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  1. Looking for grease?,,,,,, here it is.
  2. Pair of old steel 15" x 15" paddle wheels with worn center hubs that need replacing. They were for a Jeep with 5 on 5.5 lug pattern, but the center lug hub is worn out from running them with loose lug nuts. The barrels themselves are good, but they will need repair, to have new centers installed. These wheels are old enough that the center hubs are riveted in place vs how current steel wide wheels have welded in center hubs. There is an outfit out in Redlands area that can repair these. $$$ Best offer on this pair of wheels.
  3. Thank you NotStock, it was a pleasure doing business!
  4. New Year....time for new CV grease
  5. Grease up for the season, including some for you Danny -DJDTPR and JeffA383. Still waiting on a reply after spending time replying to you both. PM'd everyone who inquired I think . If I missed you, please let me know.
  6. I'm sorry everyone. I had no idea that 3 of you had PM'd me. Previously, I would receive email notifications when I received a PM, but it appears the GD.com site was not sending notifications out or my Yahoo email was rejecting the notification emails. In any case, I now see that 3 of you have PM'd me about grease a couple weeks ago. Yesterday was the first time I received an email notification to this thread. I will get back to you asap about the grease. Thanks.
  7. Grease....it does a CV good. I've got tubes available, pick up or ship.

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