to this process?
  10. Fireman

    SX / Motorcross

    That last race was great when the top 4 just pushed hard. I hope the season finishes like that.
  11. You can drain the oil and look for any chunks of metal on the magnet?
  12. Could it be the CV’s binding up?
  13. What kind of price are we looking at to get a car set up? Hourly rate? Or is it by the job? And do you have a contact number?
  14. I have heard Everlast has stepped up there game with welders. But I don’t weld for a living so I have little experience with all these different machines.

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