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  1. I like that this thread was started by LRS asking this question.
  2. Looks great! Mine is still sitting in the box. With it being 115 out and the fact that I had to run ALL NEW FUEL LINES, my motivation has been very little. Do you have any over view pictures of where you mounted your side cameras? I am in the market for an enclosed and will more then likely mount the 4th on the back so I have full visibility. Did you get the trigger wires setup?
  3. Can you post up some pictures of the arm and the layout on the car? I would be curious to see what that looks like. Might be a better solution.
  4. The brand of air compressor does not matter. Its the CFM you are after. You need a lot of volume. If you want to go quick then get a C02 tank as mentioned or Nitrogen even. Otherwise your looking for a pump thats going to cost you $$$.
  5. Couple of my favorite parts: 1. The mom driving the rascal scooter between them trying to break up the fight. 2. It looked like she was hit by the holly ghost when she went down. 3. The bald dude at the end who has a princess sword in his belt loop as he goes into confront red shirt. Best thing I have watched all week.
  6. If someone showed up with anything close to $5k I would take that deal before they changed their mind.
  7. Whats that you say? You want to be like BJ Baldwin? No problem. If you have a pulse and a Job we can yon get into one of these babies for 84 easy payments of $595. Just make sure when you get insurance you get that "Gap" coverage. Whats Gap coverage you ask? Thats the "I can't sell it for even 75% of what I paid for it so now so I have to light it on fire to get out from under it" coverage.
  8. While your here might as well replace the sliders with the https://www.allgermanmotorsports.com/suspension-sliders I replaced my normal king versions last season and 2 of them are already showing signs of wear. I am going to do the cerakote like you did and use the AGM sliders on them.
  9. I am not sure. But the 2 coats was plenty and that shit is sticky!
  10. I saw that you commented on my post so I won't go back into the details. Just make sure you replace anything you see that need attention BEFORE you do your coating. That earthbound tape is amazing stuff. I would think you could use one gallon of the Hengs with how small that is.
  11. I will also be following this. I have already upgraded all of my other items. AC, Windows, Insulation, heat pump hot water heater (best purchase ever!!), VS pool pump and all my appliances are new. Once you know what size array your going build I would buy from https://www.santansolar.com/product/ They might even have some installers you could call on. They are in mesa. This is where I got all the panels for my RV roof.
  12. Ppf sorry. Paint protection film
  13. I have been behind Blackzilla in the dunes. I have seen both Ponts funco's at the flagpole and the swing set. I think we can all agree they are the king's of the drags as they are run today. I can't for the life of me see the reason to build a "From a Dig" machine for the dunes unless that what gets your rocks off. Of course not. Even more so when you think of a green funco. I saw you a few times ripping through the dunes and I could tell you were having a blast and seemed to be in a hurry to get to that next beer stop lol! Can you tell me how you would get the power needed to the ground if not putting in a $$$$$ Albins or Fortin? Plenty of online blue prints to build 2000hp motors, but again how many can survive the dunes and the repeated abuse without making a pit stop after every 30 second ride. Love summer threads.

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