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  1. Talk to the man with the mullet Joe Fab.
  2. Any version of toyo open country. Had 3 totals sets. All over gone over 50k. One set went 62k
  3. Where to order Steel-it black from?
  4. Simple Tire is where I ordered mine from. No shipping, no tax. Had them mounted and balance locally.
  5. My Monaco has the 8.3 Cummins with the side mount radiator. I torcher tested it this summer for sure climbing from PHX up to Forest Lakes on the beeline. Left at 2pm one trip when it was 110 out. Not by choice, but trailer tires seem to not care if you had plans of being out of the heat earlier in the day. If you know the route it is the one you always see the camouflaged new trucks being tested because of the steep, long, and very hot conditions. Towing my flat bed fully loaded I got down to 38 mph in 3rd. Its a lot like a pack mule. Not going to win any races but it will get there slow and steady. The temp moved just slightly off the center indicator. I know this because I was watching it like a hawk. I passed 5 or 6 other rigs pulled over with their hoods up cooling down and 2 v10 ford motor homes. Once you get a MH you simply slow down. In a truck you can push it hard and fast if you want. In a MH you just simply cant because it wont. Hit the gas, and count to 3 before the boost starts kicking in.
  6. I have had all 3 setups. I just made the switch from the 40' WW to a 40' DP. If overall cost is a concern you will not come in cheaper then an older 5th. The new ones keep going up in price. The old ones seem to just stay at the same price year after year. Registration and insurance were less than $100 for the year. Very cheap. Tires are also cheap. I bought an older DP. Mine is a 98 with 42k miles on it. 8 air bags and rides like a cloud. When I buy something I pay cash and tend to hang onto it for a while so the payment thing is not a factor. Registration for it in PHX was $400 until the year 2024 so $80 a year. I have buddies who have very nice expensive new DP's and some of them pay 1000-2000 a year in registration alone! Insurance is no more than adding another vehicle to the policy. I was doing the 2 trailer shuffle going to the dunes and storing at GD storage. That got old after 2 seasons. I have plenty of room at my house to store and I missed having my rig here to tinker. We like to do tailgating, go to other places, nascar, Mexico, family trips etc. With 2 small kids its was a nightmare in the truck. Now like someone else mentioned above I have chilled the F@#K out. Set the cruise at 65-75 and crank the tunes. Kids, wife, friends, etc can simply enjoy the ride. IF we want to stop we can. I used to dread waking up the last morning in the 5th knowing all the picking up and take down work that was waiting for me before we could hit the road. Now its slides in, raise the jacks and let the coach air up while we say good bye to everyone. I am getting ready to do a full remodel on the inside and once that is done I will have a very nice DP for a small fraction of what the new ones cost and I won't feel bad if I get it dirty. I had the super C. Talk about a white knuckle drive. I would not wish that on anyone. A passing semi would damn near toss that thing off into the ditch. Here is a picture of mine the wife has dubbed "The Blue Whale" in Deadwood SD. Did a 3k trip in it with the family in July. Was a blast.
  7. Youtube version.
  8. Oh if you think that's bad... https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=368250297205046
  9. Whats a home phone? Is it something you plug a dial up modem and a fax machine into?
  10. Get a quote and then call Cliq. They will be WAY cheaper. They are USA made also.
  11. First dig a hole where you want it to go. Then dig out the tree where it sits. Next tie a very strong strap to your tow vehicle. Back up and get a running start. The goal is to sling shot the tree from its current hole to its new hole. If done right it will launch into the air and then land perfectly into the new hole. Be sure to give it lots of water and love.
  12. I just went through this. I tend to research things to death. https://www.cliqstudios.com CliqStudios was the best price and the quality is exactly the same as they high end stuff. No tax, Free shipping. They were HALF of what every other quote I got was. Even less then RTA and the cabinets to go places. You give them your measurements and they give you a virtual walk through. Cabinets all come with a printed install guide. I have never put in a kitchen and I knocked it out in short order. They come pre-assemmbled in boxes ready to install.
  13. r3meyer

    Switch Pro

    Here is mine. Ignore the blue tape. I need to get a label machine. I carry a roll of wire in my tool bag with me. I can jump any circuit I need to should I ever need to. This is my 3rd year with a switch pro. Problem free.
  14. I would 100% buy that back and fix it if you really liked it. That looks like a few evenings in the garage worth of work.

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