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  1. The solution to pollution is dilution.
  2. The old manat Kartek said it was the first one he has seen in his 20 years there.
  3. Man that guy with the rock in the eye is a lucky man.. I had a rough day a few weeks ago ,that damn wet sand got me..
  4. https://store.lci1.com/ora-9-500-x-5-000-x-1-500 https://store.lci1.com/products/chassis-components?___store=english&limit=36 Scroll through Lipert website and you will find all the hangers you want..
  5. Where is that rule at?? I just read the rules and regulations and did not see it anywhere..
  6. https://www.utvguide.net/2019-honda-talon/
  7. Well I don't know these all these guys personally. But I do know one or two and they they do not have the intention of hurting anyone and are huge supporters of the sport and Just want to enjoy racing their cars. I can't attest to what goes on in thier camp at night because I am not there. But why can't they enjoy their high speed runs???
  8. I am pretty sure they have the same smile on there faces as you do when you are out duning. No different then a kid driving a razor in the dunes you have to watch out for them as well. You just have to have some common sense and some awareness. They come to the desert to have fun too and that is there way of having fun.
  9. Oh I know exactly what a mistake or accident will do. Veterans day I was one of the first to the gentleman that lost his life in wash 16 when they were hauling ass and hit a kiddy track with no seat belts on. I go to Glamis to enjoy the dunes jump my sand car rip some dunes up. Just as the guys that want to Race their cars. We all go knowing that shit can happen at any time, But we still go to the desert for the rush. These guys are doing what they love If you don't like it don't go near where they are.
  10. Well then maybe you should go to a go-cart track were everyone gets to go the same way and the same speed. Come on now these guys love the sport just as much as all of us, they don't cause trouble they don't want to hurt anyone they just want to drag race. I am not a drag racer I love to shread the dunes in-fact 99% of the time I am in the dunes when everyone is at the drags. Let these guys have there drag racing that what they do and they do a pretty good job trying to spot any hazards that may arise.
  11. I see both sides of this argument for sure.. But there were no rules broken. They were more than 50 feet from any camp ,there were spotters and there is no speed limit. Where would like to see this race happen??? Any where you go in Glamis that this race can happen there will be people. Was the the guy on the quad at fault....Nope he has the right to ride there just as the buggy's do. But it did seem as the quad rider did not even look crossing an area that traffic usually goes the other way. So I say If you want to race get after it Just be careful and do what you can to avoid incident.
  12. I am running the Extreme Eliminator 14.50 X 15 Competitor cut or #2. I had the 14.50 x15 Sportsman cut #1 that were just way to small of a scoop for me. These tires are awesome in my book. They are a really flat tire similar to the dune sports that the funco's use. Powered by an Outfront 2.5 Subie with a Medi 2D.
  13. https://store.lci1.com/products/chassis-components?___store=english&limit=36

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