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  1. Definitely, a good place to ride. One of the first OHV areas I began riding at. A little South of Johnson Valley in Landers is Giant Rock. We even ran across some Desert Tortoises out in JV. A cool pic of my old 450X One of our favorite hill climbs. It's not easy to climb when sand is soft and running knobbies.
  2. Have fun Ya'll!! Still haven't made it on the dirt scoot to Slash X. Tried riding there twice from Stoddard Wells and either myself or someone else would get a flat and turn around. I have made it several times on the HOG!
  3. Street legal to get into Pioneer town.
  4. I no longer watch cable TV, so I'm unaware of all the slander you're talking about. The media no longer puts thoughts into my head. I wish I would have dropped cable years ago. Politics will drive you nuts if you let it. I'm not gonna say Trump is perfect but he does have good intentions and should probably stay off social media. As I rode through Huntington Beach a couple weekends ago there were Republicans on one side of PCH and Democrats on the other. They were yelling and chanting at each other. What a sad way to spend your Saturday. I was enjoying the day and laughed at them as we rode by.
  5. I'm in Beaumont. Shoot me a pm anytime...lets do it!! Maybe we could go cruise the mall parking lot. Hahaha
  6. New to the Jeep game. Picked up this '15 JKU a few months ago. Always looking for jeeps to go wheelin with. Not much for action pics yet as I usually don't think about stopping for pics. 5.33 gears, 3" Evo lift, king shocks, 35" tires, Reel drivelines, yada yada yada......
  7. ^^ This, Satellite began to be too repetitive.
  8. 14 miles from driveway to parking lot. under 20 minutes in morning / about 20-25 minutes afternoon. (I get to split lanes when traffic builds--Motorcycle) This is about as much traffic as I can handle.
  9. Wow!! very cool. Hard to believe you didn't color in it. I would have spent an unhealthy amount of time making each one perfect.
  10. Congrats on 21 years!! Cheers to 21 more!! We'll be celebrating 18 years later this year.
  11. free ride


    Potholes.....? Don't worry, we now have a tax that is going to make all roads buttery smooth like mother G after a good storm. CRV......It's just another CA tax just like the TV Recycling Fee, Lumber Fee, etc, etc.......There are so many I don't want to think about it. And the answer to just about anything else is going to somehow be about TAXES. It's ok though, I work so obviously I can support the millions who pay for everything they own with Gov't freebies. Other than that its a great state!!
  12. Yep, KOTH was once again a good time. I haven't been in about 10 years so decided to go Thurs/Fri. Had a blast and "accidentally" got nice and close to the course during the trophy truck race. It lasted about 30 minutes before the "officials" moved us back. Definitely going again next year.
  13. I'll be there Thurs / Fri . Should be a good time.
  14. I was too cheap to buy a traeger so I bought a pit boss and was having the same issues. So I researced before returning and bought me a savannah stoker controller. It keeps temps +/- 5* at all times. https://www.savannahstoker.com/ the controller plugs directly into the existing wiring. It also has a ton of advanced features that I have not even played around with.
  15. Awesome pics....Thanks for sharing. I've always wanted to take a trip to Japan. ..One of these days it'll happen.

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