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  1. 😳🥴 @Lord of the Dunes where do you find these things? 😅
  2. Here’s some of what the extended warranty includes
  3. For those that upgraded to the bundle package, I noticed that it now offers the gyro/ roll meter for todays price of $1499. I don’t remember that being included when the price was at $1299?? Are we getting those items now in the $1299 price?
  4. Comes with a 6 month. Can upgrade to 12 months or 18 months which covers the Speed key. (300 hp tune)
  5. Should be 30 days till he starts to enjoy it!!
  6. I remember him saying that by having the face as the bead lock it also helps relieve the stress/load off the bearings themselves. That’s when he talked about “swallowing the load”. Wheels swallowing the hubs. Also, he weighed the wheels and they came in at 16-17 pounds without bolts so maybe 18ish pounds per wheel with bead lock bolts. Not sure what the average bead locks weighs?
  7. I don’t believe all of them were non believers or haters. They just didn’t drink the sweet tasting kool aid RG was serving up is all. 😉 I was one of them until this site brought it to my attention that RG was going to start building these things.(Believe @DTA was the OG thread so thanks buds!) RG already had in my humble opinion the best suspension on the XX that has since evolved even more with his brand. All the little intricacies of this new SXS had me sold. Glad I started watching his presentations early on as I have learned a lot from them! Safety was my number one concern and geometry second. With the 300 hp. Speed key …. It was a no brainer. Was I hesitant cause it would be a new drivetrain? Absolutely! But when he got with some of the gurus in the industry and teamed up with them, I felt way more confident to put my deposit down. Can’t wait to go riding this season which for us starts November. 🤞🏽
  8. And a BIG SHOUT OUT TO Ron and our very own @Sean@Weddle for helping out. Gears survived!! 😁 👌🏽 @Sean@Weddle how stout would you say these gear boxes or diffs are compared to the competition? And how much abuse do you think they can handle, power wise?
  9. So how many total laps or miles has he done? Saw there are at least 2 videos of him running the track. Good news is that EVERYTHING survived!!!! Gives us some peace of mind regarding all the new developed parts engine and drivetrain etc.
  10. @NIKAL looked like he may of had at least 3 people in the car as well.
  11. Sucker is looking GOOD! Says he has cars coming to the Sand Show and @Sand Shark guess what? He says you don’t need no stinking limit straps. 🤣Thought you might like that one. Oh yeah almost forgot, he wanted to let you know the Gordon’s are the ones who taught Tom Morris about Internal bypass shocks. 😜
  12. That I won’t be there. 🤣 sorry man I got nothing to add. Be safe if your do head out though.
  13. @cek that looks sooo good!!! Congrats man!! I really do like the Polaris pro r. Love the sound and can’t wait to ride in one. Sounds like the thing floats over the roughest stuff. Nice to hear it has plenty of power as well. If I didn’t have a deposit on the Speed, I’d be driving one of these. What sand tires configuration did you end up going with?
  14. That’s exactly what I was thinking as he was pulling the cover. even clips I would think would be sufficient enough. But the nuts just sitting there ready to fall out had me scratching my head. Why don’t they just press those in? Anyways how are you liking it so far? Do you still have a Speed on order?
  15. Alright so I’ve never changed a belt in any SXS. but good lawd almighty is this ridiculous? This is in clean ideal and no breakage conditions and with all the right tools. can you imagine doing this on a tight trail or in the rain, mud or in traffic? That would suck for you and your passengers.
  16. I don’t know why but my memory is telling me around 16,000 units have been sold and about 3,000 of the first ones will have numbered plates. Someone correct me but I believe those were the last numbers I heard. It’s been awhile…. A long while🤣
  17. Maybe he’ll rent out the track and do some demo rides?! That would be sweet!!
  18. At 135 mph I think the belt will go first then all 4 tires. 😂 Maybe he’ll throw some racing tires on? 135 sounds crazy in a SXS!!!
  19. I know RG said the cars would be going to customers a few weeks after the Sssss But in one of his latest live feeds he said that we're going to be shocked at this years sand show. Wonder what he has up his sleeve? Got me excited. Hopefully we’ll see 20 or so final production cars there. He still has the same spots he rented as last year. That’s a lot of space to fill!!
  20. Thank you moderators for cleaning this mess up!!!
  21. Looks like it also has a turn signal switch.

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