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  1. Not sure if this is the right spot for this but I'll give it a shot.... We just bought our first boat this weekend and planning on taking it out for the 4th to big bear lake. Has anyone been there before? Whats some good htings to know before we go? Like where to launch? good place to pull up and have a little picnic and let the pup go potty? you know all that stuff? Any help would be GREAT!!! Thanks
  2. How did you guys end up doing? I always see the Chase Motorsports crew at races. and we always seem to park next to yall. Camped by you guys at Silver State and saw you alot at V2R We did really good. 1760 got 1st in class again this year! thats 2 years in a row for V2R! I was so proud of him! and it only took them 14 hours this year to finish. Even with a codawg that kept falling asleep towards the end. I wish the gopros were still working so I could have seen that! Hope you guys had a good race day too!
  3. BTW I never asked for ANY ADVISE! I simple wanted to vent about what was going on that is all!!!
  4. Wow some people. I'm done with all this bullshit! yall can believe or say whatever you want. I'm not going to waste my time arguing on the internet with some douch bags. Sorry I have better things to do with my life! BTW dogs are not just some animals we keep in our backyards for looks. They are FAMILY! which obviously yall dont understand. and you obviously dont understand what the work VENT means. I needed to get some shit off my chest and feel better. But you all turned it against me and made me the horrible person who saved a dog from starving to death or being hit by a car or being killed in a shelter. Sorry if I dont have a cold heart like you! Now please proceed with your useless tantics and useless words and continue arguing on the internet like retards.
  5. No problem was she wasnt reading the contract correctly. She stated that the lease agreement stated NO DOGS. which was incorrect. It said animals allowed with owners consent. Which I understand. I dont have a problem with that. What I have a problem with is her telling me that the contract stated no dogs. Thats why I'm pissed. She cant up and change what the signed lease says. THats just not how it works.
  6. We stayed on the ship last year in october. Did the whole scary mazes they had set up and everything. We had an interior room and it was CREEPY!!!! bf said he heard some little girl laughing next to him during the night and a couple other things. I heard someone banging something in the hall in the middle of the night. I was definately creeped out and Wanted the light back on in the room soooo bad. I think the fire alarm goes off alot. We were walking around and it went off and they told everyone to evacutate then said oh jk you can resume your activities. I do love going on the ship though its so awesome and I would have loved to be on it back in the day. Love that old stuff! Congrats to you guys!!!!
  7. Like I said in the first post..."I just needed to Vent" But when the landlord involves the realtor and she starts imediately dissing my dog ( which is like a kid to me) I was pissed! How would you feel if some wh*re you didnt hardly know and who didnt know you started talking bad about your kid? So of course I was pissed and she was wrong, in every way. 1st off dont try and change the original lease we signedl. Just cuz they've never had a dog in that house doesnt mean shit to me. If you didnt want animals you would have never said animals where ok with a $500 deposit. You would have put on the listing that no animals were allowed. Period! 2nd. Dont EVER talk about me or my dog like you did! Shes a dumb wh*re who doesnt know her head from her ass. And I dont appreciate her talking to me like that, or anyone for that matter! I will fire back and I will not keep my mouth closed. And yes they did accept the $500 deposit. So all is done now.
  8. i can't believe i read this correctly when we lost our house we had to rent..we had 4 dogs at that time & 1 was a dobie we went through a realtor & found a place that would except the dogs with $2000 deposit :0 we figured it would be high when we left the house they had grass which they didn't & the carpets were professionally cleaned.. we totally fixed that place up with little amount of money not all renters are a**holes i feel you already told them that there was a possiblity for a dog and they kind of agreed by mentioning a $500 deposit good luck we You didnt read it or answer correctly . Who takes liability when the dog bites someone? Fact of the matter is you dont have any money and they go for the deeper pockets. I wont open myself up for that risk. Let my dog crap on your carpet and pee on it for a while then ill happily pay for a professional cleaner to clean it up. Then let your kids crawl on it. Thats like smokers saying their house dont stink. yet alone the smoke damage it does to a house. Maybe one way to solve that problem is to take out a million insurance policy and put the owners name on it. Glad it worked out for him in the end. I think your wrong. Why would the homeowners be responsible for MY dog. That is registered to me, I pay everything for him. If for gods sake he did bite someone I would be the one resposible not the owners. And whos to say I dont have any money. Are you assuming I'm broke cuz I rent?? We all know what happens when you assume.... I think you need to open up your mind a little and not be such a d**k. Simple as that!
