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  1. Thanks for all th BD wishes. Im slowly getting my act together. TTL
  2. Congrats Onebigjohn, our April 2018 D.O.T.M. I nominate board member onebigjohn. On April 1st my wife and I were driving up the 86 and had just passed the Salton Sea ARCO when the hitch on my RV suddenly snapped and hit the ground. Fortunately the upgraded safety chains I installed held and the I was able to move to the side of the road while dragging the trailer behind our coach. I didn't have a spare hitch with me and couldn't find one at Red Earth or the ARCO. I posted a message and picture on Instagram asking if anyone in the area had a 6" drop hitch I could borrow. onebigjohn saw the post and immediately called me and said he had exactly what I needed and could be there in a couple hours. John and I have met before when he purchased some furniture from me many years ago. I also got a call from friends in Glamis who had a hitch and large floor jack. We weren't too far and decided it would be best to head that way and get what we needed. Even though we didn't have onebigjohn bring us a hitch I truly appreciated his offer to drop what he was doing to come rescue us. One duner helping another. Sorry for the delay (medical issues got in the way). Tim PS send me your name and address. Tim
  3. Getting an early start, Nominate a board member, for doing a good deed, in the month of June 2018. nominations will end 07-07-18 at 5pm (cali time). Tim
  4. Sorry guys and gals, medical issues got in the way, so nominate a board member that did a good deed, in the month of May. Nominations will end on 06-12-18. Tim
  5. Nominate another board member, for a good deed, act of kindness or any heroic act, committed in the month of April.
  6. Congrats Mac, You really are a standup guy and im lucky to call you 'Friend", you know the drill, send me your address and the main man will get you a sticker. Tim Mac for DotM! We had a boys spring break trip which required me making two trips from Murrieta to get everything out there. On the second trip the truck started making some pretty nasty noise and we limped the last 30+ miles into camp at 20-30 miles an hour. We were basically stranded at camp but had everything we needed for the trip. We troubleshot it and fairly certain it was the transfer case. Mac was coming out to meet us the next day and offered to stay home and come out a day later when the xfer case was ready. He picked up the xfer case and fluid and lost a belt and tensioner on the way out on his own rig... had to drive all the way back in town and get his rig fixed, then turn back around and make it out to G with my parts and some tools. He didn't just deliver the parts but helped me wrench and swap the xfer case and get us up and running again, then took the core with him and dropped it off for me after the trip. He's a good dude, no matter what everyone else thinks
  7. Monica, can you resend the info on Eddie, ive had a brain fart and lost it. heres to Macs bloody Marys Vets weekend.

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