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  1. I use the Netgear ORBI mesh system. I never have to reboot it and it is way faster than the 500M speed I use from Cox Cable. It is rated for a 5K sq/ft house and seems to not have a problem with walls. Love it. 2-Pack Orbi Mesh WiFi System | Shop Now from NETGEAR
  2. I wonder how that compares to the Shine On clear coat restorer? Shine On-RV & Boat Fiberglass Finish Restorer (shineononline.com)
  3. For those of you that used a floor wax or sealer on your MH outsides, how's it holding up? Anyone experiencing peeling, fading, discoloring? This still a good trick, or is there something better these days?
  4. I run a 3" cherry bomb glass pack, cheap and sounds pretty good. No issues driving it on the street (noise wise) but does bark on boost.
  5. Looks amazing! We hit 35 years next year and want to go somewhere like this.
  6. I've seen you drive both on and off road. I suggest a Prius. If you need a truck short term you can borrow my Tundra anytime you want.
  7. 1990 CR500 with a 12 paddle. 5th gear wheelies, riding Glamis at midnight with no head light, ah yes, good old times. Still riding, just on a Harley now.
  8. Damn you guys eat good. I get bagged salad and a dried chicken breast most nights. Work doesn't allow me to do much if any cooking. Can't wait to retire and learn how to do all this.
  9. I have been using one for about 5 years. The trick I've found is not to run home and flush out your tank, rather wait until your next trip is a week away. I've waited 4 months before and had no problems, it won't dry up into a solid block. This lets the chemicals break down everything and the macerator has an easy job. We flush tons of baby wipes, never had a single problem.
  10. That works fine for non-athletic situations, remind her of how much a guy sweats riding a motorcycle in the dunes in just an hour, let alone for a full day. After a days ride, they usually need to be taken out back and shot, burned and buried, not worn for 2 more days. Good thing was my inner thighs were so red I could almost see enough to ride at night.
  11. I went to Glamis with my CR500 one time on a guys trip. Beer....check, chips.....check, riding gear.....check. Spare underwear.....uh, oh no...... Was a 3 day weekend, on Sunday I had to go Viking style because my underwear was able to walk around by itself. At the end of the day my lower extremities were on fire from the rubbing. I borrowed some diaper rash cream from an adjacent camp to somewhat put out the flames. Almost like asking to borrow a tampon... Beware, some say that pair of underwear are still out there menacing duners in the still of the night.....
  12. I can't stand listening to Howard, he's such a puss now. The only thing I can listen to is his interviews from years ago. That show kinda died when Jackie left. I like the downloaded playlists from Spotify, I can listen to them in the Manx with no cell coverage. Thinking of listening to some podcasts....never listened to one. Anyone have a good suggestion?
  13. I have had Sirius for years, every year its the same old BS, they want $350 a year, I want to pay a lot less than that. I've been paying about $75-80 a year for the last 5 years. I usually have to tell them to disconnect me, and I get passed to a "manager" and I get the better deal. Today was different, they wanted $99 and my credit card. I told them there was no way they would get a card and start auto billing me. I told them to look up my account and give me what I had last year for the same price or I'm disconnecting. Well, it's gonna be streaming for me, I'm disconnected. Hope they realize their games are gonna close them down eventually. How will I get by without the same old playlists over and over again? 🤣

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