  9. When you take proper care of your animals you dont have any of those problems. Our house doesnt smell like dog or cat and theres no fleas and I vaccum at least once a week. Problems solved.
  10. btw wheres the like button?!?! I want to like cacti's post and sandpugs post!!! They rock!
  11. Doesnt matter that they said they have never had dogs in this house. What matters is that in the lease that we signed it said animals where allowed. NO WHERE did it say that no dog whats so ever would be allowed. and once again let me ask you how in the hell am I supposed to give prior consent when I found this poor guy. Its so nice that some of you judge so harshly when you have no idea about us. We are not horrible renters. Like sandpugs said...we are also fixing this place up. I would NEVER do to someones house that I would not want done to my own house. I was raised the right way. Not like osme of those a**holes out there. Hondajimz- I would NEVER rent a house from you. If you didnt want dogs I would have NEVER looked at that place to rent, PERIOD!! and about taking the dog to the shelter. NOPE not happneing. This poor guy needed a home. You must not be an animal lover. And btw Shepherds are amazing dogs! Very loyal and very friendly. Also very misunderstood. Just like pits everyone thinks they are mean and will bite anyone that walks by. WRONG! This is the friendliest dog I've ever met! he wouldnt hurt a fly. or a cat for that matter! I just cant believe how harsh some of you are. and btw the landlord is letting me keep him with a 500 dollar deposit.
  12. Thats exactly why I pulled up the contract. I knew the realtor was nuts when she said it said no dogs at all. I'm sure if I went looking for a dog and asked for consent it would have been no. But it doesnt say any of that on the contract. Also the realtor said the neightbors would have called the owners and told them about the dog. they are on crack!!! the neighbors hated and I mean HATED the owners that lived that!! They told us that after they found out we lived there. and we all get along great! so the realtor can kiss my ass as far as I'm concerened right now! ugh!!!!!!
  13. I'm sure the answer would have been no. When we were moving in all the owner could talk baout was how NO DOGS have ever been in this house and kept going on and on about that. Pulled up our lease and it says we have to have prior consent. Well we couldnt get that. we didnt plan on getting the dog. which is why I sent her that email as soon as I could telling her we had a dog now.
  14. Having a bit of a situation with a retard of a realtor right now. Little story... Found our German Shepherd, Gunnar, about 3 weeks ago. We tried looking for his owners. no luck. so we took him in. We are leasing a house. When we found the place to rent I made sure that animals were allowed. I eventually wanted to get a dog and wanted to make sure we got a place that would allow one. All we had to do was get consent from the owners and pay a $500 deposit for him. Which was fine. I understand all that. Well Gunnar came into our lives 3 weeks ago. Was not planned at all. Found him on a tues and that next monday I sent the owner an email letting her know we found a dog and we were keeping him. Let me know if theres any issues. (orwhatever I said along those lines) Never heard back from here. Finally on Sunday (yesterday) she sends me an email stating that the lease says I can only have a dog with the landlords prior consent. Thats when I sent an email back stating we found him and it was not planned. Blah blah. So then she tells the realtor to call me and she DID NOT understand the part where I COULD NOT give prior consent becuase I did not plan on getting a dog! It just happend. I am so pissed right now. I dont know how many times I told her that. she would not get it. and she told me it was in the lease that NO DOGS were ever allowed on the property. I called BS. If that was the case we would have never looked into this property! Ugh some people are just so stupid. So whether she agrees or not this dog is NOT leaving. They just wont know hes there! Sorry just had to vent about the stupid wh**e
  15. You sir, are too much!!! lmao

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