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  1. His best comeback. "You'd be in jail"
  2. The motor told a secret about Hillary Clinton, now it's dying of natural causes.
  3. Nice! I did the same for years. But like others have said co2,smoke and propane detectors are a must.
  4. And you think Polaris is having a Fire issue Just look at the new phones they won't allow you to charge or even have turned on any longer on an airplane, Or what about the hoverboards ? remember those balls of fire ? I wouldn't want to be one of the first buyers that's for sure. And if they use Tesla's batteries , how much do you think a SxS is going to cost ? What airline i just flew yesterday they had charging ports on evey seat and free WiFi. All they want was in airplane mode as it takes off and lands. But that sxs would be great if it could do a fast charge from a generator.
  5. I wouldn't have gotten out either. Cop can't just pull you over and demand you get out of the car. Seems he has to state why he pulled you over. Then ask for license and reg. Thankfully video evidence. I wonder how much the family is going to get. probably not much he is white They should present the parents with a bill for the cost of knocking some sense into his empty head. Only a tard would sit there and argue with an armed cop. It doesn't take even half a brain to just roll the damn window down and comply. Instead, the kid wanted to push his luck and prove what kind of a tough guy he was. So now he's got a video of himself sh1tting his pants while getting tazed, cuffed, then dropped on his face on the curb like a big sack of sh1t. I bet his friends and the ladies find that really impressive. Sheep
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  7. I get yore point but dogs do not belong in restraunts! PERIOD...their dirty, don't wipe and can be annoying when eating. Ever been to Lazy Dog Cafe and sit outside where there allowed and watch dogs poop/diarrhea then gobble it up while yore eating?....I love my dog but never would bring in public to HD or other places, it's not a place for dogs.. I agree outside activities sure take your dog no problem, but in a restaurant No way.
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