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  1. New tires yesterday. Thank you for the gread advice! For sure that was first.
  2. Awning material is gone, razor blade and it's on the ground. I had no idea it was in 2 slots of the barrel. So now I have just the frame on the trailer. I see what you mean by zip tie the frame in place. I now see the only thing holding the frame to the side of the trailer is the fabric being under tension?? There is no hook or latch between the left and right uprights and the side of the trailer? This is a 21' long awning, so it has some bow in the middle. Is there any way to secure the center of the barrel with no awning material in place? Thank you all for the advice on getting me down the road. How much is a pass these days?
  3. Zip tie the awning shut? Zip tie to what? I'm in Anaheim, heading out 91 to 60 to 10.
  4. Thanks quaddaddy. By remove do you mean remove the whole frame or just cut the fabric off?
  5. Thanks BCannon. Do I just cut it from the track on the side of the trailer, or cut it off the barrel end too after unwrapping from the barrel? When I cut the fabric is it going to unwind all the tension in the barrel that makes the awning roll back up? This one I've seen answers both ways, so I don't know. Thank you.
  6. Is it safe to tow with a torn dried out awning in the stowed up position? I haven't opened my awning in over 5 years. The material at the top of the roll and where it slides into the track on the side is old, crusty, ripped, & dried out. Is it safe to tow with the material like this, or do I risk it pulling off the side and taking out the frame when it rips away? I thought the awning frame is itself attached when it is in the stowed position, but I am not sure. I do not have time to have the awning fabric replaced before a trip coming up. What are my options to tow this trailer and not lose my awning frame? I could care less what happens to the vinyl awning material since it's shot and I've already purchased a replacement vinyl fabric. Thank you in advance. Also, this is my first time out to Glamis in 5 years. Are there still machines to purchase a pass at in the dunes? Camping on Gecko Rd. Is it better to purchase beforehand for a lower cost? Back in the day I would look here for someone selling or lending out their annual pass, but I guess that doesn't work any longer since the pass is permanently affixed now? This will probably be my only trip this year, so I'm looking for the one time low cost option for a camping tax/permit.
  7. I ordered a case -48ea tubes of (former Mantek Elite Surpreme), now called Certified Labs Premalube Extreme and will have them next week. I do not need 48 tubes for my own personal use. If you need some, hit me up. I'm in Anaheim.
  8. Trying one more time in looking for this grease "Locally." If nothing turns up local, I'm probably going to order a case later, so I'll have tubes locally available.
  9. The green tube I see on his site is the Elite Supreme, which is the higher quality grease. The Elite is the lower temp grease that I picked up from McKenzies.
  10. Thank you. Black and red beats mean green every day? Lol!
  11. I know it works great.....I've been using it for about 10 years now. It works 10 times better than Elite? Not 15 times better? I have never used Elite, so I have no comparison. Picked up this Elite by accident. What is the board member cost on Elite Supreme/Extreme, and is it the Mantek labeled tube or the newer,currently available Certified Labs? Thank you.
  12. I'm looking to buy a few tubes....have 2 cars to do. Are you able to sell a few, maybe 5-7 tubes?
  13. I've been using Mantek Elite Supreme grease for 930 CV's for years. Recently I got to the end of the tube in my grease gun, so time to get more. I found myself at McKenzies for parts and noticed the "green tube" on the shelf, so I picked up a few. When I got home and pulled the empty tube out of the grease gun, Doh....I've been using Elite Supreme but picked up Elite at McKenzies. They don't carry the Elite Supreme (now called Extreme). I saw the green tube and thought I had it handled. The Elite is aluminum complex based, and the Supreme/Extreme is calcium sulfonate based, so not best to mix the two greases. Anyway, I'm looking for Elite Supreme/Extreme if anyone knows a place that sells tubes in OC or close by? I called Mantek, now Certified Laboratories, and they were no help in locating it. I guess the Mantek name/product packaging has been retired but the same grease is available with Certified Lab packaging. I can buy a case qty thru my business, but it would take a long time to go thru 48 tubes. Anyone else looking for CV grease and want to split a case up? I'm in Anaheim. If so, I'll buy the case and split it out to others. Or....if anyone has a couple tubes to spare that they'd seller, I'm looking to buy. I'd prefer to find locally and avoid shipping if possible. I know of at least 1 place that carries it on here, but looking local primarily. Thanks. Anyone looking for two new tubes of Mantek Elite?

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