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  1. Thank you NotStock, it was a pleasure doing business!
  2. New Year....time for new CV grease
  3. Grease up for the season, including some for you Danny -DJDTPR and JeffA383. Still waiting on a reply after spending time replying to you both. PM'd everyone who inquired I think . If I missed you, please let me know.
  4. I'm sorry everyone. I had no idea that 3 of you had PM'd me. Previously, I would receive email notifications when I received a PM, but it appears the GD.com site was not sending notifications out or my Yahoo email was rejecting the notification emails. In any case, I now see that 3 of you have PM'd me about grease a couple weeks ago. Yesterday was the first time I received an email notification to this thread. I will get back to you asap about the grease. Thanks.
  5. Grease....it does a CV good. I've got tubes available, pick up or ship.
  6. New tires yesterday. Thank you for the gread advice! For sure that was first.

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