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  1. Looking to do a Moab trip this year in April. I have never been to Moab to do the off-road side of things. Has anyone been to Moab that could give me some pointers on where to look to camp that would accommodate 3-4 rigs? We have friends staying at the Portal but my coach is older then 10 years so they won't let us in. lol! Also how are they on street legal driving? My Teryx is street legal by AZ standards. I am more of a Wash's guy then RR Estates guy if that tells you what I am after.
  2. if it works throw it on offer up. Someone will want it.
  3. TPS sensor can cause this also. Use a flat blade screw driver and listen to each injector make sure you can hear them clicking. Mark over at speed sports can get you fixed up.
  4. What computer? Did this just start happing or is this a fresh motor?
  5. And the really question. Did you save any money?
  6. Little interior update and that's a fine rig!
  7. Anyway you go, good rule of thumb is to always have more trans than engine. Its always money well spent up front.
  8. Mine is a 38' Windsor and I know that coach from the front to back. If you have any questions feel free to ask. The diesel return line that comes off the high pressure pump, split on me from old age. If you do decide to keep it I would look into getting all your fuel lines replaced. They were not made for the low sulfur diesel. When I went to replace them all I found them all weeping at various locations.
  9. I don't remember the exact lights I used, but I remember them being really cheap and bright. I had to make a shim behind the light so it would push up against the bezel. Another person I know used spray foam and then after it dried just cut away some for it to fit. Worked perfect also.
  10. Yup. Did this on my last trip to La Paz. Used CBX to TJ and did the express pass. It was awesome. Doing the same thing this year. Airport is really really nice.
  11. No pictures. All broken links.
  12. I would call Alper. Sometimes he has a motor laying around.
  13. Most will source out the 30-55 gallon water tanks. You will more than likely already have an air compressor so you can just out fit it to run on air psi. Just need a garden hose to run to the motorhome fill.
  14. I did just about the same style trip you are planning last summer in our coach. Did AZ to South Dakota to Wyoming and then back to AZ. 2300miles. My kids were 3 and 10 months. I can't even begin to imagine what that would have been like in a truck. Between potty breaks, naps, eating, etc. It was the main reason I sold my 5th wheel. It was awesome to just be able to focus on driving while the wife and grandparents played cards, watched movies, etc. We would either pull into a truck stop or a rest area at night. The kids could get up and move around a little when I deemed it safe to do so(95% of the time they were in their car seats). Often I would just drive while everyone else slept.

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