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  1. Its a race to see if the wind or the rain comes first. Shows rain and wind today and early morning tomorrow. Then 30mph winds tomorrow. The sand is beat up badly. The SXS ruts are everywhere.
  2. Do you have a picture to share with the class? I welded my whole tank that split in half in place. Not a drop once I was done.
  3. ahhhhh ha. Nice to put a board name to a face. Car is very nice. I checked it out while you were taking to Jimmy when you visited our camp. I think you have a ls2 with a kenny bell and albins if I remember right. I wouldnt make any shock choices based off this last weekend. The sand was violent. We did a duners diner run on Sat just to avoid it the best we could. Every single person in our group complained about how rough up the sand was. Everyone was officially beat up after this last weekend. lets all pray for high winds before the rains. btw ONLY a true 500 hp to the wheels is a lot of power. I am 448hp and was able to dune in 3rd gear with 4 adults which is all I wanted from my car.
  4. What settings or options do you have with the magnum? There is many different ways to skin a cat with all you have going on in that stacker and your bus. You would need a way to regulate the alternator so you dont fry it or just disconnect the new lifepo4 pack from the ability to be charged by the alternator. Thats what I have done in my bus and its not been an issue but again I have solar so its charging if the sun is up.
  5. To be the "fastest" in the dunes, wouldnt you need a time trial of some sorts? P.S. I am going out this weekend with an SU that has your motor in it. Thing hauls the mail and he has a blast driving it. I would love to go for a rip in the green ma-ch-ine. I have your number and he wants to come by to have you give it a quick health check exam.
  6. The cold weather thing would not really be something I would worry about. What I would worry bout is wasting more money on Lead Acid again. What has your usage been like? I would slowly begin the transformation over to Lifepo4. Those valance are nice batteries. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Valence-u-charge-XP-Series-U27-12XP-Lithium-Battery-12-14-6V-Rechargable/123949380983?hash=item1cdbf57577:g:N7AAAOSw8YddsIJS Not sure the price can be beat. If your just using it in the trailer, one should be plenty with solar as long as you can top it off before it gets dark.
  7. Not sure I agree with that. We do have our own channel so there is no chatter unless its one of my group. If I had to listen to the rest of glamis on a channel I would probably say the same thing. Before we start out I have a designated sweeper and a #2. Both play their part. Sweeper will let me know if I need to slow down, make a loop to grab some stragglers, or if we have a break down. Rest of the groups job is to call out traffic so I can focus on the flow and the ride. The flow and the ride dont go well if you dont look about 5 dunes ahead of you so they go hand and hand. I make a lot of loops back because part of the fun is seeing the rest of the group. My #2 is probably my most trusted. He is the proofreader and well educated whip interpreter. Where I eff* up he will make the adjustments so that the rest of the group will have a better line or miss the witches eye I just ate. Or if I come up on something that I have to make a dead stop then he will bail out early. Without a radio I am not sure how he can relay back to the pack to "Stay right witches eye!" or "Drop off!" or "Did you see that naked chick at Osborn doing a photo shoot! Make a loop!" I did it for many many years before a radio and personally I think the whole experience is enhanced with a radio and much much safer.
  8. My enclosed came with boxed wells. I had to make ramps on each side. Just enough to get the wheels to roll up them. I have a 4500 Harbor freight winch. I attach my cable at the bottom of the car to a tie down I welded on. Where are you attaching your winch at on your car?
  9. r3meyer

    RC Cars

    Yup anything Traxxas. The cost is in the batteries and the chargers.
  10. I assume your talking bout my Holley tune. Cost was $525 to dyno tune and he knows his stuff. Tuner loves Holley and he really didnt have much tweaking to do once the computer was done with its self tune. I only took it in to get a final HP number on the motor build. There is a lot to be learned using that software. I didn't know I even had an issue. Now that I was shown how to look at that log and know what I was looking at I am sure I could tune another motor and get good results without the dyno. I have been going out in the early morning when its cold and tweaking my cold starts. Thats alone is nice. Not something you can do in an dyno bay when its 90 outside.
  11. Mine is a 2 ton 21 seer unit. At the time that was the cheapest price I could find. Heat and cool unit. I had a fairly long electrical run which added to the cost. You got a great price. I wish my whole house was mini splits!
  12. Agreed. But a normal install would require someone to come out and charge the unit once its installed which adds to the cost. You will also need an electrician to run 220 or 120. Only reason I said that was every mini-split quote I got was 5k give or take installed. Did mine for under $1500 with materials in 1/2 a day. Can take the savings and put it into something like a lift.
  13. The only thing you would need the AC guy for would be to put it on a vaccum. Which you can rent the vac from any auto parts for free and you just need the mini split adaptor that can be purchased off the web. The unit comes pre-charged for that line set. I put that same unit in my shop 3 years ago. Love it. My dad just built a shop and we are putting 2 of those in his also.
  14. https://www.ebay.com/itm/24000-BTU-21-SEER-Ductless-Mini-Split-Air-Conditioner-Heat-Pump-2-Ton-AC/222516205065?epid=9032778195&hash=item33ceffd609:g:K6YAAOSwz~JdFi7l Plug and play. No ac guy needed.

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