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  1. I contacted Vellios yesterday and he told me it's time to retire, closing up shop for good at the end of the week, end of the month. Bummer to see a long time, respected machine shop closing up.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I don't believe the LY6 will work in my 04 Tahoe due to the crank trigger wheel having a different count. I already have the LQ4 short block and a set of "243" cylinder heads to top it off.
  3. Thank you. What is the name of the local rebuilder? This is just stock stuff too. Thank you both for all the info. It kind of went down the rabbit hole a bit and slipped down a slippery slope of do this that, and the other. The original 5.3 in my Tahoe has over 300k, so the vehicle value is quite low. That is why I'm looking at a rebuild of this core engine vs. going the crate engine route. Ideally I'd love this 6.0 to last as long as the original 5.3, but is that asking too much for a completely rebuilt engine? And if that's the case, what would be the difference between a full rebuild and a "crate engine" other than cost? It seems like when I've looked into crate engines previously they were higher priced. I've talked to one local machine shop in the North OC - L.A. county border area that was referred by someone who's opinion I trust.
  4. Looking for recommendations for engine rebuild and/or machine shop to rebuild a 6.0 LS for my daily driver Tahoe. This is not a race engine or for off road. It's just a stock 6.0 on daily driver duty. Thank you in advance.
  5. Pair of old steel 15" x 15" paddle wheels with worn center hubs that need replacing. They were for a Jeep with 5 on 5.5 lug pattern, but the center lug hub is worn out from running them with loose lug nuts. The barrels themselves are good, but they will need repair, to have new centers installed. These wheels are old enough that the center hubs are riveted in place vs how current steel wide wheels have welded in center hubs. There is an outfit out in Redlands area that can repair these. $$$ Best offer on this pair of wheels.

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