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  1. Once you learn how to clear a plugged idle jet, change a fan belt and adjust valves (all extremely easy), VW's are great. You don't need anything fancy, that's the beauty of them. They just run and are super reliable. This is a small motor with a single carb, that means no carb synchronization which is 80% of the maintenance on a dual carb engine.
  2. Whatever you do, don't finger "A-minor". And I like Minotaur guitars for a name.
  3. Try being a Red Sox fan this year..... Luckily there's always titties. 🚽
  4. I ended up with an 091. Started out with weddle 1-4 gears and a VW R&P, broke the R&P and went to weddle everything. It either wears out almost everything, or breaks about every 2-3 seasons. Last repair bill was ~ $3K, needed all bearings, 1-4 gears and some other parts. Made up my mind I would not spend any more money on this box and move to a 2D next time it breaks. BTW, I'm just under 300hp at the crank, 2.5 subie at 10 lbs boost, 33" bfg mud tires in hard pack, no sand. Pump gas, meth injection. With 200 crank hp, an 091 should last a long time if you don't use reverse much.
  5. I think it's a 6" R&P, same size as a VW Swingaxle. OK for a pizza cutter tire, but not so good for a 33 or 35" tire. Maybe they make more ratios now, but finding a R&P ratio that worked with 33 or bigger tires was a problem. I looked at them years ago for my Manx.
  6. Do you have a residual valve in there for the rear brakes? Do you have cutting brakes?
  7. The one thing Meatloaf won't do for love is go on a diet.
  8. Go to Walmart and get an above ground one and use if for a year or so until prices come down. That will let you know if you're really going to use it enough or not. I just spent $750 just to find a leak in mine, so not so hopped up on pools at the moment. It is nice to look over and see the sparkling water, but I think I'd put in a huge spa before I did a pool. Most of the time you're just hanging out in it, and being able to get it warmed up in the cooler months would make it a year round kinda thing.
  9. I have plenty of ideas how to turn faster. How about reducing the timing on the drivers side of the engine when you want to turn left? If you want to turn hard left, have your shock pressure on the right side increase by 200 psi. How about dynamic tire size, turning direction tire shrinks by 30%. Employing older technology, use a sand rudder. Follow me for other breaking Engineering theories.
  10. Isn't any fridge that you put beer in, a beer fridge?
  11. Kreepy Krauly picks them up most of the time. When I see the Kreepy stuck in the same place after a few days I usually know there is a rat stuck in the suction hole. Have to get them out quick, they disintegrate if you leave them in too long and make for a pretty disgusting removal from the Kreepy. If you get them out within 3 days, I find they are pretty ready to go on the grill, nice and clean. I like my pool rats with salt, pepper and a little garlic.
  12. Kenco. Just had them install 4 new windows in my stucco house. Very reasonably priced, and the installer really knows his $hit. Highly recommended.

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