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  1. r3meyer

    Restoring Plastic

    Heat gun is what I always use. Works great.
  2. r3meyer

    Paddle clearance

    If your goal is to make the transmission live a long life, get a different set of paddles. Thats a bit much for what you're running.
  3. r3meyer

    Paddle clearance

    Interesting. I have not run them but my brothers best friends uncle has and he said it wouldn't work. I have been able to trade rims and tires with members on the board straight across a few times. Worked out perfect for both parties and didn't cost me a dime so you could try that.
  4. r3meyer

    Power steering

    Until you hit something and it rips it clean out of your hands. Or it breaks your thumb. I guess it would be fine if your just putting around, but not for a balls to the wall run. I can only imagine what a minor witches eye would do to my car without the power steering.
  5. r3meyer

    GPS reccomendation

    Ok. Well here is a few more things to think about. My phone wirelessly charges. The mount in my truck, rail, moho all have electronic fast charge mounts. It starts charging and syncs up and starts playing music. If my phone disappears then my music stops. I have a pile of old electronic devices that are no longer useful for anything other than a door stop. One of those was an expensive Garmin watch. My phone when I am done with it will be sold and upgraded to the next best thing. The app I am running on it will carry on with me regardless of what I am driving in or where I am doing it. I am on my 4th phone since I started to use Motion X years ago. I almost have it all glamis all colored in LOL. That being said I do like the lawrence my buddy has. I changed his Icon to a boat and he can't figure out how to change it back.
  6. r3meyer

    GPS reccomendation

    Motion X on the iPhone. been using it 4-5 years now. I think its like $4 in the app store. Its always with me and 100% of the time it works every time. Its already your phone, camera, and music device. Why not your gps also?
  7. r3meyer

    Power steering

    I put a Hondarcr kit in my dads 2 seat alumicraft. Thing is awesome. Has the adjustable dial on it. What steering rack do you have now? When my buddy had his Funco built he tried to get them to install electric power steering. They wouldn't do it and he was forced to go with hydraulic.
  8. r3meyer

    Need advice on SxS belt heat sensors

    Just dont run olds 3 times in a row without a break. Invest your money into a cooler that has stuff you want to stop and enjoy more often.
  9. r3meyer

    Power steering

    What Dbart said. Electric. I have seen the hoses rupture. One shot far enough to get the car behind him next in line! Just not having to deal with hoses, a belt, and more fluid is plenty to sway to the electric.
  10. r3meyer

    CV issues

    Got it. I would clean up those CV's and run them again then. The stub axles make me nervous though. V8 and those dont mix. Have seen plenty of wheels depart on their own agenda from breakage. Joe fab was actually out fixing one by lookout last time I went out.
  11. r3meyer

    CV issues

    I cant remember what you decided to do with the CV's after the 7 pages. Are you upgrading to 934's or keeping the 930's? Dont get discouraged. I can tell a lot of this is the fun part for you. Nothing wrong with knowing every nut and bolt on your car. I have had everything but the front seats out of mine.
  12. r3meyer

    Already at an impasse on my New to me car

    Not sure the juice is worth the squeeze. At the end of the day it is still a single shock car. I would punt. Find another car with a v6 and a 2d ready to go. Then do your motor swap.
  13. r3meyer

    How much power are you running through your 2d?

    My old car was about 1500-1800 pounds. 350hp nissan SR20DET. Ran it for 3 years and the trans was great. Only thing I did was put in the nose cone shaft seal. Sold the car with the trans the way it was. I think its still going strong. I did have Rich Roberts open it up when I first got it to change 2nd gear to a lower ratio but that was it.
  14. r3meyer

    What is this called?

    Thanks! I think that last one is what I need!
  15. r3meyer

    What is this called?


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