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  1. JimandMelissa

    Custom Enclosed Trailer Builders ?

    Thanks for the input everyone.
  2. JimandMelissa

    Custom Enclosed Trailer Builders ?

    Looking to have a custom enclosed trailer built and looking for input/names of builders. Trailer will carry one of 3 things at a time. Jeep Renegade XP 4 XP 2 Needs @ minimum: Generator Fuel station Water Tank toilet and shower Electric drop down bunk 2 air conditioners kitchen with stove and micro refrigerator
  3. JimandMelissa

    Going On A Short Cruise.

    Glad you had a good time. Our ship was there on Friday and got to walk around all the pre-race activities. Didn't know that was goin on so it was a nice treat. Had a blast.
  4. JimandMelissa

    Going On A Short Cruise.

    Going a week from tomorrow. June 3 thru 6th. Ours leaves on June 2nd so we won't see ya. You'll have fun. As for seasickness, most of the time you can't tell your moving so I wouldn't worry about it too much. Weather is lookin great Have a great trip
  5. JimandMelissa

    Going On A Short Cruise.

    Only if you buy their Cheers package. If you just pay for your drinks, you can have all ya want.
  6. JimandMelissa

    Going On A Short Cruise.

    We've been on 6 Carnival cruises over the last year. You'll have a blast. Which dates are you going? We have 3 of those same trips booked in June and July. Maybe we'll see ya on one of them. They no longer let you carry water bottles on board. Just one twelve pack of soda in cans in a box per person. Well concealed in your checked baggage is the best route if ya wanna BYOB but don't get to carried away or they'll find it. The Cheers program is ok but limits you to 15 drinks or 15 beers per day. On the Ensenada trip, you're in port all day the second day and drink there cheap so it doesn't make sense to us to get it. If you like the casino, once you earn 1500 points, your drinks are free in the casino after that. They do have WiFi internet on the ship but you have to pay for it. They different plans and it's not terribly expensive.
  7. JimandMelissa

    Only Pooosy's Drive Sxs's

    Come ride with us
  8. JimandMelissa

    '14 Xp1k Cutting Out

    2 things I know of. A broken or weak wire on one of the injector plugs above the engine (inspect closely to find, Might have to remove some tape) or low oil level. They do make a repair kit for the injector wiring part.
  9. JimandMelissa


    We're installing these. https://www.mosquitocurtains.com/
  10. JimandMelissa

    Slightly Tweaked Radius Rod, Safe To Run?

    Run it. Have one about the same on our XP1K 4. Ran all last season in OW. No problem.
  11. Ya, 32" Rocktanes. Had to upgrade to Turner EVO axles and cv's to keep it together though. Stock cv's weren't strong enough for rocks.
  12. Once ya get her all dialed in, you'll have to come play down our way sometime. They do look pretty good rock ready
  13. JimandMelissa

    Rzr Ride Pics And Stuff

    We did the meal in a bag stuff from REI. (actually not bad to eat) Just add hot water and done. One pot for coffee and water and a little stove. Saved on room in the cooler for more important things
  14. JimandMelissa

    Rzr Ride Pics And Stuff

    One of those little water purifiers is handy also for getting water from streams and filling water jug at camp. Weight will be your biggest enemy on trail so try and keep it light and preserve ground clearance.
  15. JimandMelissa

    Rzr Ride Pics And Stuff

    There are quite a few bathrooms on the trail now..portable and permanent Maybe leave the wag bags and toilet here? Probably won't need them. We took some and never used them. That leaves more room for beer which in important. Also, dry ice is a huge help for keeping things cold. Although you probably won't see them, there are bears and you should have something to prtect yourself. Bring a rope and put all you food up a tree. Don't leave anything in your tent. We had more trouble with squirrels. If you leave anything on ground they will go after it. Even chewing through a backpack to get it.

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