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  1. Yup as mentioned above. Unless the injection pump has been replaced I would stay far far far away from any of the trucks that have them. That goes for Ford and Dodge. Huge lawsuits going on with it.
  2. What fuel pressure reg are you using? Mine has a port for the gauge right on it. The LS series are simple creatures. Its spark or fuel. Check fuel pressure at idle and under a load. Setup a go pro to watch it if needed. Did you have a post 10micron filter on it already or did you just add one? If not I would pop off the rails and check the back sides of all the injectors. Can you verify all the injectors are pulsing? Use a flat head and place it on the injector while its running and put the handle up to your ear. You should hear each one clicking. Check each header tube with a heat gun. They should all be close in temp. You might have a dead hole or two. Go around and pull each spark plug wire while its at idle and see that they all make a change when doing so. Check all your injector wires. I had one that the had come loose and was on and off. Should be a way to check each one with a meter. Check each spark plug wire also. Plug wires are cheap and its always good to have spares. If you don't find anything there I would pull the valve covers and inspect. You said it has a new cam but did they upgrade the springs? I chased a problem like this but everything checked out. Pulled the valve covers and found broken springs all over the place.
  3. you can get a MAP online for almost free along with all the other sensors. My MAP went bad and gave me all sorts of issues. The TPS should go from 0 - 100 without an issue when pressing the peddle. I know with the Holley setup the TPS is the most important sensor and they make you reset it anytime you make changes.
  4. The "next" button at the bottom of the page has not worked for years.
  5. I fixed it for you. Was he going a bit fast? Maybe. Does he drive the hell out of that car every ride? 110% It was just a kicker. No witches eye. Rear suspension compressed on the little down hill going into it and then unloaded on that next up. I was two cars ahead but wasn't carrying that much speed. Any hill or bump shorter then the length of my car I slow down on. Done my fair share of the two wheel boogie after a good mule kick.
  6. Its closed. I heard they plan to just turn up the heat in the area and keep it that way for 6 months! Crazy!
  7. @GRANT@FUNCO Only damage was the inner bead popped on the driver side.
  8. It was a member of our group who’s rig it was. Fortunately the two spots on each side of it were with us at camp or it would have been really bad and taken out there stuff also. Owner was not there. No clue what started it.
  9. One other cool holley thing is the ability to log in and simply look at all your sensors. If the car starts acting up you dont have to play the swap them all out game to figure out whats going on. There is also a HUGE following on facebook. Guys that will log in and can help remote tune you. You can also send your tune to holley and they will look at it, make corrections and then send it back to you. I have had 4 different motor setups (not by choice) and was able to just start my learn tune over and let the computer do its thing. Its great that I could make changes to the engine and will not need to go visit the dyno again. When I was done with my Alper build motor I finally took it down to Speed Sports and had Mark do a final tune. The software runs on Windows and its free. Buy once, cry once.
  10. Holley has a base LS2 tune in there ready to go. You can seriously plug and play and have a functional car. If you know your cam and have the sheet for it you can add all that info in and it will adjust for it. I love mine. The tune keeps getting better and better with the learn left on which is great because the air temp and moisture in the air is always changing. I think Holley has a newer setup out that is pretty basic that would be perfect for most sand cars. You can also fairly easily swap between 58x and 24x engines.
  11. And they all said I was crazy when I installed the Bidet!
  12. My $.02. Fix the trans. Put the old motor back in and sell the car. Buy another car with the S4D. I am learning in life that a lot of times its better to just punt. That Forin and the LS1 will live happily ever after.
  13. Right on. Its one of my off season projects to swap over from my CNC peddle setup now that they are out of biz.

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