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  1. What kind of price are we looking at to get a car set up? Hourly rate? Or is it by the job? And do you have a contact number?
  2. I have heard Everlast has stepped up there game with welders. But I don’t weld for a living so I have little experience with all these different machines.
  3. What does the Funco nose cone do that is different than the regular Mendi nose cone???
  4. I took that Pic of Joel like 10 years ago. That was the weekend we had the pool in the Compound with Pipelayer
  5. I was looking at buying a sand car and found the classifieds from Glamis dunes on a internet search.
  6. Thank you all for the reply's I will call a few of these guys and get some quotes..
  7. I wouldn't pull the pulley off yet. I would take the 4 bolts holding the timing belt side covers on and take a peak in there first. It should be dry there may be some loose sand or dust in there but for the most part should be clean. I would inspect it and if there is oil then you might have to tear into it a little further.
  8. Thank you I will call them tomorrow.
  9. Do you have any idea on who can do it?
  10. I have a 2004 Sandcar and my powder coat is just getting old and I want to get it redone. Anyone have experience with getting powder coating stripped off and re-powder coated. Any shop recommendations in the Inland empire area. Also what kind of cost am I looking at?? Thank you.
  11. Might need a Brake rotor too...
  12. Oakley prism lens work great to see contrast!
  13. These work pretty good. They are Good up to 4 tons. I don’t have one but the camp next to us had one and used it on there F250

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