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  1. Fireman

    Honda Water Lines

    Awesome thank you
  2. Fireman

    Honda Water Lines

    Thank you sir. Would you happen to have any pics he is trying to figure out plumbing routes.
  3. Fireman

    Honda Water Lines

    I have a buddy that is looking for pics of how coolant lines are routed on a honda V6. So If you have any Pictures that you can post up that would be great.. Thanks.
  4. Fireman

    So it begins, My Gen 5 summer conversion, Outfront Style

    John your car is coming out nice. Also can you post a link to your new lights.. Thanks
  5. Thanks Carl. Pm sent to RaceceR
  6. They have a horrible website.
  7. So I need to buy some new Paddles where is the best place to get a good deal in So-Cal?? I want to Buy STU 33x15 Sand Blasters With a number 2 cut. Thank you
  8. I am sure they put out a great Pattern. But $599 for an 18'' led light bar is out of my league..
  9. Thats funny that you say that. I was just looking at this new Technology from PIAA Lights that I really want to try out.. I have never seen these led lights anywhere else before. http://www.piaa.com/yellowlightbars/auto
  10. Fireman

    Need help choosing CV joints

    I have ran these for a 6 years now and they still look great.. https://www.kartek.com/parts/kartek-off-road-lightened-and-polished-porsche-930-cv-joint-for-28-spline-axles-with-300m-cage.html Next Time I buy a new set I am going to have them CryoHeat treated and Micro polished they Claim to be much stronger.. The CryoHeat process changes the entire molecular structure making the metal stronger, more wear resistant and it dissipates thermal temperatures very fast. $60 for 930 and $75 for 934 http://www.cryoheat.com
  11. Fireman

    What seat belts would you buy?

    Simpson D3 with pull up tightining on the waist straps.. They are the most comfortable belts i have ever used. And can't go wrong with Simpson for safety!
  12. Just Don't due this near the water heater unless you like the Hospital.
  13. I was listing to the Braodcastify radio traffic for LV metro pd and Fire since the very beginning of the shooting. One of the ways they found his exact room was the smoke detector for that room started going off showing the exact room #. So if there was shooting on multiple floors and rooms there should have been more than one alarm going off.
  14. Fireman

    Seats Reupholstered

    Might as well buy new seats for that price.
  15. Fireman

    Can't handle this..... need help!

    I wonder if he got it to open?

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