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  1. r3meyer

    What older DP motors and brands to look at?

    I seem to keep finding a wide spectrum of stuff. Coaches with low miles 40-60k for being 20 year old but you can tell they have sat at some point in their life which makes it a given that things will need to be replaced. Then the other end where they have 100k+ but have been used. Some kept up, some not so much.
  2. r3meyer

    What older DP motors and brands to look at?

    Part of this equation is we have 2 small kids. Traveling with them in a truck for 4-6 hours is not something I will want to do and don't plan on having to. Right now my parents have a coach and when we travel the kids and wife ride in there and its a full time job keeping them happy but manageable. Myself and the dog tuff it out alone in the truck for the drive. I have looked at 2 coaches that would easily accommodate making bunks out of the current large clothing compartments. Again I don't mind putting some $$ into the inside and making it the way we want. I have looked at a few tag axels and it seems the only draw back would be my "legal" trailer length. Furniture is easy enough to swap out in these things for what we want. My old super C had a pull out inflatable queen bed in it that was really nice. That would easily sleep the kids or guests. We have multiple times this last season were we wanted to go somewhere besides glamis for a weekend and it were not able to do so because it was in storage. Looking forward to having it at home.
  3. Going to make the move over to a diesel pusher this summer from a toy hauler. I have been doing the 2 trailer shuffle with storage and with the time, effort, and cost it seems to me a pusher and just storing at home would be a better setup. I am hoping to find an older coach that has good bones and just needs to be updated on the inside. I have looked at a few that had when new price tags of over 400k back in the late 90's - early 2000's. Are there any motors that I should stay away from? Any pitfalls I should look for or specific brands that are better than the others in that time period?
  4. r3meyer

    Autometer Gauges

    I just sold off all my ultra lights individually on eBay and got more then you are selling them for here. They sold quick and they are easy to ship because of size and weight. This is a good deal for a buyer! GLWS
  5. r3meyer

    Got some Used DTV HDTV Satellite systems.

    I have an extra box that I wanted to use when I go to Mexico. Do you have just a basic dish that would work for this? IE manual setup when I get there, get the signal and then forget about it?
  6. I have the smaller one and love it. My furnace blower locked up last trip at 2:45 in the AM last trip and was screeching loud. If I didnt have the heater buddy we would have froze. It was in the high 30's low 40's. I have the remote hose and a small LP tank that I refill as needed.
  7. r3meyer

    School me on Fortin Transaxles please

    Love this thread. I still feel like the transmissions in these cars are like a mythical unicorn on the inside.
  8. r3meyer

    School me on Fortin Transaxles please

    S4D or the Fortin. Personally I wouldn't even consider the PBS or the S4S on any boosted LS. For the cost to upgrade your miles ahead.
  9. r3meyer

    Bled Brakes - pushing pedal doesn't move pads

    My car came with old cylinders. I had to replace 2 of them. The clutch and the front brakes. Neither would hold after bleeding. Once I rebuilt them they worked great. The seals had failed so when you pushed on it the fluid would just blow by it.
  10. r3meyer

    Stand-alone recommendations

    Can you explain this "high band" thing your talking about? First I have heard of it.
  11. r3meyer

    Stand-alone recommendations

    Just tie it to a relay off your key on ignition. Done deal. My old car was like this. Worked great.
  12. r3meyer

    Trans temp sensor

    The sensor wire should NOT have 12v to it. The sensor body should have ground, and then the wire that goes to the sensor will read ohms. If that wire has 12v then I would guess its wired wrong. With the sensor in place see if you can get an closed reading with your meter if you probe the body and the frame. This will tell you if your getting ground. Hope I am explaining that right.
  13. r3meyer

    solar battery tender?

    You cant charge them all off the same panel, but you can get multiple panels. I use the harbor freight one on anything that sits outside with a battery. Works great. https://www.harborfreight.com/15-watt-solar-battery-charger-62449.html
  14. r3meyer

    Anyone in glamis with a fuel pressure regulator?

    How old was your reg? Wondering if this is an every so many years replace with new item.
  15. r3meyer

    Trans temp sensor

    The gauge has to match the sending unit. If you have a 140 - 320 gauge and a 140-230 as you stated that wont work. They also have to be in the correct range of ohms. You can test any sensor by subjecting them to hot water and using a meter to read its ohms.

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