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  1. I bought mine from Cactus also and had it delivered. Over all experience was good, when you're emailing questions and haven't signed the contract yet they get back to you within 5 to 10 minutes as soon as you sign the contract it takes two to three days to get back to you. Not being able to walk through your trailer before delivery it's kind of scary. My trailer had about 5 cosmetic problems not big enough for warranty work but kind of sucks.
  2. Ok going to do some homework on hitch sway control and order one.
  3. How do you like the trailer? I've only had mine for 3 weeks
  4. What hitch do you use? I haven't done my homework on them yet.
  5. I didn't use a distribution or sway control on my small 18ft trailer. I move up in size on my trailer to a 19k Genesis over length 24.5ft. Im towing with a f350 ford v10 if i didn't level it I would've have been fine, but it now squats an 1" above the over loads so thinking of getting a Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System w/ 4-Point Sway Control - 10,000 lbs GTW, 1,000 lbs. or should i get airbags for the rear?
  6. Ok, don't mind paying the difference just didn't want to pay double. This California after all they make their own rules.
  7. Going to be buying a new toyhauler from Arizona and bringing it back to California. Dealer says i pay their tax, but what about when i register it in California do i end up pay tax again?
  8. His best comeback. "You'd be in jail"
  9. The motor told a secret about Hillary Clinton, now it's dying of natural causes.
  10. "It is a federal crime to shoot down aircraft, and this week, the FAA confirmed that that includes drones. ... According to the FAA regardless of the situation, shooting at any aircraft — including unmanned aircraft" One day they'll probably make an example out of someone.
  11. The games they play, they get no help from me.
  12. Obviously you don't watch TV, when they cut the lines it releases the brakes. Lol

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